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February 10, 2019
Magnificent Mini’s from If These Threads Could Talk

The products shown in this post were given to me by Island Batik.

Magnificent Minis

Our assignment for February was to create a “Magnificent Mini” using any technique we chose.  The only criteria was the size: 24″ x 24″ or smaller.  It seems I’m always collecting quilt blocks for hearts and Christmas Trees. The first thing I do is fire up my EQ8 and start drawing.

Last year I made a heart mug rug.  The drawing above consists of mirror image split rects and two squares that have had the corners popped using Studio 180 Design Split Rects & Corner Pop tools ...

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October 11, 2018
Rainbow Serenade Quilt Along Week 3 from Quilting Affection

Week 3 is here in the Rainbow Serenade Quilt Along.   Here is Week 3's Video:

Last time, we were preparing for Units 2 and 3, steps 1-3.  Today, we will be finishing up the final couple steps.

I want to start by saying this is a very complicated pattern to write and I had several testers on this pattern, and even the testers could get caught all the errors.  As I was making the final steps for this QAL, I notice some pressing mistakes in Step 3 that I would like to point out for the Small HST Triangles ...

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September 27, 2018
Rainbow Serenade Quilt Along Week 2 from Quilting Affection

How did you do with Week 1, in the Rainbow Serenade, did you get your units finished?  If you missed Week 1, you can read about it here.

In Week 2, of the Rainbow Serenade QAL, we are starting on Unit 2 and 3, working on only Steps 1 - 3.  We will be leaving Steps 4 and 5 for the next part of the QAL. 

You can watch the Video below:

In Week 2, we start with Step 1 for Unit 2 and 3, and the making of more Half Square Triangles. Remember, you don't have to Trim at ...

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September 13, 2018
Rainbow Serenade Quilt Along Week 1 from Quilting Affection

On Tuesday, I started the Rainbow Serenade QAL, on Facebook Live. I have included the video to go along with this blog post.

The Rainbow Serenade QAL is here, to get this started I have a couple of things you should take note of before starting your Rainbow Serenade.

  1. Be sure to read the instructions before starting
  2. Pressing, be sure to follow your pattern pressing directions, or you can press your seams open. You choose!
  3. Pay Attention to your units and their directions they should be placed according to the charts in the pattern.
  4. Understand your Tucker Trimmer® and Corner ...

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August 23, 2018
Studio 180 Design Corner Pop Tool! from Quilting Affection

This week’s Quilt Talk Tuesday continued getting you ready for the Rainbow Serenade QAL which starts September 11th. The focus was to give you a better understanding of the Studio 180 Design Corner Pop® Tool and to provide a sneak peek to one of the units, you will be making in the QAL. 

The Studio 180 Design Corner Pop® tool is an excellent tool for adding fabric corners to basic shapes and blocks successfully every time.  The tool was designed to give you perfect filled four corners with less waste.  You can apply this tool to any unit or ...

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August 16, 2018
Getting To Know the Studio 180 Design Tucker Trimmer! from Quilting Affection

This week on Quilt Talk Tuesday, I had a discussion on "Getting to Know the Studio 180 Design Tucker Trimmer® 1 tool.  The discussion was to prepare you for the upcoming Rainbow Serenade QAL.

The Studio 180 Design Tucker Trimmer® 1 is a versatile tool, you can make up to 11 different size block from 1" to 6".  You can make the following units from this tool: Half Square Triangles, Combination, and Quarter Squares.  You can also make Shaded 4 Patches and Shaded 8 Patches using this tool. Note, the technique sheet is sold separately.   The Studio 180 Design Tucker ...

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August 9, 2018
Rainbow Serenade QAL Coming Soon! from Quilting Affection

Yesterday, I announced during my weekly Facebook Live Series "Quilt Talk Tuesday," that I will be hosting a Quilt Along starting September 11th.

The Quilt Along is based on my newest pattern "Rainbow Serenade."  The Rainbow Serenade Pattern may look complicated but is quite Simple to assemble. The pattern uses a combination of Half Square Triangles and Combinations units, then finishing off with a little Corner Pop to complete the easy units. This pattern was designed to use the Studio 180 Design Tucker Trimmer® 1 and the Corner Pop tools. When complete the quilt measures 60" x 60", which great ...

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July 3, 2018
A Field of Popped ‘V’s” from If These Threads Could Talk


The Island Batik Ambassador’s Challenge for July is “Pattern Play, Secondary Pattern”.  I chose a simple design using BlockBuster  18 A Popped V  pattern from Deb Tucker which uses Studio 180 Design V Block & Corner Pop tool and the Side Kick High/Low technique sheet.


Last year I made four Popped V blocks and loved the secondary pattern that came from putting together the blocks.  Notice the nice sharp points?


I love my bright orange & green Island Batik fabrics.  But, this time my blocks looked a little different…there’s a story there!  I don’t know about you ...

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May 31, 2018
Island Batik Ambassadors Playful Pillows and Studio 180 Design Blockbuster #18 from Quilting Affection

The challenge for the Island Batik Ambassadors was Playful Pillows. We asked to make a pillow of any shape and size.  I decided to make this take my next block in my Studio 180 Design BlockBuster Challenge and make it into a pillow.

So BlockBuster #18, "A Popped V" uses the Studio 180 Design Corner Pop and V Block Tools to complete this block.  The block size I chose was the 12" block, and for the Island Batik Fabrics I used were from their basic fabric collection.

To start you need to make the (4) V Blocks trimmed to size ...

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May 4, 2018
2018 Master the Rulers: Studio 180 Design Blockbuster #17 from Quilting Affection

If you want to get familiar with using the Studio 180 Design Corner Pop® Tool, then I suggest making blockbuster #17 Salem Star.  I brought out the bright colors from my Island Batik stash once again for this block.

To start out with make 4- Unit A's, which calls for 4 1/2" base squares. Then referring to my instructions for the size of squares I need for replacing the corner with, I cut diagonally once to make triangles.

Now using my Corner Pop® Tool I lined up the tool in the corner of my square and cut along ...

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February 7, 2018
Celebrating GALentine’s Day from If These Threads Could Talk

300px - I'm-an-Island-Batik-Ambassador - Blue-Ribbon

First things first… I am an Island Batik Ambassador!!!  I am so excited to have been accepted as apart of this talented group of quilters.  Island Batik Company has been around for over 15 years providing quality products and outstanding customer service.

Island Batik Ambassador’s are from all over the world.  As an Island Batik Ambassador, I will be sharing their fabric lines and projects to help inspire you.  Every month there will be something new to share.

I am one of those people who can’t stand to be late.  Even when I try to not to be ...

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January 4, 2018
another clue done from Making A Lather

All of these are done for On ringo lake mystery quilt

And I had to try one...

Lynette asked how I had altered my quiltville mystery quilt expectations so that I had enjoyed it more this year.
I have worked on the older mysteries over the years after the fact. In other words, all the clues were available but the quilt was revealed. I enjoyed them so much better. I asked myself why. It wasn't that I needed to see the quilt first. It was that all the information about the colors was available at once. I could pick ...

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