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January 22, 2021
Split Stars {Finished Quilt} from Little Bunny Quilts

While I made this quilt top all the way back in August, I didn't get it finished until November. 

This quilt was a gift for our friends who also had a baby boy this fall!

I did a simple meander for the quilting and used the coordinating fabrics for the border and the binding. For the backing, I used blue and white plaid flannel.

James let me borrow his crib to model the quilt I made for his new best friend!

Quilt Stats:

Name: Split Stars Baby Quilt

Pattern: Self designed

Fabrics: Venetian Tiles fabric line from Island Batik ...

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January 16, 2021
Finished The Quilt Block from Quilting My Way

 Today I was up and out the door. Headed to moms first. Then when Nancy came, we headed to Carmen's house. She lives out past Ada's High School. 

We worked on our applique. I got busy to try and finish the quilt block for Nona. 

Sunbonnet Sue is done. I was happy with the way it came out. Better than I thought, and I did a good job on it. Can't say that about all the ones I do. 

While we were appliqueing - Carmen's dog "Max" came and wanted attention. Love this dog!!

He was so ...

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January 9, 2021
First Finish Of The Year! from Quilting My Way

 Today Patrick was off golfing. I was enjoying a chat with my son and a friend. My day was going fast for just me being home. 

After Patrick left, Sophie did a "first" too! She got in front of the TV and was watching it. That was unusual for her. It wasn't long, but it was a surprised when I looked up and found her there. 

After I finally got the time I needed to sit down, I did. 

I got to work on finishing this up. It needed to be done, and I need (want) to move on ...

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January 8, 2021
The Wedding Quilt from Jo's Country Junction

I finally have the wedding quilt done and delivered.

She’s a big girl at 95″ x 95″!

I was going for a vintage farmhouse kind of look.  I wanted it simple but nice.  I think this fits the bill.

I don’t know if this is me or… everyone who gives a quilt.  Do you wonder if it’s going to match their colors?  Do you wonder if they’d prefer a comforter from the store?  Some people are like that…I know I don’t just imagine that.

So I tried to mimic it to be more in ...

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December 19, 2020
Quilt Finish: A Baby Quilt Trio from Jo's Country Junction

**This post wasn’t working right.  It’s fixed now**

You might remember a couple of weeks ago I said I sat down and in one day sewed all three of these quilt tops.

The pattern is a free pattern here on the blog.  You can find it HERE.

This quilt is perfect if you have leftovers from a jelly roll project as it uses 2 1/2″ pieces of scrap.

This one is made of primarily Kaffe prints.

I had the nice stripe print and used that for the border and then pink for the binding.  The binding fabric ...

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December 16, 2020
Relaxing From All The Finishes This Month from Quilting My Way

 It was a good day. I didn't want to work on much today. Instead, I cleaned up and put away all the supplies I needed for the beading ornaments. I wanted to put stuff away that I didn't need for awhile. The table is clean up, except for the Snowman. 

I then got to work on laundry. Then I worked on some Sugar Cookies - that are in the refrigerator. I really didn't do much today. I did wrap the gift for Cherry.

I finished the last of the ornaments. This one is done - and I did finish ...

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December 15, 2020
One Finish, One Still To Go from Quilting My Way

 We woke up to texts on my Niece's open heart surgery. She was having major surgery because of her heart defect from birth. She wasn't in the operating room as long as they thought she would be. The surgery went quick considering. She's now in ICU and in a lot of pain. The next few days will be tough for her, but we are all praying she comes out of it with good results. 

This morning started out pretty good. I got laundry going. Patrick went up to Olympia for more blood tests. While he was gone ...

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December 12, 2020
Finished quilts from Urban Quilter

 I dropped off several finished quilts for my Guild's charity quilt projects this morning. All were made from my stash. Two were scrap quilts and one used a charm pack I won as a door prize at a guild event. Picked up two quilt tops pieced by other guild members which I will be quilting in the coming months. Linking up with Oh Scrap!

Charm pack baby quilt

Totally from the scrap basket

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A Day Of KrumKaka's from Quilting My Way

This morning I was up early. Then I was off to moms. First I had to pick up heavy cream and some marshmallow cream.  Then headed over to Sandy's work to give her the pattern I ordered for her and to give her her Christmas gift. She knew right off what it was because the hanger stuck out of the bag. She was thrilled. Made my day! 

Next stop, mom's. We worked on the krumkake's for a good 3 hours. We (Nancy, mom and I) stood and cooked them on the krumkake irons that they had. We ...

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December 3, 2020
Sewing Room Tour from Jo's Country Junction

Hey you all…Today’s the day.  I am showing off my sewing room!!  I am so excited!!  This is a dream come true for me.  I couldn’t be happier.

Let me start my story at the beginning.  We bought a foreclosure house in 2013.  We remodeled it in 2014 and moved with it still unfinished in 2015.  We had trim to do, and my trim in my sewing room still isn’t done.

For the first few years of living here, I went with the flow.  I didn’t spend any extra money in the sewing room.  I ...

