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November 28, 2022
Tree Skirts for the Holidays from Made By Marney

As I started putting up my Christmas decorations, I realized I have plenty of Christmas tree skirts to choose from. They are all handmade and, of course, all paper pieced.


Any tree skirt pattern can be created as a table topper instead, just don’t cut the hole in the center. The BEARY-Y CHRISTMAS TREE SKIRT would also make a super cute table centerpiece.

When I am decorating using a more farmhouse look, I use this tree skirt.


LITTLE RED TRUCK TREE SKIRT is so easy! Consider using fabric photos to paper ...

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Three Free Patterns, Super Scrappy Finish, Costco Buys, Autumn Poem from Canadian Needle Nana

I just had to share another of my turkey shots in honour of the great American Thanksgiving 2022 occurring as I write this post. 

It's been a good week and I've managed to keep up my fitness, visit older daughter and older grandson, and do some Christmas shopping. SIL always drops me off a Costco chicken which I appreciate as I seldom get there myself. They are a good size and I get to use them right down to boiling the bones to make a little bone broth. Speaking of Costco...

Look what's on my bed...Black ...

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November 27, 2022
Embroidered Journals, Quilty 365, Tiny Tree Trains, Aging Thoughts from Canadian Needle Nana

The Snow has arrived!

 Here is my Tuesday deep thought...
Now in my seventies (you have no idea how weird it is to write that), I realize my face is changing. My nose appears larger probably because my cheeks are sinking. My teeth look and feel bigger while my hair is thinning. It goes without saying but I'll say it anyway, how grateful I am to be here and still have my wits about me to be able to even note these changes. I also thank goodness I've never been overly vain, just the normal amount of vanity ...

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November 14, 2022
Three Free Patterns, Sewing Tiny Trees and Poppies, Recipes Too from Canadian Needle Nana

Our laneway in view there and one of several mother trees on the property. To the right-the overgrown area was a rock garden originally. A few plants flower there from time to time and I would love to revive it.
I mentioned I tried growing herbs in a planter this summer. This is one of the culprits caught red handed or red pawed in this case. Look at him happily munching that plant. I recognize him as a "regular" because of the notch in his ear. 
Recently I made us one of those breakfast for supper meals. I used Turkey ...

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October 17, 2022
Many Free Patterns, Favourite Snack, Quilting Tilda from Canadian Needle Nana


Happy Thursday friends! The season is moving forward with news of snow flurries north of us. Here we are comfortably still in autumn with all the little things in nature changing, some faster than others as my photo captured here.

I'm soldiering away quilting Plaid Tilda.  It is going smoothly so far with the handling of the size of it and I haven't hit any lumps or tucks. It's interesting how fabric can behave well sometimes and other times not. I keep checking the back to be sure there are no snags and it's good to ...

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October 16, 2022
Biscuits and Gravy, Scrappy Tiny Trees, Colourful Coffee Table Runner, October Photos from Canadian Needle Nana

Haying time in the Ottawa Valley- as neat as it is to see these you don't want to get stuck behind it on a narrow country road..I had to wait for it to turn off to get past.
I'm a cautious driver-I will ever only pass one car at a time and seldom even that.
Thanksgiving dinner was a success.  It was nice to use the fancy glassware and dishes from Hubby's family. I enjoyed the preparation very much. I made biscuits for the gravy this time and used Melissa's Bless This Mess easy recipe ...

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September 28, 2022

A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to all of my wonderful customers. Please enjoy this FREE HALLOWEEN PAPER PIECED PATTERN!


You will find the download for these patterns at the end of this post. You might also enjoy my series of WITCH BLOCKS. These are all sold separately on Etsy…

Here are links to all the witches:







Wouldn’t these witches make a stinkin’ cute table runner for October?


This is my favorite new Halloween Quilt pattern: GNOME ...

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July 26, 2022
Thursday's Three Free, Basket Case Hand Quilting, Favourite Kitchen Gadget, Critters from Canadian Needle Nana

We are still in the middle of a heat wave. Temperatures are reaching to the 30's every day and the heat alone without humidity doesn't bother me happily.  I'm just thankful we seem to be stuck at a tolerance level and not breaking records(yet!) like in England and parts of the U.S. 

The tiny peepers have given way to the green frogs and brown toads. I'm now hearing the distinctive rumble of a couple of bull frogs at the pond. 

This happens every year though I've yet to see either a peeper or ...

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May 26, 2022
Beach Bum Gnomes from Made By Marney

Just in time for a summer project, here is my BEACH BUM GNOME QUILT.


This adorable lap quilt was designed while I was vacationing in Hilton Head. I found the fabric in a super cute fabric store on the island.

I had a blast shopping for fabric that would work for the cute little “Hawaiian” shirts.

This Gnome has a unicorn floatie and sunglasses! He is ready for the beach.

This Gnome in his sailboat is definitely going on a pillow for my boyfriend, who adores sailing!

Playing in the sand…too cute!

When I discovered ...

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May 13, 2022
What’s New? from Made By Marney

These are some of the new blocks I have been creating. Most of them were customer requests.


HAPPY PIT BULL is a rendition of a customer’s pet. Although pit bulls are not my favorite breed, I’m loving them more now that I have this sweetie. I love this image so much, I put it on the back of a shirt. No one will mess with me now.


This SHELTIE is Caroline’s pet named Skittles. Adorable!


This is a very serious dog, the MASTIFFF. And this is a sweetheart of a ...

