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July 25, 2020
Christmas in July - Island Batik Ambassador Challenge from Quilted Delights

I love sharing my love of quilting and this month Island Batik and Accuquilt are letting me do just that in a big way!

For the July Challenge, Ambassadors were sent a an Accuquilt GO! Me Fabric Cutter Starter Set, a small version of their GO! Fabric Cutter that includes a GO! Half Square Triangle-3” Finished Square and GO! Quarter Square Triangle-3” Finished Square.  

We were challenged to make a project using only the dies that came with the starter set and give that project and the Go Me Starter Set to someone.

I chose to give it to my ...

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June 30, 2020
June Challenge - Island Batik Ambassador from Quilted Delights

June was a free theme for Island Batik Ambassadors.  That meant we could make anything we wanted!  I knew I better decide on a project fast, otherwise I would dilly dally with a hundred different ideas and end up rushing at the last minute to finish one.  

This quilt came about from a comment made by one of my young friends, Christopher. It was a comment he made on my fabric giveaway post last month on Instagram. To enter the giveaway you had to leave a comment about what you would make if you won the fabric. Christopher commented, "I ...

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June 26, 2020
Plain and Simple (a new pattern) from A Little Bit Biased

Look at me, blogging twice in one week!  Who am I?!?  
It's just that I have another new pattern to share with you!
I'd like to introduce you to Plain and Simple.

I had the opportunity to design a pattern with fabric from the 
Daisy Mae fabric line by Poppie Cotton.  It was interesting designing
a pattern with just THREE fabrics!  That's so not like me!
But it was a fun challenge trying to come up with a pattern for them; I love the way it
it turned out and now I want to make Plain and ...

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June 2, 2020
Finished Willow Quilt from A Little Bit Biased

I finally finished binding my Willow quilt and wanted to share it with you today.

The Willow pattern is a free pattern that Jessica Dayon and I published together 
for the Willow Quilt-Along back in March 2020.  Click HERE to go to the homepage 
of the Willow Quilt-Along.

Linda Childs of Alpine, Utah quilted it for me.  She did a custom quilting design 
that I predominantly left up to her to decide.  The only request I had was that she do 
the arches in the sashing to create "circles" around some of the blocks.  If you squint 
your eyes do ...

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May 9, 2020
Learning to drive from Crazy Quilter on a Bike!

I had TWO appointments yesterday. One was to drop some stuff off and pick up another quilt for Quilts of Valour. The other was a porch drop off.

The lady doing the porch drop off was also looking for some solid red fabrics. I dug out what I had. She brought swatches for matching, but it's darn hard. I offered her to take the four different reds home to see which one would work best in her quilt. You got to love it - we're all in this together and we're all here to help each other.

But ...

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May 8, 2020
Magnolia II ~~ art quilt finish from Fleur de Lis Quilts and Accessories

When I posted my finish on Tuesday, I knew that I was close to posting about this painting as well. It was complete, but drying seems to take forever. Then there are those photos that intimidate me so. But I'm persistent, if nothing else, and have something to share. 

Several people have asked me how I create these since it's an odd way to paint. So here's the short version. Start with a subject that can be isolated easily, so it almost has to be a physical object. Create a background using fabric (scraps work nicely). I ...

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May 5, 2020
Magnolia I ~~ art quilt finish from Fleur de Lis Quilts and Accessories

I love combining quilting and painting--remember the cotton paintings? There's another here. It's a time-consuming joy that I don't think I'd have been able to appreciate back when I was working. Oddly, I started painting not long before retirement, so everything just sort of fell into place. Well, I've moved on from cotton to magnolias. 

This is my first attempt. I see so many flaws, but I've decided to let them go. If I move on, I can take the lessons with me to the next painting. 

While they are glaring in real life ...

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April 14, 2020
More Masks and "Favorite Fabrics" ~~ finished! from Fleur de Lis Quilts and Accessories

Do you know how good it feels to pick up a quilt top, quilt-bind-label it, and call it done? Yes? Great. I'm here to tell you it feels even better when said quilt top has been waiting, patiently, in a basket or bin or (gasp) plastic bag for longer than you care to remember. Oh yes! It's a wonderful thrill. I recommend it highly. My heart still does a little flip when I think of it. 

More on the quilt later. First let's get these masks out of the way. There are 15 in this picture, more ...

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April 12, 2020
Production is on the rise at my house from Crazy Quilter on a Bike!

As I was working yesterday, I was contemplating my UFO situation. I realized that I have two kinds of UFOs. One is projects that are actually started and I guess qualifies as a true UFO. The other projects sitting around are those that have all the fabric purchased with a pattern (or not) and need to be started. They need to be stored separately. In some cases, those "kits" need to be disassembled and everything put back in the stash room!

I'm going to start with the REAL UFOs. I did take an empty box upstairs (oh yes - some ...

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April 1, 2020
One Die Wonder - March Island Batik Challenge from Quilted Delights

What a wonderful month to play with Color Pop by Island Batik and Accuquilt dies! This month Island Batik Ambassadors are showcasing a Block On Board die from Accuquilt and of course fabulous Island Batik Fabric.

I was sent the Storm at Sea BOB and I was already in love before I took off the plastic.
This block had been on my list of quilts to make for awhile.

