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October 16, 2018
Today Was One of Those Fast Day from Quilting My Way

When I mean fast, I mean the day flew by. I started out early and ended up slowing down just after supper time. I couldn't believe my day!!

It all started out with getting up at 7 am to be at the doctors by 8 am. Trouble was, I thought I was due at the appointment at 8:45 am instead of 8 am. Then my phone went off, and I checked the calendar to see that I got the 2 appointments wrong!! I looked at the one for next week. UGH. I wanted to get my packages packed ...

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October 11, 2018
A Quiet Day from Quilting My Way

Today I enjoyed not having to get up early today. I was up even though I didn't have to rush.

I got up and played a few games. Then I got my laundry going, cleaned up a mess in the kitchen - which I made. lol

Then I took the afternoon to work on my stitching.

I was able to get a lot done. Not near what I wanted but it's getting there. I'm hoping to start on this months tomorrow or Friday.

I called Judy for the QOV quilt batting and backing. She called me back to ...

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October 4, 2018
Our First Meeting Of Our New Group In QO from Quilting My Way

I was up and out the door. I had to get my blood drown and then get gas. I didn't want to go see mom, since I had to do that tomorrow. After gas, I treated myself to Chai Tea. Next stop was Staples to get a thumb drive for us to pass around with the information we are doing for QOV.

Once all that was done, it was time to go to the Veteran's Memorial Museum. I arrived early to chat with Chip. I showed him the logo Phil is working on for our labels. We talked ...

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October 2, 2018
A Day Of Baking And Stitching from Quilting My Way

This morning I enjoyed being able to sleep in - which I actually did! I didn't get moving till around 10 am this morning. The rest of the week will be a little different. 

Once I did get moving, I started working on my ciabatta bread. I'm so in love with that stuff! My bread baking is getting to be really, really good lately. 

I made a few for sandwiches. We actually had sandwiches for supper. Then Patrick goes and eats one of my sandwich rolls for his jam! Which means the roll ended up going in the freezer ...

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September 29, 2018
Have You Had A Day Of Not Finding Things? I DID from Quilting My Way

This morning I enjoyed the chance to sleep in. Trouble was, I couldn't sleep in. Sophie came charging into the room and meowing at me. Guess she expected me to get up.

I got moving on getting the kitchen floor mopped. Sophie had to watch me sweep and mop the floor. Guess she saw something to go after. Who knows. About that time mom called. She wanted to know what I was going to do today. Told her I was going to work on that box I have downstairs. She said she wanted to come over and cut out ...

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September 27, 2018
Baked Bread, Cross Stitching, And Bowling from Quilting My Way

What a day. It started out with baking bread and ended up with bowling. Guess I can call this a success of a least I can hope it is.

This morning I woke early and enjoyed playing a few games while laying in bed before moving. I only did that for about a half hour, but it still felt good. Sophie really didn't want me getting up. While I was making the bed, she was letting me know she didn't want to move. When I moved her around, she would tuck her head around letting me ...

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September 17, 2018
Relaxing Day....And Then There Was Bowling from Quilting My Way

Today I slept in longer than Patrick. That really surprised me. Usually I'm up way before he is. But I put my "blinders" on at 5 am and went back to sleep.

We pretty much had a relaxing day. We watched TV and Netflix.

I made a plum tart today. It had marzipan in it. Patrick went to the store and bought it for me. Then I made the tart. I guess I'm still one of those that doesn't like fruit pies, and having this as a tart wasn't any better. I really didn't care ...

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September 11, 2018
Getting Caught Up....... from Quilting My Way

This morning I was up shortly after Patrick left. I had a phone call. I called the number back and it sounded like a kid - so guessing they dialed the wrong number and he/she was calling his/her parents. Wasn't too thrilled to get a call that early but all's good.

 I called Faye about going to the Museum tomorrow to see if we can get a group for QOV in there. That way we won't have to go 45 mins once a month to a meeting. Plus we can get more personal down here. The ...

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September 9, 2018
Another Double Day from Quilting My Way

Yesterday started out with quilting at moms. There were 5 of us. I was able to get more quilting done on Katt's black and white quilt. It's about half way now. I'm really excited about getting more done.

I left moms around 2 pm. I had to stop and get some stuff at Walmart. I bought Sophie some dishes for her food. Then I also go a bug for her to play with. She loved it!

Patrick made it home and then we were off to the casino. The good news is that we made some money ...

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September 7, 2018
Had A Day To Myself For A While! from Quilting My Way

This morning I enjoyed being able to sleep. I didn't have anyone to bug me and I didn't have to be on a time frame. Love that!

So, I got a few things done. I cooked another apple sauce. It turned out really good. And it was even better for supper.

I did work on my cross stitching, and even pulled a WIP out to work on.

I pulled out my 4 Season's to work on. I wanted to get going on it. So, I started working on the parts that I didn't do a couple ...

