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August 23, 2019
A perfect picnic quilt is made of a simple quilt design from Quilt Social

Here we are at our final day of 5 Days to a fabulous picnic set.

Our baskets are full to the brim with a beautiful reversible tablecloth, double-sided cloth napkins, reversible fabric bowl covers and even a bottle of wine in its own cozy.

A variety of products from UNIQUE, Heirloom, Fairfield, Gütermann, SULKY and SCHMETZ have helped us create our fabulous picnic set. Fabric from the April Showersfabric collection has given our projects such a fresh and cheerful appearance.

No picnic is complete without a soft and cozy blanket so today we’ll finish off by making a ...

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August 22, 2019
Keeping the wine cool at the picinic with UNIQUE quilting therm fleece from Quilt Social

Yesterday I had so much fun making a set of charming reversible fabric bowl covers to go with my new picnic set. Using UNIQUE and Heirloom notions, SCHMETZ needles and Gütermann thread sure makes sewing and quilting easy.

Today I’ll add another great item to the basket as I create a wine cozy to keep my beverage chilled. Once again I’ll be using fabric from the April Showers collection by Northcott.

Let’s get to it.


A wine cozy is today’s addition to the picnic set.




  • 1 fat quarter each of two different fabrics, April ...

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August 21, 2019
What it takes to make the best reversible fabric bowl covers from Quilt Social

It’s day three of five days to a fabulous picnic set. In yesterday’s post, I had a wonderful time making a set of double sided fabric napkins. Today I’ll be making reversible fabric bowl covers.

Many traditional picnic foods need to be served in a bowl. Potato salad, coleslaw, chips and dip are just a few of the foods that add to the pleasure of eating outdoors.

The challenge of serving a meal outdoors is how to protect the food from dust, leaves and flying things between servings. In the past, we would have covered the food ...

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August 20, 2019
Sewing double sided fabric napkins for a fabulous picnic set from Quilt Social

Welcome back to day two of 5 days to a fabulous picnic set.

In yesterday’s post, I had a wonderful time making a reversible weighted tablecloth. Today I’ll continue to fill my picnic basket with supplies as I make a set of double-sided fabric napkins using notions from Heirloom, SCHMETZ needles, Sulky threads, Gütermann threads and fabrics from the April showers collection by Northcott.

I’m excited so let’s get to work.


The picnic basket is starting to fill.


materials (set of four napkins)


  • 1¼ yds each of two different fabrics; April Showers  22595-61 and 22591-61 ...

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August 19, 2019
5 days to sewing and quilting a fabulous picnic set from Quilt Social

There’s nothing quite like a picnic to bring family and friends together. No matter the weather, food always seems to tastes better and the conversation is easy. With a basket full of supplies simply add your favorite foods and you’re ready to head out for a relaxing adventure.

My picnic basket was used for my wedding pictures (with champagne of course) and has taken my family to countless places over the years. I think it’s time to give it a fresh new look.

Over the next five days, I’ll show you how to use a variety ...

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February 17, 2019
Step 5 – quilting, how and how much, add the finishing touch from Quilt Social

Welcome back. We’re at day five and have already accomplished so much!

All we gathered our supplies, did our cutting and preparation work, pieced and added borders then accented our Artisan Spirit Water Garden panel with both trapunto work and thread painting.

As an added benefit we’ve been putting our needle and thread knowledge to work by pairing SCHMETZ needles with a variety of Sulky and Gütermann threads for beautiful successful stitching.

For today’s fifth and final post in this series, we’ll put that knowledge to good use once again as we add the finishing touches ...

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February 14, 2019
Step 4 – thread painting for incredible lifelike detail from Quilt Social

I had a wonderful time yesterday showing you how I used basic trapunto techniques with SCHMETZ NeedlesSulky Thread and Fairfield Batting to add extra dimension our Artisan Spirit Water Garden heron panel.

Today I’ll use a variety of Sulky threads and SCHMETZ needles to accent the heron with beautiful thread painted detail.

Let’s have some fun!

What is thread painting?

