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June 2, 2017
Busy, Busy Month of May from Ann Quilts

This week takes a prize of some sort for having three newly-finished quilts signed, sealed, and delivered in just one short week.

My hometown of Evanston holds a month-long arts celebration every June called Evanston Made.  There are exhibits and programs all over town.  This year, I'm exhibiting in two events.

This quilt will be in the main show at the Evanston Art Center.  It's a new member of my Something From Nothing series called "Symmetry."  It's 16.5" x 16.5".  The opening is this Friday 6/2 5-8pm, and I'll be there.  The show ...

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May 21, 2017
Orphan Block Quilt – – – Finally Finished from a daily dose of fiber

I certainly do not win awards for finishing projects in a timely fashion! After starting to quilt The Orphan Block Mash Up quilt, I quickly lost interest and it sat under my Sweet Sixteen machine for months. Languishing… it was started over a year ago. Fast forward to the present : I have a growing stack of quilt tops waiting to be quilted, so I have spent the last two weeks getting it done.

I am not thrilled with it. My quilting is not great so I will not be showing you a close-up. But as I have told students in ...

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April 29, 2017
Fun With Stripes from Ann Quilts

If I was writing a catchy newspaper headline it might read something like this:

Local Quilter Inspired by Late Night Stitching Session!

I'm working on another little piece for my Something From Nothing series, this one to be part of a show you'll hear more about soon where the size limit is just 12".  I'm making this piece using just this one really cool striped fabric.  (You can see that I used a little bit of it in a previous quilt in the series.)

The photo above shows the pieces pinned to muslin so I could be ...

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April 19, 2017
Watercolor and workshop from Stitchin' Therapy

  I didn't get a post done to share the watercolor experimental piece.  Last month I shared the collection of units made with 2'' floral squares.  I ended up with 12 of them.  The fused blocks started at 14'', and when the seams were sewn  ended up as 10 1/2''.

    I played with various layouts but kept returning to this style with the light areas spreading in a diagonal across the top.  In the end I decided to sash them together.  If you have visited before, you are aware that it is not a favorite technique of mine.    Yet ...

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March 20, 2017
Things Are Looking Up from Ann Quilts

After a long dry spell due to a broken foot, I am finally able to stand and walk long enough to get back into my sewing room and back to playing with fabric!  Phew!!!

It's amazing to feel the creative flow again.  And let me tell ya, it's whoosing after being pent up for so long!

The in-progress quilt in the Something From Nothing series got finished, thanks to my friend Julie who came and helped me with the basting.  It's 10" wide and 8' (yes, feet) long!  It will hang vertically.  The orange polka dot fabric ...

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March 16, 2017
Obsessive About Dyeing from Where Art & Life Meet

Dyeing fabrics is an obsession.  I began with cottons as directed in the Elizabeth Barton class, Dyeing to Design, that I took over at Academy of Quilting.  I had little interest in dyeing or so I thought, and only took the class because Elizabeth was teaching it and I wanted to take a class with… Continue reading Obsessive About Dyeing

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March 14, 2017
Card Trick Quilt from Ann Quilts

This quilt is about 25 years old.  It was purchased on a Pennsylvania Amish farm.  I recently repaired a couple of tears it had acquired over the years. 

The quilt is based on a block called Card Trick.  These rows use the basic block.

The block also has been enlarged to medium and large sizes, and constructed with Log Cabin style strips, a creative way to vary a traditional patchwork block.

The white background areas are filled with the feather quilting that is so beloved by Amish quilters, which also include hearts around the center medallion.


I am always fond ...

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March 6, 2017
Playing with fabric squares from Stitchin' Therapy

  Just some play time over the weekend produced some large units for a watercolor...of sorts.   I had some short type pieces of fusible interfacing that I use in the watercolor wall hanging.   I cut the interfacing  to 14'' square pieces and just started laying out  2'' squares of my floral fabrics.   These 6 pieces are fused but not sewn yet.
   Each large section is just blended from diagonal corner to the opposite corner....dark to light value.  I pinned them to the design wall after I pressed the squares down.    Now this could be interesting......if I changed them ...

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February 26, 2017
An “Ode To Matisse” Quilt from Where Art & Life Meet

Last fall I decided to design my own bed-sized quilt.  I wanted a quilt that would remind me of spring and summer, that was colorful and had big organic shapes that inspired cheerfulness.  This was before the election and though there were many things being said that were ominous  – calls for great walls to be built,… Continue reading An “Ode To Matisse” Quilt

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January 31, 2017
Take 2: Optical Illusion With Plaid (complete and with photos this time!) from Ann Quilts

(I inadvertently posted this a few days ago, long before I was done writing it.  Here it is in it's final form!)

"It just looked like a happy quilt that needed a home!"

That's what the owner of this quilt told me when she sent it to me for repairs.  I think that's a lovely reason to buy a quilt, don't you?

