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February 4, 2021
Finishing a Project, Pat Pauly & a Note to my Mom from Where Art & Life Meet

I’ve been busy. My Zoom class: Making Waves ~ A Drawstring Bag, which was an eight week “stitch along” is concluding today. We had SO much fun! I cannot show the finished bag in this post, but I will in next week’s post when I will also launch it in my Etsy Shop. Very exciting.… Continue reading Finishing a Project, Pat Pauly & a Note to my Mom

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August 18, 2020
Wednesday's Word. Wednesday's Wrap Up. I Like Photos and Instagram! from Faith, Trust and Breast Cancer

Wednesday’s Word:  John 14:23 & 1-2 Updated 8-13-20

We're continuing studying the Scriptures in Until We Reach Home by Lynn Austin .  Sofia finds Ludwig and asks him for more verses to ponder.  He shares some verses regarding his dreams of forming a home in America as well as our heavenly home.  
We all long for a place to call home.  As we do so, let's remember that the LORD longs to inhabit our very being, to make a home with us!  Will we let Him?  Will we love Him and obey His teachings?  
Thank God that we ...

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April 10, 2020
Quilt Finish 2018: Mini Diabolical Jane from Life Sew Crafty

Final Stats
Name: Mini Diabolical Jane
Dimensions: About 40" x 40" (I think)
Pieces: Front - 201, Back - 2
Pattern: Diabolical Jane by Jessie Aller
Technique: Patchwork
Materials: 100% quilting cottons
Quilting: Machine quilted on my Juki

This story begins as many of my stories do, with an expectant mother of a little boy. I asked my usual question: theme and/or color of the nursery and she told me they were planning to decorate the nursery in blue and orange, with a Finding Nemo theme. I went back and forth with design ideas, including ones with fish and anything else ...

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African Commission #2 from Life Sew Crafty

Name: African Commission #2
Dimensions: About 60" x 60"
Pieces: Front - 281, Back - 4
Pattern: Chinese Lanterns
Technique: Patchwork, Applique
Materials: Hand-dyed batiks from Africa and Asia, Kona White
Quilting: hand-tied in two different colors of yarn

Same story as African Commission #1, which you can read about here. I convinced her that she should give me free reign on design for the second quilt. It was inspired by the center panel that she had purchased in Asia (I think China, but I don't recall exactly). The lanterns are based off of several Chinese lantern patterns I've ...

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August 31, 2018
African Commission #1 from Life Sew Crafty

Name: African Commission #1
Dimensions: About 60" x 60"
Pieces: Front - 115, Back - 4
Pattern: Unknown
Technique: Patchwork
Materials: Hand-dyed batiks from Africa, Kona White
Quilting: free-motion on my Juki

So this all started with an email from the guild passing along a request from a woman in Washington, DC who wanted some quilts made from the fabrics she'd brought back with her from her business trips to Africa and China. I sent an email to the address listed and let her know up front what I charge for this kind of work (supplies, plus $20/hour for ...

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August 30, 2018
Modified Bento Box Lap Quilt from Life Sew Crafty

Name: Modified Bento Box Lap Quilt
Dimensions: Around 68" x 68"
Pieces: Front - 425, Back - 17
Pattern: Modified Bento Box by Film in the Fridge (
Technique: Patchwork
Materials: 100% quilting cottons
Quilting: Free motion on my Juki and my sister's Singer

So my mom told me she wanted a quilt (a while ago). Said she didn't care when she got it, but she wanted one. As I was at least willing to entertain the notion, I asked her what colors: blue and green. I even sat down and showed her ...

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December 14, 2016
Making Gifts Using Clear Vinyl from The Animated Librarian Quilts

For those of you who may not know. Sewing with clear vinyl can be a troubling task for the uninitiated. I managed to make gifts this year using clear vinyl and I have a tip or two as well as my general showing off </p>
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December 7, 2016
Panda Baby Quilt Made With a Friend from The Animated Librarian Quilts

Around March/April a quilty girlfriend and I decided that our other pregnant quilty friend needed a baby quilt…as one does. She found this free pattern on the Fat Quarter Shop website called Panda-Monium. We really just used it as a jumping off point. Their version has the center panda with the bamboo as pictured below.

img_0015First, we doubled the size…with some difficulty as quilty math is not our strong point.

img_0016Then we added some more bamboo on the sides and a bit of sky to the top and green foliage type material to the bottom.

img_0017Once completed ...

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