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August 16, 2018
Middle of The Week! from Quilting My Way

I had a hard time getting up this morning. Part of that I think was because of the pills I took at 4 am. If I had read it right last night, I would have read the part, "Do not lay down for 10 mins after taking," and I just went straight back to bed.

Cherry called and wanted to have tea. I loved the idea and went over. I enjoyed a couple hours with her. She showed me a book that her mother gave her. It was old and had beautiful hand writing about laws in MO. There were ...

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August 15, 2018
A Day Of Catching Up from Quilting My Way

Today I enjoyed being able to sleep in. I'm not looking forward to Thursday. Maybe that's why I want to stay home for awhile. I'm not really in the mood to chat with friends right now. I tend to want to be alone at times.

At least I do have Sophie to enjoy!

She wanted to sit with me part of the day. I actually enjoyed it. BUT when it started getting hot, I would have rather she went back on the floor. She has her TLC moments.

Right now she's waiting on Patrick to shine ...

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August 14, 2018
Visited With Mom After Brazilian Embroidery from Quilting My Way

Today was a good day. I was able to get a visit in with my Brazilian embroidery gals and then with mom. It's a good day when things seem to run together well.

It started out with getting my stuff together to take to mom's. Then my Three Wishes piece needed to be ready to take to the meeting. I went and collected the beads as well.

I finished the top flower set and started the one on the bottom. I'm almost done and ready to work on the base of the "coffee pot" which I call ...

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August 13, 2018
A Quiet Day FINALLY! from Quilting My Way

The good thing about today - we didn't need to go anywhere or do anything! I love those kinda days. Plus I think Sophie was happy that we stayed home.

Most of the day was getting caught up on the yard (Patrick's job), and laundry (my job). I got everything going...still need to do more laundry. I'm working on it....not my favorite thing to do, but I know it needs to be done.

I did enjoy a few more shows that I had taped while we were gone. I didn't watch Netflix today, but I ...

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July 23, 2018
What Is It About Biking..... from Quilting My Way

This morning Patrick woke and decided we would go biking. On top of that we needed to go shopping, and I needed to get my blueberries picked. It was going to be an interesting day!

So, we headed over to Tenino WA where the bike trail starts (or ends depending on where your going). We had the bikes loaded in the van. It was time to get ready and take off.....It started out as usually because I haven't been biking in a year. It was hard to get the legs going. I did pretty good. We did have ...

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July 22, 2018
Day For A Movie from Quilting My Way

Today we were woken by Sophie. She wanted us up. lol I enjoyed some time with Sophie while Patrick slept.

I added some dirt to the plant I picked up from Church when I had Brazilian embroidery on Monday. Then I took a couple of my other plants and combined them. I had a couple scraggly looking plants, and since they are the same, I potted them together. Now I have better plants in the house. I had to water all my plants this morning. Some were dry and others were still wet. Never could figure that part out.

We ...

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July 20, 2018
Three Is A Charm! Ripping Out My Work! from Quilting My Way

Today was another one of those days. I enjoyed the morning with Sophie. She was a kick today.

She wanted her TLC this morning.

So, we enjoyed each other a good amount of time.

It was time to go get my "crown" put on my tooth. Not happy about that. It was put on, but I'm a little sore. Trouble is I can't tell if it's too high or not because I don't have other teeth next to it to figure out. It makes things interesting when it comes to eating. Oh, well.

Came home after ...

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July 19, 2018
Yesterday And Today....................................... from Quilting My Way

Okay, I got carried away and didn't post yesterday, so, I guess I'll do it now.

Yesterday I spent the day with mom. We went to her Tuesday quilt group till about noon. Then we went out to lunch. While we were at the meeting, I worked on one of my "Baltimore Liberty" blocks. I got several leaves done. I do need to get another leaf cut out and get my stems ready so I can work on the block some more.

These were Norma Nelson's friendship blocks that she got back from the quilters. There are ...

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July 17, 2018
BE Meeting And Cross Stitching from Quilting My Way

This morning was our BFF (BE meeting) day. I was all ready to go. Called Cherry to see if she was going. She was waiting on the guys that do her yardwork. They hadn't arrived yet.

So, I headed out to our meeting. Got there on time, and only Pat was there. It turned out to be just the two of us. I said we could wait till 10 am and then she could go home. She leaves about 2 hours north and she was tired after having her granddaughter for a week. No one showed up, so we ...

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July 13, 2018
One Of Those LAZY Dayx! from Quilting My Way

Okay, I know we all have those days. You know what I'm talking about. Those days you don't feel like doing much at all. So we sit and watch TV or play games. We don't feel like doing much else. Well, today was my day. I didn't feel like doing ANYTHING!

So, I played a game, then Cherry called to say she was ready to walk at 10 am. So, we walked, and ran into one of our neighbors. That took time too. After that we were back to walking but didn't get all 4 ...

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