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September 15, 2017
webbing the top from Making A Lather

I know I have shown this as a finish, but Old Tobacco Road is taking a turn on the bed, and it just makes me smile. I love the scrappy pinwheels. I think when a quilt takes so long to finish, it is even more surprising when it is done. The scraps are a memory of a while ago. And when a quilt goes into time out, it is forgotten. And so is all the frustration that was part of the learning and the repetitiveness of the piecing. I have noticed that while I do the finishing, I actually think ...

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September 13, 2017
blocks en provence from Making A Lather

I have been sewing En Provence blocks - a quiltville mystery from last year. There are many pieces in each block and 16 blocks. I am very happy with how well the blocks are piecing. I planned on trimming them, but very few needed any attention.

 The sashing strips are going to create a secondary star pattern - pretty exciting

 I try to make at least one glitter - Jen Kingwell block a day, because they are just fun. I don't want to focus on them just yet, so just a block or two keeps it going.

And in between en provence ...

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September 11, 2017
Weekend Stitching: A Bit of This and That from Life In Pieces

Weekends it seem always go so fast and end way to soon.  I certainly ran out of weekend before running out of things I wanted to do.  Though it was nice to be home for a change, we did a lot of running around in July and August. 

Sunday afternoon was spent in the sewing room, but you certainly can't tell that from the design wall.  The big design wall has the Scientist in Training's quilt on it, but to be honest there is not much to see at this point.  The last three blocks needed for En ...

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September 8, 2017
en provence block from Making A Lather

One block finished for En Provence
There are 76 pieces in this block! I am so glad that we piece this by type of block ahead of time. And all I have to do is put the blocks together now. For some reason, I can't find how big this quilt will be finished, and I am worried it won't be big enough for our bed. Which would mean I have to make more parts and pieces. What a fun design! And all just common traditional blocks.

I have finished the center of Aunt Mary's Irish chain quilt ...

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September 4, 2017
En Provence monthly goal from Making A Lather

My one monthly goal and Ufo for September is to work on my Bonnie Hunter En Provence quilt from her mystery last year.

I have all my pieces ready to sew together. And I have been very patient waiting for the month that this would be my goal. I actually have 2 versions of this quilt to this point. This one is in the colorway Bonnie suggested, and I have one in civil war fabrics. But I want to get this one to the flimsy stage this month. I have so enjoyed all the versions I have seen posted.
Every ...

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August 14, 2017
Weekend Stitching: What goes on in the Background from Life In Pieces

It was a busy weekend.  Drama Teen and I took a road trip to see her grandmother before DT heads off the college, plus made one more mad dash to Tulsa on Sunday to finish off the dorm room shopping.  DT heads off to college on Wednesday.  There are still a few last minute things to deal with, but for the most part she is ready to go.  Not sure I am.  

With all the last minute college prep, there hasn't been as much going on in the sewing room.  At least not much worth showing on the blog ...

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June 26, 2017
En Provence MQ - Final Clue from Thread My Bobbin

The reveal of En Provence's layout did not disappoint - I love the final look of the quilt!  But before piecing it together there was batch of quarter square triangles to be made. I made an error in measurement when cutting the triangles so I have a heap that are smaller left over.  Next time I will trim blocks as I go, I had a lot of trimming up to do! One thing I've learned from the

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June 5, 2017
Weekend Stitching: A Bit of This and That from Life In Pieces

Sunday was a weird day. Drama Teen's writing group friends came from Florida for a visit last Wednesday and they left Sunday.  We dropped them off at the airport at 5:00 AM yesterday.  They were flying standby (a family member works for one of the airlines).  They didn't get a seat on a flight till 6 PM.  Which was good, that was the last flight out of our small airport.  I felt so bad for just leaving them at the airport but one of the Mom's assured me they were used to it and had planned ...

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May 22, 2017
Weekend Stitching: The Small Design Wall from Life In Pieces

Today starts the last week of high school for Drama Teen. She's got finals all week.  Physics is Wednesday, that's the one she's really dreading.  The last day of school is Thursday.  We're hosting the annual end of school year party and sleep over that day.  The graduation quilts will be gifted then.  I've got my fingers crossed that they are liked.  I put the last stitches into The First Amendment Quilt binding last night.  Pictures have to get taken this afternoon.  It needs to be wrapped up tonight as it will be gifted on ...

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May 4, 2017
WIPS: The Leaders and Enders Project from Life In Pieces

I'm a big fan of Bonnie Hunter's leaders and enders method.  It's a nice way to make progress on a project while you are stitching on other quilts.  It's especially nice for a project I've gotten stalled on because I don't like the assembly process.  That's not the case with my current leaders and enders project, I've just been busy trying to get the graduation quilts finished.  En Provence is my current leaders and enders project.  Just before my business trip I finished block number 6 and decided to throw all the ...

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March 18, 2017
red leaves from Making A Lather

The bottom left quadrant is together for Fancy Forest quilt. woohoo!
Until this is finished, most of my pictures look the same. Lots of green for St pat's weekend, but no red for the rainbow.

