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April 13, 2021
Crazy Quilt Course Task 11 from Quilt Paint Create

After some epic procrastination, I finished task 11, the iris and hyacinth cluster.

I’m embarrassed to admit it wasn’t that hard and didn’t take a lot of time. I just couldn’t face another task of silk ribbon embroidery. A couple weeks off helped put it in perspective. I like stitching with silk ribbon, but it can be fussy beyond the limits of my patience.

Only one more task to go. I believe the last task involves a lot of beading.

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April 5, 2021
April 2021 Short List from Quilt Paint Create

I finished the bunny runner last month, which was my OMG. It felt good to finally get one done. I also finished the star blocks (January OMG).

I have a couple more projects close to done and one small start. I’d be thrilled to get all three of those finished in April.

The Short List categories are UFO, garment, original design, hand work, finishing, classes and other. I’ve used this system for 6+ years to keep me focused. The categories change as my goals and interests change. Categories with nothing in process will not be listed, only active ...

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March 25, 2021
Hand Work Update from Quilt Paint Create

I’ve made some progress on both of my slow stitching projects.

I finished task #10 on the Crazy Quilting Course.

I have two more tasks to go to finish the course.

The Christmas Eve cross stitch is in the home stretch.

The tree branches will extend further over the houses. The backstitching is complete from the right side to the middle. There isn’t a lot of backstitch in this chart. The design has a softer look.

Once a project gets this close to done I tend to sit down and power through it, just to move on to ...

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March 12, 2021
Crazy Quilt Course Update from Quilt Paint Create

The struggle is real.

Progress continues slowly. I finished task #8, and everyone was right. The needle makes a huge difference when stitching bullion knots.

I had a delay on task #9 because I didn’t have silk ribbon. I had to order it and wait for it to arrive, which happened a lot faster than I expected. Task #9 went quickly.

Now that I see task #10, I’m a little worried I didn’t order enough silk ribbon. In hindsight, I should have bought 5 yards of white so I could paint the colors I needed beyond the ...

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March 7, 2021
My Crazy Tulip Patch from Stitchin at Home

This week's Project QUILTING challenge is You're Crazy, which is inspired by the late 1800s “crazy quilt” movement.

I am not into crazy quilting at all. Plus a couple years ago I cleaned out fabric that I was no longer interested in ie: velvet. So my take on the crazy quilting challenge has a more modern feel to it. 
I first made a small crazy patch using my scraps of quilting cotton.

my rotrary cutting mat is not in the best of shape as you can see in this picture, this is my second one and I will ...

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February 21, 2021
Sunday Stash February 21, 2021 from Quilt Paint Create

Still working on the crazy quilt course.

Still not using fabric.

I have one more motif to stitch to finish task #8. It uses padded satin stitch, which is new to me, and bullion stitch, which is not my friend. There is tutorial watching on today’s agenda.

I usually take a break and spend quality time with my sewing machine between tasks. Only four more tasks after this one.

Net Fabric Used: 0

How did you do this week?

1 Julie in GA

2 maggie f

3 Marti

4 Chrisknits

5 Meloney

6 Beth

7 Stitching Loving Nana

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February 11, 2021
Crazy Quilt Course Task #7 from Quilt Paint Create

Another task done.

This one stitched up quicker because I didn’t have to search for my supplies, there was less stitching and I was familiar with the stitches. The purple curve is done with a boatload of very tiny chain stitches. The pink curve is stem stitch.

Task #8 includes my nemesis, bullion stitch flowers. I may have to practice before I add them to the class piece. This project uses cotton rather than rayon floss, which I hope decreases the difficulty.

I’m keeping an open mind.

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February 7, 2021
Sunday Stash February 7, 2021 from Quilt Paint Create

Once again my progress was limited to the Basic Crazy Quilting Course. I finished task #6, embroidering over seams with pearl cotton.

The threads are vintage, picked up at an auction many years ago. I bought a bin of threads, magazines and various bedroom linens with embroidery patterns ranging from not started to almost finished. Thank goodness I had it because it was the only #8 pearl cotton in my stash.

All that fussing around to get straight, even stitches took time. I believe the embroidery continues in lesson #7.

Net Fabric Used: 0

How did you do this week ...

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February 4, 2021
February 2021 Short List from Quilt Paint Create

January turned into one of those months when a whole lot of nothing got done. Best to put it behind me and move on.

Last month I talked about limiting active sewing projects to two, avoiding overwhelm. That didn’t happen either. Projects are everywhere. Again. I have a variety of projects to enjoy, depending on my mood.

The Short List categories are UFO, garment, original design, hand work, finishing, classes and other. I’ve used this system for 6+ years to keep me focused. The categories change as my goals and interests change. Categories with nothing in process will ...

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January 31, 2021
Sunday Stash January 31, 2021 from Quilt Paint Create

No fabric in or out this week. This is my most boring stash year ever.

Thanks to everyone for all the good wishes last week. I’m finally feeling better and working on my projects again. It feels good to be sewing and stitching.

I finished the task #5 in my Crazy Quilting class.

I haven’t received the next task yet. Today I will work on the star blocks that I intended to finish this month. That definitely won’t happen.

Net Fabric Used: 0

How did you do this week?

1 Chrisknits

2 Julie in GA

3 maggie ...

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January 24, 2021
Sunday Stash January 24, 2021 from Quilt Paint Create

Little involving fabric happened here this week.

I managed to get a freak infection that both blurred my vision and made sitting anywhere near a light extremely uncomfortable, all while feeling fine. Things are returning to normal, but there were many hours of sitting in the dark doing nothing.

