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July 31, 2020
Charmaine's Six Pack of Tumbler Baby Quilts from Crayon Box Quilt Studio

Charmaine is always bringing me multiple baby quilts to stitch up for her and this time when I looked in the bag, there were six of them.
All six of the quilts are made with tumbler blocks and she used 3 different border colors.  This trio includes 2 with Orange borders and 1 Red border. 
She provided this flannel stripe and Yellow duckie fabric for the backing on this group.
The quilting provides just enough texture.
Charmaine requested her favorite panto, Shooting Stars, for all these quilts.
The other trio included 2 quilts with Purple borders and 1 with an ...

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July 17, 2020
Joanne's Christmas Quilt from Crayon Box Quilt Studio

My customer Joanne brought me another wonderful top to quilt for her.  She actually made this one for her hubby so he chose the quilting design and threads used.
I've been good about remembering to take a "before" photo so you can see the difference the quilting makes .  What starts out as a pretty quilt top....
...turns into a fabulous almost completed quilt.  Binding is the only thing needed now.
Her hubby chose the design Hubby Hubby, So Fine Ivy for the top thread and So Fine Toast was used in the bobbin.
Joanne made a great off set ...

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July 3, 2020
A 100 Good Wishes Quilt for Ellis from Crayon Box Quilt Studio

My longtime blog readers know that I started quilting because of the ancient Chinese 100 Good Wishes Quilt tradition and because of that, I've been able to make a number of 100 Good Wishes Quilts for the daughters of friends.

This one was for Kris' daughter Ellis and it was a birthday gift this year.
It's always the layout for these quilts that takes me the longest to do in order to have the colors spread nicely across the entire top.
Once the sashing was sewn between the blocks, the blocks sewn together and the outer border added ...

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June 24, 2020
Susan's Blue and Green Log Cabin from Crayon Box Quilt Studio

My good friend Susan always brings me great tops to quilt for her.  This one is for her youngest daughter.  Since the older two sisters were recently married and received wedding quilts, the last daughter also asked for a quilt. Susan just happened to find this completed top that she forgot about from many years ago waiting to be finished.
The "Before" shot.
This is the "After" photo.  What a difference!
This time Susan chose the Tickle Too design to soften the edges of all the straight piecing.  I think it worked well.  Glide thread in Khaki was used for ...

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May 19, 2020
Joanne's Forest Floor Quilt from Crayon Box Quilt Studio

My customer Joann made this fabulous Forest Floor beauty and brought it to me to quilt.
 This is the "Before" shot.
 I love this view!
 Here it is all completed.  Isn't it just gorgeous!  She didn't add the final border that the pattern called for as that would have made it even bigger.  As it is, it measured 97" x 97".
 Such pretty texture.
 The Falling Leaves panto was her choice for this one and it suited it well.  So Fine Olive thread was used on the top and So Fine Nutmeg was used on the back.
 Speaking ...

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May 14, 2020
JoAnne's Sawtooth Stars Quilt from Crayon Box Quilt Studio

I just love seeing the fun quilts that my customers bring me to longarm for them. This is JoAnne's Sawtooth Stars quilt.  Can you believe that this is her very first quilt?  Her piecing is spot on.
 I try to remember to always take a "Before" photo.
 JoAnne chose the Whirlygig panto and it's perfect for this quilt.
 The transformation always amazes me...from unquilted to quilted, the difference is magical.
 Signature thread in Camel was used on the top and Glide Light Tan was used in the bobbin.
 Her backing was a small Light Tan print that ...

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May 4, 2020
Charmaine's Pink and Gray Single Irish Chain Baby Quilts from Crayon Box Quilt Studio

My customer Charmaine regularly brings me baby quilts to complete, usually 2-3 at a time.  This time it was 2 simple Simple Irish Chain/Nine Patch quilts in Pink and Gray.

The first one was a lighter Pink.
 And the 2nd one was much more of a Hot Pink.
 She brought me one long backing and batting  for both so I was able to load the 2nd one right after the first.
 The outside lighting was a bit off that day so these pictures don't show their true colors but they turned out adorable.
 The quilting just finishes off ...

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September 10, 2019
Susan's Nine Patch quilt from Crayon Box Quilt Studio

My good friend Susan's 2nd daughter Samantha get married recently (the 1st daughter Liz was  married a year ago) and of course another wedding quilt was created.  Sam's style is more subdued than her older sister's and she requested an all gray and white quilt.  This is the result.
I like to take a "before" picture (if I remember) to show just how much the quilting does to enhance the piecing and truly "finish" a quilt.

Unfortunately there was a ton of rain when it came time to take the pictures so I had to do them ...

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