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May 3, 2020
Weekly Report from the Sewing Room from The Cozy Quilter

There were some changes in my plans this week... When I tried to get the right size of knitting needles for my next cloth pattern, the local knitting store was sold out.  I have my name on the list to get them when they arrive from the distributor, but like many shipments these days, things are taking a little longer to arrive.  In the meantime, I wanted to knit something, so I made another simple dish cloth using blue variegated yarn. 

Here is my completed project, just finished today.

Blue was the theme colour of my week as I used ...

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April 26, 2020
Slow Sunday Stitching and Knitting from The Cozy Quilter

Hello!  We had a glorious sunny day yesterday and much of the day was spent outside, cleaning up the gardens, walking Finn and reading in the gazebo.  We even ate out lunch outside on the patio for the first time this year.  There was no stitching or knitting of any kind yesterday, but, today, it is raining, a perfect day to stay inside and do some slow stitching.  

I finished my basket weave dish cloth this week.  You can really see the pattern created by the variegated yarn, now that it is done.  I have a new knitting pattern for ...

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April 19, 2020
Slow Stitching and Some New Blocks from The Cozy Quilter

How are you all doing?  I'm trying to keep busy--I walk Finn every morning and sometimes in the evenings too.  In between, I read, knit, cross stitch, sew and do odd jobs around the house.  My husband is working from home so Finn and I can't have any wild parties...LOL!  

The basket weave pattern is showing up more on my dish cloth this week. I am getting better at this pattern now and it is going a bit quicker. I may need to make a couple more cloths this way to get it into my muscle memory ...

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March 7, 2020
Knitting, Binding and Cross Stitching from The Cozy Quilter

I'm still stitching away on February's cross stitch ornament from Linen and Threads.  I will add some more stitches this weekend for slow Sunday stitching.  I need to buy some extra skeins of these colours so that I can use them for all 12 ornaments. I have a plan in my head for a project which will include all 12...

My friend, Pat, is teaching me to knit.  This week, I made the big leap from working on my red practice sampler to actually starting a real project using a pattern!  We went shopping yesterday at the local ...

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