Thread painting is a free motion quilting technique that involves using the machine needle and thread the way an artist would use a brush and paint. It can be used to add detail to applique and printed ...

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February 13, 2019
Step 3 – how to machine trapunto for added dimension from Quilt Social

Welcome back.

Yesterday was a busy day trimming the lovely Heron panel from the Artisan Spirit Water Garden, ironing the Sulky stabilizer in place, and using SCHMETZ needles and Gütermann thread to construct and attach borders to the panel.

Today I’ll use Sulky threadSCHMETZ needles and Fairfield batting to add extra dimension to our panel with easy machine trapunto.

You may remember that we used trapunto in part three of my post Say it with quilting, a designer cushion to give a raised appearance to the words and motifs.

This technique will help add extra visual depth to ...

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February 12, 2019
Step 2 – framing up a quilt panel using a patchwork border from Quilt Social

Welcome back to our continuing journey of perfect pairings for our SCHMETZ needles, Sulky and Gütermann threads.

Yesterday I listed the materials required to make a thread painted and quilted panel.

Today I’ll do some preparation work, a little bit of piecing and add borders to our beautiful Artisan Spirit Water Garden panel from Northcott.

You’ll see how the correct needle and thread make each step along the way both fun and easy.

Good preparation is the key to success when adding pieced borders to a printed panel. A tutorial on thread painting using SCHMETZ needles/ Gütermann threads / Northcott fabric
Good preparation is the key to success!

Good preparation is the key to success

I start by trimming a little bit off our panel.

I ...

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February 11, 2019
Step 1 – needles and threads for a thread painting tutorial from Quilt Social

During my previous QUILTsocial post, Perfect Pairings-needles and threads work together for successful quilting I described how to choose the best SCHMETZ needles to work with a variety of Sulky and Gütermann threads.

This week I’ll show you in 5 easy steps how to use these new skills to make a beautiful quilt from a printed panel using a variety of needles and threads.

I’m using the Heron panel from the Water Garden collection by Northcott to work with.

Let’s get started.

What you’ll need

Water Garden Printed panel DP21916-44 from Northcott

This beautiful, artistic depiction ...

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December 14, 2018
Mini quilt with buttons becomes very adorable from Quilt Social


Yesterday I showed you how to use buttons from the bottle o’ buttons purple collection to make a small button wall quilt. Today we’ll be using buttons from the blue collection for another quick and easy button quilt. This quilt is 14″ square.


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December 13, 2018
Using buttons instead of applique for a small quilt! from Quilt Social


Yesterday I showed you how to use some blue buttons from a bottle o’ buttons to mount a small modern quilt on artist’s canvas.

Today I’ll show you how to make this little quilt using some purple buttons for flowers. In this case, the buttons take the place of applique.


Use buttons to create flower designs.
Use buttons to create flower designs.



Purple buttons - one of the many "Bottle o' Buttons" collections
Purple buttons – one of the many “Bottle o’ Buttons” collections


materials for a small quilt measuring 12″ x 16″


  • 9″ x 16″ piece of purple fabric for top of quilt
  • 4″ x 16″ piece of gray fabric for bottom of quilt ...

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December 12, 2018
How to mount a quilted piece on an artist canvas from Quilt Social


Yesterday I showed you how to make the blocks for your modern button quilt. Now, let’s put everything together to create this little quilt.

  • Sew the blocks together, alternating block 1 and block 2.
  • Sew a 6½” x 12½” black border strip to each side.
  • Sew a 6½” x 20½” black border strip to the top and bottom.


Sew on the black borders
Sew on the black borders


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December 11, 2018
For the love of buttons – making a modern button quilt from Quilt Social


Yesterday I gave you the cutting instructions for the little button quilt. We’ll be using buttons from the bottle o’ buttons blue collection. Now, let’s start sewing!


