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February 26, 2021
boxy star finish from Making A Lather

 I am happy to report I have the quilt  done for boxy stars in yellow and black. I started this in 2016 to use a jelly roll.  I have worked on it as part of the rainbow scrap challenge this year. February's color is yellow. This is an older UFO that would not make it into the top 10 quilts I want to finish, but, still needs some attention. It is good to clean out some of these types of UFOs. I started the month with the blocks already made, and I needed to assemble the top and quilt ...

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January 29, 2021
challenge and a finish from Making A Lather

I decided to participate in 2021 table scraps trt challenge.  I have a few table runner/ toppers that I have bought over the years, that I would like to make, but, they aren't part of any goal setting that I have been doing. It isn't part of any finishing goals ( they aren't started) or before I die goals ( I have time). They are just hanging around saying pick me, pick me. The challenge will give me a chance to think about, and, hopefully, finish a few projects.

This month, I picked an easy project that was already ...

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January 22, 2021
baby quilt finish from Making A Lather

 I have emptied a project box with this finish. I finished flannel #2 his week. It feels so good to move another UFo to done. I finished flannel #1 last week as part rainbow scrap challenge at so scrappy.

46x58- 7 yards of fabric

I found an old blog post about the pattern including a share it  of my copy of the pattern. It's a great pattern to use for a baby quilt and/or a donation quilt.

My rainbow projects for 2021 with links:

tiny houses

postage stamp psp20

ice cream

waffle stamp blocks

love pillowcases

2 pink ...

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January 15, 2021
flannel quilts and a finish from Making A Lather

My ufo # 2 and #3 for the rainbow scrap challenge at so scrappy was 2 pink flannel baby quilts. I didn't know, when I opened the box, if I had just collected the fabric, or, had it cut for what I needed. I saw labels on the fabric, so I was excited to learn it was already cut and ready to sew.

there are 2 quilts cut out in the box

I had all the letters I needed for the pattern -quilt #1

I arranged them on tray with all the letters showing

I have looked all over the ...

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January 9, 2021
jelly roll finish from Making A Lather

I have a finish for my January one monthly goal at elm street quilts. This is an older ufo ( 2013) made from a jelly roll and free pattern by cindy carter.

76 x 76

12 yards of fabric

I really liked the border with the rest of the quilt. I quilted simple circle loops in a light gray thread. I machine sewed the binding. I needed to open a new roll of hobbs 80/20 batting. I noticed it was not the same as other bolts. I wonder if there was a change in the manufacture. It seemed thinner and ...

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January 2, 2021
Safari Tango from Seaside Stitches

 My last finished quilt of 2020 is called Safari Tango. It might be the first true double-sided quilt I've ever made. The front was started in an online (Zoom) workshop with Diane Harris, The Stash Bandit, hosted by Ninigret Quilters. She calls her pattern Twofer Tango because you could get two quilts from your effort. The half square triangle units are bonus blocks from the creation of the main X-blocks. I chose to add mine around the border instead of harboring yet another UFO!


The back of the quilt was one of those long-simmering UFOs. Started in a class ...

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1st rsc 2021 and a finish from Making A Lather

Happy New Year! 

I hesitate to say it, since I said it last year, and look what happened.

Pink is the first color of the year for the rainbow scrap challenge. I hope to follow a plan for working on this challenge this year.

1. grab color wire basket and sort

 I keep my fabric chunks in wire baskets by color. Some baskets are in tidy shape, others, not so much. Pink is very tidy and full.

2. decide ufo by color -prioritize as #1

pink -2 love pillowcases, 2 baby flannel quilts, zuckerwaite ( any progress is progress)

3. make ...

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December 31, 2020
The Diamond Ripples Quilt from Jan's Quilts

This is my final finish for 2020, quilt #22.  It's a special quilt for a special family.  This is the third quilt I've made for them.  

The quilt measures 57" x 72", and will be on its way to Belgium next week.

We're having a very windy day, here in Murrieta.  It made taking quilt photos a challenge, but I got it done!


May your bobbins always be full,

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Pool Party Quilt from Jan's Quilts

Well, my LAQ surprised me, and the rest of her customers.  She pushed herself to start 2021 with an empty "to-do" list.  That meant she needed to quilt a lot of quilts, and some were like mine, not due until mid-January.  So I got this Pool Party quilt back before Christmas, and I got the binding on this week.  I really love how it turned out.

The Pool Party Quilt was a result of my Pre-Cut Challenge.  I used a layer cake and various black and white low-volume fabrics, all from stash.  It measures 65" x 81", and will stay ...

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December 19, 2020
rug border 2 from Making A Lather

I don't have a quilty finish today, but, I do have an exciting year long project finish.
I was really excited to turn the first corner on my snowman rug's border. 

And, then, I was ready to turn the last corner. I discovered a sweet message waiting for me.

And then it was done. I love the happy snowmen and happy colors. It is sitting under the Christmas tree at the moment making me very happy.

