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April 4, 2020
FREE Face Mask Sewing Tutorial with Straps & Size Options from Fat Quarter Shop's Jolly Jabber

We received a lot of comments requesting another tutorial for a face mask using straps instead of elastic so here ya go! Using the same construction as the previous tutorial, we just added an extra step. Again, the double layer of fabric creates an opening for inserting a filter for added protection.

This mask is NOT medical grade but there is evidence showing that it can help reduce the spread of germs.  If you would like to donate masks to medical centers locally, we recommend that you contact them beforehand and ask what requirements need to be met. Some need ...

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March 31, 2020
TENIAMOCI PER MANO from appunti patch

Ieri notte non riuscivo a dormire e mi sono ricordata di quando nel 2009 avevamo già provato a tenerci per mano tutte insieme e di quando dicevo a mio figlio piccolo "dormi che poi arriva Superman e risolve tutto".
Adesso l'Italia avrebbe bisogno di essere presa in braccio nel frattempo teniamoci per mano virtualmente.

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March 30, 2020
Not Your Typical Monday Quilt Post from Humble Quilts

Working on some binding this weekend and got a pucker where I joined the 2 ends. I thought I could get away with it, in the end the seam ripper won and I'm much happier with it. 
I've been getting out everyday to a local trail system that is usually very quiet- I rarely pass anyone and if I do, they won't be giving me the virus!

I think they are calling this the boneyard.

You can see Elsa up ahead of me on the trail. She loves it!

Now for some funnies I've seen lately ...

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March 25, 2020
COVID-19 got you down: 7 actions you can take now from Professional Quilter

Last week I wrote about “Business as Unusual.”

We are in uncharted waters. More of us are now under self-quarantine or shelter-in-place rules. Those of you who aren’t, you likely will be at some point. This is serious times.

Artists tend to look for ways they can help. As a quilter, I’ve seen the masses of textile folks make masks for hospitals and healthcare workers. You can find numerous resources online, particularly on YouTube. One resource I’ve found a good place to start is the page put together by artist, photographer, and writer Gloria Hansen. In addition ...

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March 24, 2020
FREE Face Mask Sewing Tutorial with Hair Ties & Size Options from Fat Quarter Shop's Jolly Jabber

It’s time to come together and use our gift of sewing to pay it forward during these difficult times. We have come up with a FREE tutorial for you to make a face mask out of our favorite precut, Jolly Bars! However this project can be made using any of your scraps in hopes that you can use it or donate to those in need. Since elastic has been in short supply, this one uses hair ties, which you might have at home. The double layer of fabric creates an opening for inserting a filter for added protection.

This ...

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When Life Gives us Lemons.... from Val's Quilting Studio

Each morning....

...and throughout the afternoons....
I'm feeding my body with the:
Image result for benefits of lemons

When Life Give Us Lemons...

...take control of the things we can! Green tea with a twist of lemon has always been an afternoon treat...but I've been remotivated to get back to my daily juicing routine too. It feels good to be feeding my body with nutrients that will build my immune system. Along with being intentional about what I put in my body, I'm also boosting my immune system by reducing the stress of the Coronavirues impact on our daily life by limiting ...

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How to Make a Mask WITHOUT Elastic from Quilt Addicts Anonymous

Thanks to the outpouring of support from the sewing community in the effort to make masks, elastic is now hard to come by. The four main distributors to quilt shops in the U.S. are all out and it is going to be a bit before they can get more.

So I created this video to show you how to convert ANY mask pattern that uses elastic into one that uses ties. The first half goes through the steps you need to take to convert the standard surgical style mask from elastic to ties.

The second goes over how to ...

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How To Make a Face Mask – And the Research Behind it from Where Art & Life Meet

I spent this past weekend researching and making face masks. I wanted to read as much as I could on the efficacy of face masks, since we’ve been given a great deal of differing opinions. When the U.S. began talking about COVID19 it was generally advised that we not buy and wear face masks. It… Continue reading How To Make a Face Mask – And the Research Behind it

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March 22, 2020
Checking in.... from Val's Quilting Studio

A New Way of Wine Tasting....I Guess. 

A week ago, our Sunday Wine Tasting included a drive in the country....
 ...which led us to a secluded vineyard tucked between the Idaho mountains.
We enjoyed  sampling a delicious variety of cheeses and wines.

Now I'm contemplating if this is what our next excursion may look like!  
(The closet and bathroom literally crack me up!! 
But I guess if I had kids at home I maaayyy have done this??? LOL!!!)

I started "Spring Break" from school this weekend, after, like so many of you I'm sure, a week of ...

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Vlog: Moving our shop into our dining room to shelter in place … We are still shipping! from Quilt Addicts Anonymous

As of 5 p.m. last night Illinois is a shelter in place state and all residents are to stay in their homes and non-essential businesses are to close for two weeks starting tomorrow.

We got a heads up that this was coming late last Thursday night and immediately put into motion efforts that will allow us to keep shipping to you through this time. We turned on the cameras as we prepped to take you along with our journey.

Working in conjunction with our fabulous fabric manufacturers and distributors, we were able to place orders for the next month ...

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March 18, 2020
Business as Unusual from Professional Quilter

We are in the midst of unprecedented times. You’re watching the news for the latest information from the CDC and from local and national authorities about COVID-19.

I really am at a loss for good words. We are not going about our daily lives in the same manner. Some of you are quarantined. Schools, stores, and churches are closed. Restaurants and gathering places are closed. We aren’t really sure when they will open.

All of us who can are practicing social distancing. A new concept.

I’m trying to be more grateful than usual. Grateful that I’m ...

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March 17, 2020
IL MOSTRO CORONAVIRUS from appunti patch

Ciao oggi vi racconto che...

vedendo i disegni che i bimbi del mio condominio hanno appeso fuori dalle porte, ho voluto scrivere la prima parte di una storia vera, la fine la scriveremo INSIEME.

Questa narrazione che leggerete, non è una favola, è una storia vera iniziata nel mese di febbraio del 2020.
Era appena trascorso il carnevale e dopo aver sistemato nei cassetti le maschere, uomini, donne e bambini continuavano a vivere più o meno felicemente in un mondo molto frettoloso,
un mondo globalizzato dove le idee, i contatti virtuali, gli scambi volavano da una parte all’altra in ...

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