Button quilt mounted on a 12" x 16" Artist's Canvas
Button quilt mounted on a 12″ x 16″ Artist’s Canvas


For each block 1 you’ll need

  • 1 – 1½” square from fabric 1
  • 2 – 1″ x 1½” and 2 – 1″ x 2½” black strips
  • 2 – 1½” x 4½” and 2 – 1½” x 2½” strips from fabric 2

For each block 2 you’ll need

  • 1 – 1½” square from fabric 2
  • 2 – 1¼” x 1½” and 2 – 1¼” x 3″ black ...

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December 10, 2018
Button, button…bottle o’ buttons from Quilt Social


I recently received these ‘Bottle o’ Buttons’ jars. What fun! Little jars of color-coordinated buttons just waiting to be used for some quick and easy projects.


bottle o' buttons - just 4 of the many colors available
bottle o’ buttons – just 4 of the many colors available


Button blankets have been around for hundreds of years. A button blanket is a wool blanket embellished with mother-of-pearl buttons, created by Northwest Coastal tribes in North America, that is worn for ceremonial purposes.

Ceremonial robes and their associated regalia have been among the most spectacular creations of the Indian people of the Northwest Coast of North America. For generations, these robes have served ...

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November 16, 2018
Making a stand mixer cover for the baker on your holiday list xo from Quilt Social


This week I shared with you several gift ideas that are sew easy to make, there’s still enough time to make the Simple Essentials Traveler’s Tote for the person on your list who travels often.

During the holiday season, baking is on almost every family’s to-do list. The very popular stand style mixers get a workout. At other times of the year they also sit idle.

A stand mixer cover is a great gift for bakers (and cooks) and those that love their kitchen gadgets. Check out my KitchenAid Professional 5 Plus below, I love it almost ...

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September 14, 2018
A gourmet finish for a quilted designer cushion from Quilt Social


This week has been so much fun as we have learned how to express pretty words through quilting using the beautiful Gütermann Dekor rayon thread.

Yesterday we completed the background quilting to really make the letters and trapunto sections stand out. Now it’s time to complete our designer cushion.


Say it with free motion quilting - designer cushion
Say it with free motion quilting – designer cushion


Preparing your pieces

Trim the quilted cushion front to measure 18½” square. Set aside for now.


Trim the quilted cushion front
Trim the quilted cushion front


Prepare your machine with a new SCHMETZ 75/11 Quilting needle and the standard sewing foot.

Thread withGütermann 50 weight ...

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September 13, 2018
Making quilted words pop – it’s all about the thread from Quilt Social

Welcome back.

Yesterday was such a fun day!

We set up our machines for free motion quilting, did our first set of outline quilting, learned how to trim the batting for trapunto and layered our piece to prepare for today’s background quilting.

Now it’s time to really make those quilted words pop as beautifulGütermann Dekor rayon thread brings life to our designer cushion!


Beautiful thread makes the design come to life
Beautiful thread makes the design come to life


All of the stitching from now on will be done with Gütermann Dekor Rayon thread that contrasts with the background fabric.

I used a single color ...

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September 12, 2018
Quilting words – so much to say using Gütermann Dekor thread! from Quilt Social


I hope you’ve been having fun getting ready to free motion quilt words and more for a designer cushion.

Was it hard deciding what you wanted to say? Maybe you’re already making more than one?

In yesterdays post we learned how to mark, layer and baste your piece. Now it’s time to create our trapunto using wonderful Gütermann thread.


It's time to quilt!
It’s time to quilt!


Prepare your machine for free motion quilting

Put a new size 75/11 SCHMETZ Quilting needle on your machine.

A quilting needle will pierce the multiple layers of batting and fabric quickly and ...

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September 11, 2018
Mark, layer, baste, easy preparation for machine quilting from Quilt Social


Quality materials and good preparation are the keys to successful machine quilting. Yesterday we gathered our supplies and cut our fabric and batting to size. Now it’s time to prepare our pieces for quilting.

Let’s go!


Good preparation is the key to success.
Good preparation is the key to success.


Our pillow front will be quilted twice in some areas to create an effect called trapunto.

This is a form of stuffed quilting in which some areas use two layers of batting to give a raised, 3-dimensional effect.

Our Gütermann Dekor rayon thread will really make the quilting stand out!

Marking Matters

Before we layer ...

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