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October 23, 2018
I Am Teaching at AQS QuiltWeek 2019 from Carol Lyles Shaw

I am excited to announce that I will be teaching at AQS QuiltWeek in Daytona FL held February 27–March 2, 2019.  AQS Members registration start Oc. 23, 2018 and registration for the general public starts Nov. 7, 2018     Click HERE for registration information. 

My AQS QuiltWeek Workshops

Traditional,  contemporary and modern quilters who attend my workshops say that they have loads of fun making these projects.   My workshops are a ‘no judgement/stress-free zone’.

You’ll walk away with a solid start on your project and confidence to quickly complete it at home.  In addition, every workshop attendee will ...

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October 1, 2018
Destash and Declutter from Carol Lyles Shaw

Destash and Declutter!  I decided that it was time to really clear the clutter in my studio and ‘overflow’ fabric storage.  So, starting in late July,   I took some serious steps to clear my sewing space and fabric storage.

Just a glimpse at the piles of fabric sort of in project bins….There’s more of this clutter all over the sewing room!

Destash and Declutter Inspiration

I started by listening to a wonderful series of podcasts by Nadia, who is an organization coach in the UK.  Her blog is called Clear The Decks and it’s a perfect title ...

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April 5, 2018
Tips for Finding Your SewJo from Carol Lyles Shaw

Finding your sewjoWe probably all have those days or weeks when our quilting inspiration, motivation and energy just disappears.  It could be burnout (too much deadline sewing) or we might have lost our confidence (no one wants my quilts and, anyway, my quilts aren’t good, perfect or pretty  enough).  We have the time, we have the fabric, we have a pattern—-what we are missing is the energy to get in our sewing space and make something. What we need are easy ways for finding our SewJo. When our energy and motivation are back to healthy levels, we can tackle our ...

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January 18, 2018
Sew My Stash Quilt Tutorial from Carol Lyles Shaw

Sew My Stash Commitment and Quilt Tutorial

I think that one of the reasons we don’t use our stash is that we over think and over plan how to make a quilt from stash.  This month, I quickly made the 3rd in a series of quilts all made from stash.  Keep reading to see the story of the 3 quilts and a tutorial on how I made the 3rd one.

And, no, my stash isn’t always this neat looking!  And, there’s lots more of it…..

modern fabric

I am really committed to sew my stash this year. 

I did ...

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December 7, 2017
Use It or Destash That Fabric Stash from Carol Lyles Shaw


I love fabric as much as the next quilter!  But, I’ve resolved that I will NOT just hold on to that precious, precious, wonderful, absolutely special fabric anymore.  We call it collecting, but really it’s hoarding.

I Resolve to Use It or Destash the Fabric Stash!

And, here’s why I will no longer hoard, ummm, collect fabric:

  1. I bought the fabric because I loved it and I had a glimmer of an idea about using it to make an even more wonderful quilt.
  2. Fabric has a soul–it’s made from cotton which is a living thing ...

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