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November 26, 2020
OMG November Finish from Urban Quilter

Pinwheel Quilt - Done!
My #onemonthlygoal for November was to finish this pinwheel quilt my sister is gifting to a friend. It is quilted and bound and went in the mail yesterday.
The basic pattern came from a recent issue of American Patchwork and Quilting Magazine. I didn't like the border on the quilt in the magazine though so I used squares of some of the same scraps I made the pinwheels from and the white background fabric and created a sort of woven ribbon border. I like how it turned out. 

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November 21, 2020
Sunny Christmas from Urban Quilter

Sunny Christmas - Done!

This quilt was on my 2017 UFO list and it finally got finished this week.  
It is the Sunny Lanes pattern from Nickel Quilts and is made entirely from scraps of Christmas fabric. The quilt is very big (it is the lap size according to the book). I quilted it on a friend's long-arm machine in a free-motion stipple pattern. I liked doing the free-motion on the long-arm, it went quick and it came out very well. The automatic stitch regulation function on the long-arm made my very uneven quilting look amazing and even. 
I had ...

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November 20, 2020
Quilt Finish and Tutorial: Churn Dash in Plaids from Jo's Country Junction

I told you Rosie was tired of the quilting room.  She is.  Here’s proof.

No worries though Rosie…we have another quilt finish and that means we’re one step closer to tackling all of these.  Today Rosie and I are sharing Churn Dash in Plaids….what do you think?

Me, I’m in love!!

I showed this to Kalissa and she said, “Mom, when you make big boy quilts for the boys, please make them like this.”

Yes, yes I will.  I love working with shirts.  Yes, all of this was made with 100% cotton recycled shirts.

If ...

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November 11, 2020
Trip To Longview And Shopping from Quilting My Way

This morning Patrick called Longview for hemming on the curtains. He's pretty much done everything that's needed for the curtains. We headed down to Longview to get the curtains hemmed. It will be done next Tuesday. I wanted hamburger for lunch. Patrick wanted to take me to 5 Guy's Burgers, but they closed down. It's a permanent closure. I had asked him about them before because I saw one up in Michigan when we went in June. I'm sorry it was closed because I really would have loved to go there. We went to Nipp ...

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November 10, 2020
Focused on Finishing from Snowy Days Quilting


Welcome to my stop on the UFOvember blog hop! I’m Bobbi - software tester by day, quilter by night. In addition to blogging here, I also like to hang out on Instagram as @SnowyDaysQuilting.

This week, the focus of UFOvember is Resume. It’s an opportunity to take a project you love, dust it off, and work towards a finish. After giving it some thought, I decided to tackle two baby quilts that are long overdue. I quilted them before the babies were born, but then I stalled out. (Confession - I love minky, but I hate ...

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One Ornament Done! from Quilting My Way

 This morning I got to work on the sourdough bread so it could raise one more time. I decided to do one big one. I put the dough in a pot so it would raise in the shape I wanted. It seemed to work. 

I was on the computer checking for Christmas stuff when Patrick brought me the Fire Mountain beads that I ordered. I was thrilled to get them. The bugle beads were too big though. I decided to use them anyway. Before I started to work on the ornament, I wanted to finish up the panel I started ...

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November 6, 2020
Quilt Finish: Bricks in the Barnyard from Jo's Country Junction

Yahoo!!  Check this out.  I have another quilt finish.

That pile of my finished quilt tops that weren’t getting quilted is getting smaller and smaller.  A blog reader suggested that I do one every three weeks to get them done and then I’d have them done by the end of the year.  That’s a great idea but totally not me.  I HAVE to strike while the iron is hot.  When I’m in the mood, I have to keep going with whatever it is for a long as it lasts.

Right now I am in the mood ...

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Back To Making Ornaments from Quilting My Way

 This morning we were woken by the phone call. It was a return call from the church where we will have our water meeting. Then I went and got the bookkeeping up to date and paid bills. Once that was done, Patrick and I went to the post office and then over to Michael's. 

While we were at Michael's, we looked for frames for the 2 pieces I have ready for framing. We wanted to do our own framing for both of these. 

They had a deal - 2 for 1 price. These were expensive, but 2 for the ...

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October 31, 2020
Applique And Bowling from Quilting My Way

 Today was the day I was heading over to Nancy's. She and I have been meeting on Fridays since mom let. Mom's back but is in quarantine since she got back last week. 

I arrived around 9:15 this morning.  She had a couple guys there putting her microwave in. After they left, one of the guys that did the cabinets came to put in another shelf and worked on the mess that was left over. Carmen came and we took a walk. It was a good walk, as I really needed to get out there. We stopped ...

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October 26, 2020
OMG October Finish from Urban Quilter

 My #onemonthlygoal this month was to finish one of the scrappy baby quilts I had in progress. Mission accomplished! I used one of the machine quilting designs that I tried out earlier in the fall and was happy with how it came out. I should have made my lines farther apart though because this took way longer than it should have and didn't really need quite so much quilting. I will know better next time. This quilt was made totally from my stash, mostly scraps, so I am linking it up with Oh Scrap!

Baby quilt finished and ready ...

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