What makes this quilt especially fun for me are the blocks that were pieced with a large red and white plaid.  Piecing that plaid next to a plain white made the seam lines of ...

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January 27, 2017
Optical Illusion With Plaid from Ann Quilts

"It just looked like a happy quilt that needed a home!"

That's what the owner of this quilt told me when she sent it to me for repairs.  I think that's a lovely reason to buy a quilt, don't you?

What makes this quilt especially fun for me are the blocks that were pieced with a large red and white plaid.  Piecing that plaid next to a plain white made the seam lines of the patchwork pretty much disappear, creating a syncopated, modernistic pattern in the midst of this otherwise very quaint, old-fashioned quilt!

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January 16, 2017
Next Steps on Rock Around the Block – Jack’s Chain Quilt from a daily dose of fiber

Now that December has come and gone, I am trying to spend more time in the studio – and it’s back to the Jack’s Chain quilt. Knowing that I did not have enough of the background blue hand dyed fabric, I had to fiddle around with a final layout for the top. I finally decided that a center 3 square by 5 square strip, with a strip on either side using the new fabric would work for me.  I shopped around a few quilt stores and found a darker, but similar hand dyed blue.The center strip of the ...

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December 30, 2016
Favorite Quotes #14 - Martha Graham from Ann Quilts

Inspiration for the New Year of living and creating:

Martha Graham gave this advice to Agnes de Mille shortly after she choreographed Oklahoma! in 1943.  The story is that de Mille was curious as to why this work had captured the critics' attention even though she thought much of her other work was much more complete and valuable.

“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never ...

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December 27, 2016
No looking back, just ahead from Stitchin' Therapy

   Instead of reviewing this last year as I usually do,  I am looking forward.    I can't bear the mental trauma a review would cause.   I am just diving in to my plans for 2017.

   Nothing like  simple traditional patterns.  They evoke memories in us all.  The 9 patch often gets relegated to a fill-in block or maybe a good block for a border.  I have been very guilty of that type of thinking.  You can't live "Be Legendary" by thinking/playing in the same old mode.  This 9-patch wants to shine.

   After Shelia at Quilting in South Carolina ...

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December 16, 2016
Fabric Painting & the Fun Begins! from Where Art & Life Meet

Fabric painting was something I knew nothing about before taking Elizabeth Barton‘s online class Dyeing to Design at the Academy of Quilting.  Fabric painting is the process of combining fabric dye with a thickener so it can be used to paint fabric, just as one would paint on a canvas.  Think about that.  The possibilities are endless!!  As… Continue reading Fabric Painting & the Fun Begins!

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December 8, 2016
Fear of Dyeing from Where Art & Life Meet

I was going to entitle this post Fear of Dyeing (and Silk Screening) but Where’s the Pun in That?  But it was too long so I just went with the edited version… a girl can have a little pun.  Okay, okay that’s enough. I’ve filled my quota of puns and I’m barely out of the… Continue reading Fear of Dyeing

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November 21, 2016
Turbulent Times from Where Art & Life Meet

I began this blog a few years ago because I wanted a place where I could discuss creativity, art, inspiration and being an artist.  Since life has always informed my art, I came up with the name – Where Art & Life Meet.  Art has always been the thing that saves me.  When I am… Continue reading Turbulent Times

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November 11, 2016
A Tale of Two Eagles from Ann Quilts

Two American eagle quilts, in honor of Veterans Day.

Several years ago, I was honored to be asked to conserve a spectacular eagle quilt.  It is embroidered prominently with the date and location - 1853 and Phelps, at town in upstate New York.  Beyond that, it is totally gorgeous, and in pretty good condition.

I was asked to do the work on this quilt by Mark Wilcox of Summer Antiques in Lake Placid, NY.

He auctioned the quilt at Sotheby's.  The auction catalog has a full description and larger photo.  My blog has photos of the conservation work I did ...

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November 1, 2016
LIVE interview with Pat Sloan & American Patchwork & Quilting from Eva Blake's Makery & Emporium

I am SO SUPER excited to be chatting LIVE with Pat Sloan of American Patchwork and Quilting Radio next week. Monday Nov. 7 4pm EST, 3pm CST, 2pm MST, 1pm PST She is such a terrific lady with the most contagious personality. I got to know her a little bit while we were in the […]

The post LIVE interview with Pat Sloan & American Patchwork & Quilting appeared first on .

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September 20, 2016
Stitching Our Stories from Ann Quilts

Stitching Our Stories is an exhibit currently running in Santa Fe through October 20.   It's at the Santa Fe Arts Commission’s Community Gallery, 201 W. Marcy Street.  The use of needlework to express  family and social history is one of my favorite topics.  I'd go for sure if I was anywhere close!

The subtitle is:  Connecting Immigrant and Local Communities Through Story Cloths and Conversations.

The programs and exhibit were created by Art and Remembrance, an organization founded around the needlework panels made by Holocaust survivor Esther Nisenthal Krinitz.  The panels illustrate her memories of her early ...

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