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September 11, 2019
Cranked Socks from Becca's Crazy Projects

It's been a couple weeks without any socks. This post will be full of them. These were made with Corrie Sock SW Wool/Nylon from Flying Goat Farm. The colorway is Fire Opal.
These were made using a sock kit from Brediculous Yarns. I'm head over heels for sock kits right now. I made the heel by switching to the contrast yarn a couple rows before the heel turn, then continuing a couple rows after the heel was completed. I think this will work great for striped socks, too.
This pair was made with a fun colorway called ...

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July 24, 2019
Circular Sock Knitting - Cast-on Bonnet from Becca's Crazy Projects

Getting started with sock knitting: Cast-on bonnet

I wanted to make a cast-on bonnet for my Erlbacher Gearhart circular sock knitting machine. This is a great first project that will teach loads of skills.

With this first project I learned:
  • how to attach the set up bonnet, 
  • knit onto waste yarn, 
  • adjust tension to avoid dropped stitches, 
  • switch to project yarn, 
  • again adjust tension, 
  • transfer stitches for the picot edge, 
  • pick up and hang a hem without dropping stitches, 
  • transfer stitches and pull needles to switch to the mock 1x1 rib, 
  • bind off with a crochet chain,
  • how to set ...

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