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March 25, 2022
March Marvels from Canadian Needle Nana

 Something I marvelled at...First I heard the ravens squawking and looked out the window. There were so many of them gathered in the trees at the back of the house, I was surprised.  All of them screeching. I ran to the door and went around the corner of the house in time to watch a barred owl flying by with all those ravens chasing it! An amazing sight. And no camera.

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March 20, 2022
Wildflower Embroideries, Scrappy Confetti Quilt, Indoor Gardening, Neddy News from Canadian Needle Nana

Mother Nature is wearing winter white still here in our corner of the globe.  But with a promise of plus side temperatures later this week, the snow won't take too long to melt. (Says she hopefully)

But the inside Garden is growing well and surviving the long winter.  I use the little water spritzer bottle and keep them well misted which I think helps with the dry indoors climate. Note the little white Polka Dot plant is doing well with the pinching far.
The Hazel's Summer Wildflowers quilt is at this stage.  It's been easy ...

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March 18, 2022
Project Quilting Season 13.6 Flying Geese from Mulberry Patch Quilts

So this is the last Project Quilting challenge (season 13)for 2022. As you know the challenge quilted project can be anything (from a quilted coaster to a full sized quilt) but has to be done (start to finish) during the challenge week. It’s amazing what quilters can accomplish.

I don’t have a lot of time this week, but I really wanted to make something simple so I don’t miss out on participating this week.

I used my Electric Quilt 8 (EQ8) computer program to quickly design a doll quilt/table topper with a strip of flying ...

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March 4, 2022
Completely Done Year, A Finish, Stitchy Purchase, Free Patterns from Canadian Needle Nana

I declare every Sunday Pyjama Day here at the Wooden House. It is also my very slow stitching day (cross stitching) and also photo day, time to go through more of my bank of photographs and delete or save. I'm finding the older the photos, the greater my willingness to axe them. 

Speaking of cross stitching, my stitchy purchase last month was a pattern called The Jack Rabbit from Cottage Garden Samplings. That link will take you to their A Year in the Woods series, a group of 12 designs featuring mostly woodland creatures.  And if Rabbit goes well ...

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February 22, 2022
Loves, 7 or 8 of Them Today from Canadian Needle Nana

"Love each other or perish."

                           W. H.  Auden

Monday is a public holiday here and in many of the Canadian provinces, Family Day. It's a day for families to take a midwinter rest or get outside and enjoy winter fun together. This year there are lots of planned activities. We will be dog sitting as daughter and family take a little overnight trip. 

 Love these faces...mother Abbey with her offspring, Petey and Ned. These Labradors love the snow.

The family was here last Sunday for snowmobiling. They all had a great time.  Both the grandsons were here.

I ...

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December 28, 2021
2022 Fairy Duo - Leticia and Jolean from easypatchwork

Hi there! I am really excited to share with your the newest set of easypatchwork Paper Doll Fairy, Leticia and Jolean. This collection of fairies is made with 16" foundation paper pieced figures, a great size to get into paper piecing and create a throw pillow for a special person in your life.

The 2022 fairy, Leticia, was just too cute not to have her sister, Jolean, join in the celebration this year. Each one has her own style. You can even mix the heads, bodices and dresses from both figures to create more if you wish.


Leticia - 2022 Fairy ...

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December 21, 2021
Santa Quilting, Vintage Blocks, Tiny Trees, Jewel Box Blocks, Hope For Better from Canadian Needle Nana

 I was a little concerned about our 95 year old Queen there for a couple of weeks. I was relieved to see her back on duty greeting this fellow, Thomas Trotter, and presenting him with the Queen's Medal for Music on December 8th.

I was a Girl Guide for a number of years and took my weekly pledge to do my duty to God, the Queen and my country very seriously.  This Elizabeth has been my queen all my life. She has never put a foot wrong and I feel very sentimental about her, foolish I know. And the ...

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November 26, 2021
Two Sewing Room Additions, Great Gift Idea, Foundation Stitched Scrappy Trees, The Thanksgiving Star from Canadian Needle Nana

 I have two additions to my sewing room, neither of them are brand new but I'm enjoying both very much.  

Daughter was updating her den tv and had her bedroom tv available so she gave it to me for my sewing room. I'm able to watch whatever I want, well, listen to really.  So that's been fun.  I've watched the new Dexter which Hubby has no interest in. Yes, and another place to drape fabric!

My little $79 Brother sewing machine bit the biscuit last week. Wow, it served me well and I treated it horribly ...

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October 29, 2021
Generations of Friendship Quilt Layout from easypatchwork

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by today and checking out the Generations of Friendship Quilt Layout featuring our new historical paper dolls series of figures. A couple of weeks ago, we showed our new quilt layout with six 6" x 12" quilt blocks in a circular layout set into a rectangle. The finished size is about 45" x 45" roughly.


Fabric Selection

As with most quilts, the desigsn are created with a simple, solid color scheme on the computer and later translated into fabric after many hours of fabric research. Our FPP paper dolls look best when using tone-on-tone or ...

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October 20, 2021
What I Did on The Weekend, Tiny Trees Dilemma, Free Patterns from Canadian Needle Nana

 Just now on our walk, the barred owl flew over our heads low enough I could hear the sound of its wings flapping. Ned chased it, not very far as he doesn't stray from me. I realized I give this a significance, like it means something to see it and I wondered why. I realized I tend to think of all the critters and birds I spy as here for me, their audience somehow. A foolish notion but if that be so, I guarantee I am an appreciative one.

 Always a surprise when I see these very late blooming ...

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