I have cut my red scraps for in the garden leaves for the rainbow scrap challenge. I want to make 8.
If I get the bottom right quadrant together, I will reward myself with red leaves sewing. - crossing my fingers.
When I get stressed about the fancy forest or bored with in the garden I have been pushing En Provence hourglasses through the machine ...

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February 21, 2017
En Provence is DONE! from TheEclecticAbuela

I finished this year's mystery from Bonnie Hunter--En Provence! It was fun to make, and I look forward to next year's mystery.

En Provence

En Provence (backing and binding detail)

En Provence (detail)

En Provence (detail)

My previous posts about this quilt can be found here: En Provence--Part 1En Provence--Part 2, En Provence--Part 3En Provence--Part 4En Provence--Part 5En Provence--Part 6, and En Provence--Part 7.

Thanks, Bonnie, for a great project!

I'm linking with Fiber Tuesday 99 at The Quilting Room with Mel.

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February 20, 2017
Weekend Stitching - The Other Stuff from Life In Pieces

It was a quite weekend.  Drama Teen has fully recovered from last week's stomach bug and spent yesterday studying for a physics test she missed on Friday.  My Guy and I are looking at this as weekend as the calm before the storm.  The next few weeks will be really busy with interview candidates, science fair judging, retirement dinners (between the two of us there are 5 retirement receptions to attend), and then there's the three day workshop on energy that My Guy organizes.  Oh, plus there is a wedding in there somewhere.  We are both looking forward ...

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February 17, 2017
A Rose from Making A Lather

I have all the pieces hand stitched for my first complete American Beauty Rose block. I enjoyed the process. I think I need to cut away some of the backs on the rose applique. I learned I need to iron the piece from the back to actually get them to stick to the front. Some of the pieces tried to jump ship during the stitching process. It took less than week to attach and sew. I think I can handle that. So far it is a go for a tabletopper. If all goes well then, we will consider a wall ...

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February 15, 2017
Bonnie fan from Making A Lather

I consider myself a Bonnie Hunter fan - I discovered her blog in 2008 and I attended my first workshop in 2009. I am just one of many faceless followers. I'm not so sure what appealed to me the most in the beginning. But I was pretty excited about using recycled shirts. I had and still have a problem with the leader/ ender idea of creating an extra quilt, since I worked that way anyway, only on finishing the quilt I was working on at the time.
I am definitely more traditional than modern, only in that I don't ...

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February 14, 2017
En Provence Finale from Life as a Quilter -- Julia Graber

This is my version of Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt "En Provence." I finished sewing all the blocks together recently at our annual Heatwole Sewing Retreat.
Image may contain: 1 person, smiling

My sisters Emily and Polly and a friend Queena also joined in the fun of making "En Provence."
Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people sitting and indoor

It's so neat seeing how the same pattern looks with different fabrics.
Image may contain: 1 person

And now I'm already looking forward to next year's mystery quilt.
Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, shoes and outdoor

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February 13, 2017
Moving Forward from Making A Lather

Thanks to the quiltathon weekend, all my border units for midnight flight are finished.

as a matter of fact, all my units are pieced. hooray. There are a gobzillion pieces I have put together a little at a time as an away from home sewing project.
Now it is time to retire this quilt from active duty and find another no brain sewing project to take to my small quilt groups. But I have 576 bonus triangles from midnight flight in purple or blue and neutral  that will be the seeds for scrap crystals. I need 684. that shouldn't ...

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January 22, 2017
En Provence completed. Time to revisit Allietare. from Quilting Together

It's done!  All the piecing is done anyway. Obviously it still needs to be quilted. It may be a few months before that happens. For now it is safely tucked away in it's bin. I am looking at backings. I am considering a lavender. I also like the dark purple, but worry a little about fading.

There is one quilt in front of En Provence. Once that is quilted En Provence will be completed. I need to rent time at the LQS and they have a pretty full calendar.

This is not the best picture, but I am ...

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January 18, 2017
cleaning time from Making A Lather

Just as I was about to finish my hourglasses for En Provence, I ran out of bobbin. And there were no more that were prewound. Ugh

I prewind about 5 or 6 bobbins at a time. That way, when there aren't any more, I know it is time for a good cleaning and oiling. My Juki requires a daily dose of vitamin oil. But when the bobbins are gone, it's time to do a better job.

that wasn't too bad, I actually like the cleaning part. I don't like winding bobbins. It seems they have a ...

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January 17, 2017
Interim Milestone: Purple Blocks done! from Cats in the Quiltoriium

Oops, sorry for slipping back into pre-retirement jargon. Project plans, interim milestones: just a bad memory for me now.

My purple blocks are done. I am going to partially sash each one before assembly so I don't have to wrangle too many long seams. I will be making something with 9 purple blocks.

Will be on the road tomorrow, hope to make more progress on Thursday.

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