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September 19, 2018
Cross Stitch Seasonal Birds from Kitty and Me Designs

Just re-released as individual pattern leaflets are my "A Bird For All Seasons" series:

These are available in my Etsy shop as both professionally printed pattern leaflets and as Instant Digital PDF Downloads!

On 14 count Aida or 28 count Evenweave over 2 fabric threads, these designs are only 6 inches square!!  Large print, easy to read black/white symbol charts with colored backstitching. 
DMC Embroidery floss.

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September 17, 2018
Relaxing Day....And Then There Was Bowling from Quilting My Way

Today I slept in longer than Patrick. That really surprised me. Usually I'm up way before he is. But I put my "blinders" on at 5 am and went back to sleep.

We pretty much had a relaxing day. We watched TV and Netflix.

I made a plum tart today. It had marzipan in it. Patrick went to the store and bought it for me. Then I made the tart. I guess I'm still one of those that doesn't like fruit pies, and having this as a tart wasn't any better. I really didn't care ...

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September 14, 2018
Little Peacock Free Cross Stitch Pattern from Kitty and Me Designs

For today, I have a free Little Peacock Cross Stitch pattern:

Just right click on the pattern and save to your hard drive.  Then open it in any graphic software and click print.  It will fit on a full 8 1/2 X 11 sheet of paper.

Perfect as a small crazy quilt motif or a cute little cross stitch door hanger!

Happy stitching!

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September 13, 2018
Halloween bookmark from Wendy's Quilts and More

Last week I started something new.  It's a mystery Halloween bookmark from the Victoria Sampler Chat Group on Facebook. 

Thea Dueck (owner of The Victoria Sampler) is going to release the pattern over four weeks and we can stitch along as each section gets released.

There are no recommended linens or threads, so everyone's bookmarks will be quite different.

I chose some mauve linen that I had left over from my Sardinian knotwork piece (pattern by Yvette Stanton). 

I'm using some of the threads left over from my Haunted House - also by The Victoria Sampler.

Which of ...

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More Cross Stitch Patterns from Kitty and Me Designs

I'm little by little re-publishing some of my cross stitch patterns.  It's tedious but eventually I'll get them all done and available again.  And, there will be new designs soon!!!

For now, I just released the Crinoline Ladies:

Cross Stitch Crinoline Ladies
And the Autumn Cat:

Cross Stitch Autumn Cat
If you missed these, they are available as both professionally printed lealets and as Instant Digital Downloads in my Magcloud store:

And my Etsy shop:

I'm also in the process of revamping my blog a ...

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September 11, 2018
The Never Ending Sampler Leaflets and PDF Downloads from Kitty and Me Designs

As per several requests, I have made the 1st Panels of The Never Ending Sampler available in full as both professionally printed leaflets and Instant PDF Downloads!

The Never Ending Sampler Panel 1

The Never Ending Sampler Panel 2

The Never Ending Sampler Panel 3

If you're enjoying this project but prefer to work the samplers as a whole, rather than doing this as a stitch along, you can order either print versions or Instant PDF downloads from my Magcloud store:

Or my Etsy shop:

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Getting Caught Up....... from Quilting My Way

This morning I was up shortly after Patrick left. I had a phone call. I called the number back and it sounded like a kid - so guessing they dialed the wrong number and he/she was calling his/her parents. Wasn't too thrilled to get a call that early but all's good.

 I called Faye about going to the Museum tomorrow to see if we can get a group for QOV in there. That way we won't have to go 45 mins once a month to a meeting. Plus we can get more personal down here. The ...

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September 9, 2018
Another Double Day from Quilting My Way

Yesterday started out with quilting at moms. There were 5 of us. I was able to get more quilting done on Katt's black and white quilt. It's about half way now. I'm really excited about getting more done.

I left moms around 2 pm. I had to stop and get some stuff at Walmart. I bought Sophie some dishes for her food. Then I also go a bug for her to play with. She loved it!

Patrick made it home and then we were off to the casino. The good news is that we made some money ...

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September 7, 2018
Had A Day To Myself For A While! from Quilting My Way

This morning I enjoyed being able to sleep. I didn't have anyone to bug me and I didn't have to be on a time frame. Love that!

So, I got a few things done. I cooked another apple sauce. It turned out really good. And it was even better for supper.

I did work on my cross stitching, and even pulled a WIP out to work on.

I pulled out my 4 Season's to work on. I wanted to get going on it. So, I started working on the parts that I didn't do a couple ...

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September 5, 2018
QOV Meeting Day from Quilting My Way

Today I was up early and ready to go.....or I thought. I looked up at the time and had 45 mins to get to Olympia. That didn't include stopping at the bank to deposit some money....

So, I arrived right on time! I was able to find a seat and was surprised at how many showed up today. Then I realized they were presenting 2 quilts today. That was hard on me. I cried through both of them, remember dad. Both of the men who got the quilts, had served from 21 to 30 years in the military ...