In my January box from Island Batik I was sent a lovely layer cake of Color Pop designed by Kathy Engle.  With all this craziness going on in the world right ...

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February 26, 2020
Diaspora quilt, Pattern testing for the first time from Zarkadia Quilts

Most of you already know a lot of details for the Diaspora quilt, especially if you are following me on Instagram, or if you’ve read the previous WIP post that was posted almost a year ago!!! Well some more pictures and details about the quilt process will follow in this post.

Pachy’s designs are unique and really easy to follow, I highly recommend any of her patterns. You can find them at PSB Quilts.

Quilt Process

I chose to make this quilt using solid fabrics, I was just getting into the solids phase (</p>
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February 19, 2020
Ekman’s Arrows Quilt Pattern from Flying Parrot Quilts

I’m pleased to introduce the third quilt I have hanging in this year’s QuiltCon, which is Ekman’s Arrows! The pattern for this quilt is in this year’s edition of QuiltCon Magazine.

This design is inspired by an oceanographic phenomenon known as the Ekman Spiral or Ekman Transport, after Swedish oceanographer Vagn Walfrid Ekman. When the wind blows across the ocean, the surface water moves at a 45-degree angle to the wind, and each successively deeper layer of water moves at a greater angle, but more slowly (due to friction), than the surface. As you descend down ...

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February 13, 2020
Lifesaver quilt, the Cotton + Steel version from Zarkadia Quilts

It has been almost a year since I made this quilt, and we have been using it ever since. It is my favorite version of the Lifesaver quilt, which was designed by me when I started writing this pattern. This is the quilt that I gifted to my son, and he uses and cherishes it everyday ❤.

Quilt Process

I made an alteration when using the actual pattern and added one more row of lifesaver blocks on the quilt. I made this easy adjustment, while following the pattern to the letter.

Now the quilt fits perfectly on my son’s twin ...

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January 31, 2020
Let's Get Scrappy - January Island Batik Challenge from Quilted Delights

I am super excited to be an ambassador for Island Batik again in 2020!
On Monday I showed off all the goodies Island Batik and their partners sent me to work with and today I want to show you my first finished Island Batik Quilt of 2020.

The January challenge of 2020 is "Let's Get Scrappy".
Good thing there is 31 days this month.
I worked on this a little bit at a time all month and put the last stitch in the binding last night.

I love scrappy quilts and definitely have lots of Island Batik scraps to ...

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January 30, 2020
Circular Reasoning quilt from Flying Parrot Quilts

I realized I hadn’t posted about Circular Reasoning, one of the three quilts I’ll have hanging at QuiltCon this year. I actually started this quilt several years ago, but only finally finished it this summer. This is the first time I have a quilt in the Appliqué category, though it was a bit of a debate whether to put it there or in the handwork category, because it’s all handwork.

The quilt was (very!) loosely inspired by an ad for a rug that popped up on my Facebook feed; the pattern of slubs in it gave me ...

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January 21, 2020
A More Magical Quilt Kit from Fabrics 'n Flowers

It’s so exciting to show you another new quilt! I think you’ll fall in love with the Magic pattern all

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January 18, 2020
Ruby Snippets ~~ first finish of 2020 from Fleur de Lis Quilts and Accessories

Yay! A finish and we're still in January! Of course, this is a top that I made last year, though I don't remember when, exactly. Anyway, I loaded it on the long-arm and away we went, despite the shoulder injury. 

We are getting the dreariest of weather this week, so going outside to take photos is not happening. That requires trekking through a mini-marsh of soggy grass and mud. These photos were taken inside on the living room floor while I stood on the coffee table, trying to avoid the ceiling fan. 

Ruby Snippets is made from scraps ...

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January 9, 2020
A Piece of ... Island Batik Blog Hop from Quilted Delights

Today is the last day of the "A Piece of ..." blog hop, hosted by Island Batik fabrics, and I am excited to show off my creation.

 The hop has been showcasing the new Island Batik fabric lines that will be hitting quilt shops now and in the next couple months.

I was sent the Tweet collection earlier this year and of course that made me want to sew something  bird related.

I also wanted a pattern that would show off as many of the the 32 different fabrics I was sent.

I went with the Arctic Feathers pattern by Elizabeth ...

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3D Island Batik December Challenge - 3D Cubes from Quilted Delights

The Island Batik Ambassador challenge for December is to explore the world of 3D. We could use any method to make our quilts pop into life!

I went with with color play and regular piecing to create 3D cubes.

I have made two of these in the past for mini quilt swaps and they are easier than they look to put together. The other two I made were small versions and done in rainbow colors. This is my first big version done in similar colors and I am loving it!

This quilt does not have any Y seams that is ...

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January 3, 2020
Expanding Stars quilt, a queen size quilt from Zarkadia Quilts

From the first time I saw this quilt pattern (by Emily Dennis of Quilty Love), it was instant love at first sight. Participating in the quilt-a-long, was the next logical decision.

The Expanding Stars quilt pattern was made as a present for two very dear people in my life, that will always be in my heart ❤.


I chose to make one of the largest quilt sizes, which really made the quilting process very difficult.

Machine Quilting

The quilting process was particularly difficult in my home-sewing-machine, that has a small throat. So I chose to do the simplest quilting ...

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