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April 26, 2021
Sewing Studio from Espritpatch

A finish! The Sewing Studio wall-hanging that I quilted last month is now all done! 

I finished sewing the binding yesterday and all that was left for today was to bury the threads. Thankfully there weren't that many for this mini (this is always my least favorite part of the finish...)

I am so pleased with it and happy it is finished.

Paper pieced in 2020
Quilted matchstick style with King Tut #971 in March 2021
Finished in April 2021
Backing fabric - one very old piece from my stash

Another OPAM, one of my Q2 FAL list and my ...

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April 11, 2021
Quilting frame bags from Espritpatch

Not exactly exciting sewing today but I am happy I have done it. After finishing my quilting, we took the frame apart but I didn't put it away. I have been meaning to make some bags to keep the parts of the frame together for quite some time but never got around to it. I guess it is quite a boring and easy project so it has not been top priority. 

And I knew that if I put the parts away I would still not make them. So this afternoon, I went into my stash where I found a ...

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February 9, 2021
Lahja dressing gown from Espritpatch

 First item of dressmaking this year! Both the pattern for the Lahja dressing gown by Named Clothing and the waffle fabric have been in my stash for a long time (over 2 years I think). And finally when I saw Guthrie & Ghani monthly kit in December, for exactly this pairing, I knew I had to get those out. My current dressing gown is old and frumpy and I have been meaning to sew another one for a long while...

I was hoping to finish it in January originally but that didn't work out somehow. I cut all the pieces ...

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January 29, 2021
Retro Tetro quilt from Espritpatch

 It only needed the binding to be finished off and it nearly took all month to sew it by hand.

And of course what took the longest time was to bury all the threads since I changed colour to match the fabric. And this is for sure the part I like the least! But at least there was good TV to keep me entertained... I have started to watch Bridgerton and I must say it is hard not to watch the series in one go! I am not a binge watcher but this series has certainly caught my eye! 
Last ...

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December 30, 2020
Fettle those Finishes - review time from Espritpatch

Just a quick look back on the Fettle Those Finishes list I wrote with Archie the Wonder Dog in October. I had a shorter list than usual and some that I was planning to finish for Christmas, so let's have a look at how much I have completed.


1. Super Mario quilt - I made 4 more blocks
2. Threadology quilt - finished
3. Baby Bear Rug - finished
4. Snowflake Quilt-Along - top finished
5. Tinsel Tree Quilt-Along - finished
6. Retro Tetro Quilt-Along - nearly finished
7. Halo quilt - sadly no progress
8. Harry Potter quilt - sadly no progress

Bags, accessories:

1 ...

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October 23, 2020
Persephone purse from Espritpatch

And it's finished!

And I love it

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August 31, 2020
#busyinthekitchen from Espritpatch

Vintage Kitchen has been quilted for a few months now and was only waiting for the binding.

There wasn't such a massive length to sew but for some reason, I have only picked it up this weekend to finish it up.

I also embroidered on the pots and finished this afternoon, just in time for August One monthly goal!

Now it is all finished I don't have space to hang it. I will have to rethink some deco to make room for it.

Quilt stats:

Size: 39.5' x40.5'
Fabric from my stash (top and backing)
Quilted ...

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May 22, 2020
A finish quilt - Sky! from Espritpatch

After my "quilting marathon", this week has been a lot less productive in a way... but I am happy to report that one of the 5 quilts is now completely finished and ready to be gifted.

Sky was my One monthly goal for May as I wanted to gift it to our neighbour for his 70th birthday next week.

I made this quilt from the pile of long forgotten blue blocks that I "discovered" early April when I went through a few drawers in my sewing room. 

The backing fabric was a leftover piece from another quilt, which turned out ...

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April 5, 2020
Boy, how things have changed.. from Northern Deb Quilts

I haven't posted in a while...I just can believe how the world has changed in a bit over a month. We left Florida on schedule and got back home in time to stock up on groceries and necessities.

First it was the social distancing, then the "stay home order". Part of our family is in southeast Michigan where the virus is the worst. I think they're staying home and staying safe. Up here in the Traverse City area, it's not bad yet...maybe 9 or so cases.

When I finally sat down to sew, I started ...

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November 9, 2019
Trudy turtleneck from Espritpatch

Back in October I retrieved this lovely copper jersey from my stash. I bought the piece at the Cloth House warehouse last year with the intention to make a tee for autumn and it had sat there since. I went through my pattern library as well and couldn't decide between the turtleneck tee by Wardrobe by Me or the Plantain by Deer and Doe. So I decided to try and squeeze the pieces for both on my piece of fabric. I almost managed by cutting each piece flat but missed a little length for one pair of sleeves. Not ...

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January 17, 2016
Finish Along 2016 {Q 1} from Jenniffier's Sometimes Creative Life

For the last couple years I really haven't made much progress on completing any quilting projects. I have really wanted to make some progress on my long standing WIPs. And for once I think I am going to be able to get my post up on time for this years Finish Along. 

1. Aqua and Teal Bento Box Quilt  - This one is a is from a flickr bee that I was in a way to many years ago. 

First time using my new design wall and I already see one block that needs to be moved... For some reason pictures always help me with that.

2. Periwinkle Mini Quilt - made from left overs from an other mini quilt. 

Was able to get the tiniest bit of mini quilt sewing in today... Using up leftover can be quite fun! #miniquilt

3. Patchwork Prism Quilt - Again a long standing ...

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January 8, 2016
2016 Finish Along {Q1 Goals} from Never Just Jennifer

Looking back on my 2015 finish along goals, I didn't do so hot.  Sure I got a lot finished in Q1 but not much of what was on my list.  In Q2 I did much better at following and finishing what was on my list.  I didn't even manage a list for Q3 or Q4.  Check out all of my posts related to last years finish along here.

I'm aiming to be much better this year though.  I have some big plans for that long WIP list from last year.  So let's get down to it ...

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