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January 14, 2018
So about nobody being interested from Kit Lang, Fiber Art

I was out for lunch yesterday, and chose a table by the window so I would have good light for stitching when I finished eating.

I had been doing so for a little while when my light was suddenly blocked. I looked up, and there was a woman standing there, looking interestedly at what I was doing.

So I held it up so that she could see.

She gave me an enthusiastic smile and made "applause" motions with her mittened hands. I smiled back, and mouthed "thank you".

"Happy new year!" she mouthed back.

"And to you!" I said.

And ...

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January 9, 2018
Go Bag from Kit Lang, Fiber Art

Because I'm going to be doing hand work on these pieces, I'll be bringing them to work with me and working on them instead of reading at lunch time. 

Doing handwork like this in public always feels a bit uncomfortable for me.  It seems like showing off somehow, but I also feel criticized (without anyone ever saying a word!) and want to offer an explanation to anyone who happens to glance at it: "Oh, this is just the beginning – it's going to look much better in the end!" Or talk about why I'm doing it as ...

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