3 feet by 4 feet
More about my rug hooking project here and here and here
I'm linking to:

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December 18, 2020
Strings 2020 Wrap Up from Kat & Cat Quilts

Yes, just short of a year from it's kick off the 2020 string block drive is wrapping up. Thanks to the many of you who participated in this drive, like Beth T. who made the top above and Kathy C. who quilted it!

I love the gingerbread man backing this quilt! The rest of these were assembled by a combination of Pam M. and me and quilted by me.

The seven quilts here plus those previously posted bring us to a total of 23 out of an expected 24 from this drive. There is still one out in the ...

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December 12, 2020
A Homemade Quilt from Kat & Cat Quilts

Welcome to the weekend, quilters, and happy holiday season! Just one quilt to show today. Officially, this is the first finish from this summer's red, white and blue block drive.  It's a "bonus quilt" I decided to finish with the patriotic batch since it matched so well. (Thank you to Alycia who commented to let me know this pattern came from a mystery quilt "A8" she ran in 2018!)

Christy sent in the top a while back. There are a mix of shirtings and quilting fabrics in it and it measures a generous 66"x78" or there abouts ...

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December 11, 2020
star gazing finish from Making A Lather

Star gazing is a Bonnie Hunter pattern in her book scraps and shirt tails. This is finish number 27 for the year for me. Many of the scraps for this quilt are upcycled shirts. I cut it out in 2014. It has been a top since 2017 after a back and forth visit to the ufo closet. It's a big quilt 82 x 82 and used 22 yards of fabric. I made mine one row bigger across.

 I think what happened was, I started this quilt as a the free pattern on Bonnie's site, and, I made the ...

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December 4, 2020
traffic jam finish from Making A Lather

I finished my one monthly goal for December. The quick finish was why I chose this project for the goal. I felt a chance at success and took it. I have worked on this most of the year, off and on. I made the blocks in January at a retreat. I made the top at another retreat on Nov 18.


green backing and leftover fabrics for the binding

I'm linking to:


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November 27, 2020
a goal finish from Making A Lather

My goal for November and the one monthly goal:

1. quilt big easy Christmas -   I don't have a start date for this one, it was a class at a quilt store that has been closed a long time. I was in love with the Christmas fabric. One of the owners had made a quilt with the fabric and offered the class. I have the back pieced and the binding made.

I was fortunate enough to complete the quilt. It makes a nice lap quilt. And I love the fabrics. My notes say the pattern is in a book called ...

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November 5, 2020
Strings and Reflection from Kat & Cat Quilts

Another week and another batch of string quilts! These six were quilted by me, but some of them were pieced by Pam. She helped out by piecing two great big boxes of blocks I sent her into 8 tops and sending them back. Great big thanks to Pam, she did a lovely job of piecing and pressing nice flat seams!

Also obviously thanks to those who sent in cool backing fabrics for these quilts. Patients and families love to look at the backs and often connect to them. 

There have been quite a few of these string quilts so far ...

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November 3, 2020
Winter Blues Wrap Up from Kat & Cat Quilts

Almost twelve months later, the Winter Blues quilts from the Nov/Dec 2019 block drive are all done! (Hey, it's less than a year, right?)

All 5 of the quilts in this post were tops made by Gail C. and quilted by me.

I love Gail's beautiful, intricate piecing style and her eye for color. Bonus, she's a local to east Texas!

She usually sends several tops kitted up with backing and binding for each drive we do. 

In case you missed it, Covered in Love is rapidly approaching the 700 quilt landmark.  I'm amazed how ...

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October 23, 2020
patriotic boxy stars from Making A Lather

I began this project as a finish with one missing inner sashing border. I fixed that by taking the other border off and adding 2 new ones in their place. I added an outer border, and then, the quilting began.

But, then, I had some kind of crud that was not covid - 19 ( negative test). It sat for at least a week. 

I finally finished it. This is a free pattern at quiltville. I had this scrappy project in a blog post here in 2018 and blocks here.

80 x 97

I used a flannel wide backing for the back ...

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October 17, 2020
4 patch x finish from Making A Lather

I began this 4 patch x in  January 2016. It's a bonnie Hunter pattern from her book more adventures with leaders and enders. I enjoyed the piecing, especially the 4 patches. There is something classic about random 4 patches made from scraps. I love yellow as a color, so, I had no trouble going with the same color scheme as Bonnie.

74 x 84

I used a vintage calico for the binding. Using something like that makes me smile. I know it was vintage, as it was only 36 inches wide. I used a left edge foot, and, attached ...

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October 11, 2020
thoughts on finishing from Making A Lather

I made a commitment to finish this quilt a
nd a patriotic one, before, I would do any random sewing or work on wips. I did this because, I had reached overwhelm, with too many plates spinning in the air. With the additional end of the year approaching, I am losing steam. I have had a great finishing year, but I have started too many new projects, too. 

I bought this quilt kit at a blog hop a couple of years ago. I spent time making the pieces, and, eventually, assembled the top. It was much smaller than I had ...

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