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September 4, 2018
Instant Digital PDF Downloads from Kitty and Me Designs

Thought I'd let you know that I'm little by little making my Cross Stitch designs available on Etsy as Instant Digital PDF Downloads.

I just added these Inspirational Samplers yesterday:

Find them on Etsy at

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Movie Day from Quilting My Way

Today I was able to sleep in, after I made Patrick shut his phone off. He has reminders on Monday that start at 7 am! He sets it for his meetings on Monday. He didn't want to go shut if off, but I told him before he came back to bed to go shut it off.

After enjoying sleeping in, I was up and ready to go. We went to the movie "Stinking Rich Asians." I saw JoAnn from quilting there too! It was really good  A love story, and there were only 2 guys in the theater! lol ...

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September 3, 2018
Spent The Day With Mom At Our House from Quilting My Way

Today I really, really, wanted to sleep in. I got to for a little bit....and then the phone dings with a text!!! Oh, and more came as the time went on.  Which means I needed to get up. Annndddd I really wanted to sleep.

I was up and getting a few things picked up. I noticed the house was really looking bad and mom was coming over. So, I started laundry and got a few things done. Then I worked on the Danish Pastries.

I forgot to take a photo after they came out of the oven. This is ...

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September 2, 2018
Halloween Crazy Quilt Pillow from Kitty and Me Designs

It's a little challenging to do crazy quilting where I am at the moment.  I just don't have the space to spread out.  Despite the challenge, I've been wanting to make something happy for my cousin Kim.  She too has had her share of stress these last few years.

Kim loves Halloween so I started out my making a small cross stitch Halloween piece.  The design is by The Prairie Schooler and I think it's from a few years back.  Anyway, I pieced a 9 inch block in happy orange colors and appliqued the cross stitch ...

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September 1, 2018
A Good Friday from Quilting My Way

Today I decided I wouldn't go to moms. I just wanted to enjoy the day to myself. Lately, I'm getting selfish with my time. Probably won't have it when Patrick retires in 9 months. So, I need to enjoy as much as I can before then.

I played some games this morning. I enjoyed time with Sophie as well. Worked on laundry and slowly getting caught up.

Then in the afternoon I decided to work on my cross stitching instead of working on the genealogy.

I finished up the checker board quilt design. At least I think ...

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August 30, 2018
Never Ending Sampler Complete Panel 3 Band 16 from Kitty and Me Designs

This is it everyone!  The final band for Panel 3 of the Never Ending Sampler:

Here is Band 16 by itself:

It's a simple little snowflake border worked in cross stitches and straight stitches.

Here it is with the overlap for placement purposes:

Next week, I'll talk about Panel 4 which will be a little different the first 3 Panels.

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Spent The Day With Mom - Made English Muffins from Quilting My Way

This morning I was up early so I could get to moms early. I stopped and got us both some tea. Then I arrived to mom getting her feet being worked on. I had to wait because they then went to another neighbors house so he could get his feet done too.

While mom was away, I got the counter cleaned off and ready for baking. I then started working on the recipe by putting the dry ingredients in a bowl. When mom arrived, we finished added the rest and I taught mom how to knead. She did pretty good ...

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August 28, 2018
Never Ending Sampler Panel 3 Band 15 from Kitty and Me Designs

We're nearing the end of Panel 3 of the Never Ending Sampler.  I think we've been working on this for 2 years now, right?  Lot's more to go!  But for now, I have Band #15.

First, the entire Panel 3 sampler so far:

I'm sure you can see the Four Seasons "theme" that I worked in to this panel!!!

Here is Band 15 by itself:

Simple cross stitches and straight stitches create the snowflakes!

Here is Band 15 with the band 14 overlap for placement purposes:

There will be 1 more band on this Panel and ...

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Our Embroidery Meeting Day from Quilting My Way

Today I really didn't want to get out of bed, but I did. I needed to get ready for our Brazilian embroidery group. I had the egg cartons ready for Sandy. I got my stuff together and was out the door a little late. Partly because I called the dentist to set an appointment to find out what was so painful in my mouth

I arrived before Sandy (1). Sandy (2) was already there with Pat and another gal that comes round during the summer time We had a good meeting and we are thinking of advertising for Rita ...

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August 27, 2018
We Started Bowling Today! from Quilting My Way

Today was one of those days of relaxing! A day I really enjoy!

Started out with getting up and playing a few games. Then when Patrick finally got up (because he got a call), the day got going.

I took a couple apples from outside and made an "Apple Pull Bread" that took some time. Patrick needed the oven for his roast, but we worked it out. Not only was the roast cooking, so was my bread. It turned out pretty good. I didn't have much, but will have some in the morning for breakfast.

While that was going ...

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