Yesterday I finished task #4 in the Crazy Quilting class. My base block is sewn together on a foundation and framed for stitching.

I’m many tasks behind most of the class, hanging out with the stragglers at the rear. Maybe this week I can catch up a bit.

Net Fabric ...

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January 17, 2021
Sunday Stash January 17, 2021 from Quilt Paint Create

Nothing new to report.

I had two meeting nights and two doctor visits this week which kept me busy. I finished the next task in my Crazy Quilting class, a mock up of the class block, but nothing else.

Tomorrow I hope to sew it together, among other things.

Welcome to everyone that joined us last week. I love seeing your projects and watching you use that stash. The more, the merrier.

I’m way behind on comments, but I do read them and respond. That will be another goal over the next few days.

Net Fabric Used: 0

How ...

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January 10, 2021
Sunday Stash January 10, 2021 from Quilt Paint Create

No fabric movement this week. My first finish this year will be a long time coming.

I pulled fabrics for my crazy quilt class.

This class runs differently than any other I have taken. Participants must post each assignment to the class blog. The teacher comments on your post and emails you the next assignment. If you don’t finish the assignment and post pictures, you don’t get the rest of the class. Talk about motivation to do the assignments!

The next assignment is a fabric mock up using the project template.

Net Fabric Used: 0

How did you ...

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January 7, 2021
Basic Crazy Quilting Course from Quilt Paint Create

Just a quick post to share that registration is open for Kathy Shaw’s Basic Crazy Quilting Course. You complete the class at your own pace. Kathy teaches a lot of different crazy quilting and embroidery classes, but you have to take this course before you can enroll in any of the others. All her classes are free, and there is no requirement to buy books, templates or any other supplies.

Enrollment is open through January 7th. I don’t know when she will offer the class next. Last year she offered it at this time and again in ...

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November 5, 2020
Crazy Quilt Magazine by Lisa P. Boni from Kitty and Me Designs

Just wanted to post a review of the new Crazy Quilt Magazine by Lisa P. Boni.  As you know, Lisa took over the magazine and is now the new owner/editor/publisher and she did an amazing job on her Premier issue which is all about Sparkle!

Lisa's cover artist is Helen White with her Northern Canadian Winter block.  Lovely color combo!

Also in this issue is a good article on photographing Crazy Quilts which I can tell you from my own experience, that it is a challenge!

Margreet De Reus shares her Crazy Quilt Clock and Betty Pillsbury ...

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February 15, 2020
Pincushions from Thread Head

I belong to Kathleen Tracy's (from A Sentimental Quilter) online group called Small Quilt Talk. For Valentine's Day there was a pincushion challenge. I made a little crazy quilt heart out of some leftover French General fabric, and an old key with a heart shaped opening.

I used a piece of wire so that the pincushion could hang up - let's be honest it is more of an ornament than a practical pincushion.

It is an addition to my other pincushions I have made over the years. The oldest one is the felt one with my initials that ...

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January 30, 2020
Crazy Quilt Quarterly Magazine Spring 2020 from Kitty and Me Designs

The Spring 2020 issue of Crazy Quilt Quarterly Magazine is now available:

Spring has arrived and soon we’ll hear the lovely sound of the robins singing their beautiful song!

This issue is filled with wonderful projects to inspire your crazy quilting muse. First, our cover artist is the very talented Stephanie Novatski. She has graciouly given us a tutorial for making one of her beautiful dolls!!

Also in this issue is one of Di Van Niekerk’s projects worked by Patricia Jordan. Carmen Huggins shares the story of Ursula. A textile art project comes to us from Margaret Rolfe ...

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November 23, 2019
McHenry Historical Crazy Quilt Block #20 from Kitty and Me Designs

Another block for the Mchenry Historical Crazy Quilt - this is the Samantha Button house built in 1854 and located on Waukegan St. Again I couldn't find a historical photo so I grabbed a screenshot from Google earth and oldened it in Photoshop.

Samantha Button was the daughter of William McCollom one of the very earliest settlers to McHenry Illinois. She was born in 1830 and came to Mchenry with her family in 1834. The only building in town was a log cabin located on the present site of The Riverside Hotel.

Her family continued west and made their ...

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November 7, 2019
The McHenry Historical Crazy Quilt Block 19 from Kitty and Me Designs

This not a great photo but I've complete block #19 of my McHenry Historical Crazy Quilt:

I finished it yesterday and it was rather cloudy and dreary so the colors are a bit off.

This is the Methodist church on Main and Center St. in McHenry, Illinois.  The original Methodist church was on Elm St. This is the 2nd church. It was built in 1859.

I couldn't locate a vintage photo of it so I grabbed a screenshot from Google Earth and "oldened" it in Photoshop.  It took me awhile to age the photo.  There are electric lines ...

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October 30, 2019
Crazy Quilt Quarterly Magazine Winter 2019 from Kitty and Me Designs

The Winter 2019 issue of Crazy Quilt Quarterly magazine is now available!

"Another Winter is upon us. It’s time to cozy up in our favorite corner with a cup of hot tea, our favorite movie and our stitching projects.

Our cover artist is the one and only Suzy Quaife! Who doesn’t love her work?! Pamela Cowen shares her first crazy quilt and Shirlee Fassell writes about her recent Crazy Quilt Retreat experience with us.

Don’t miss Susan Sato’s Living Crazy Quilt and Connie Eyberg’s 20th Century Fashion Crazy Quilt.

Heather Mantz has won some ribbons ...

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