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May 5, 2015
Sorbet Churn Dash Tops from Rose and Dhalia

Weekends are very full in this house and generally pass in a blur, I work on a Saturday and then rugby training and games for the eldest takes up Sunday, but being a Bank Holiday weekend (and without a hint of rugby) it gave me a full two day weekend and a real chance at getting some sewing done.
Yesterday I managed to turn these......
into this.......
which I finished yesterday.....
and this
which I just joined the last few rows together this afternoon.
So thats two quilt tops ready for backing fabric and basting for Siblings Together.
Don't ...

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April 29, 2015
Sorbet Churn Dash #8 from Rose and Dhalia

We are nearing the stage where I have to start joining all of these beauties, but this week saw 7 more pretties drop through the letterbox.
First up was these from Lou
I really love the contrasting of the colours in those blocks and that mushroom fabric is so gorgeous!

And then arrived these from Rebecca.
They are so lovely, I LOVE the fabrics she used, I think they might be shot cottons or oakshotts with a bit of Karen Lewis Textiles in there too.

So the total is now at 120 blocks, so I'm thinking two quilts 8 ...

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April 23, 2015
Sewing up a storm... from ~ CowgirlQuilter ~

Tuesday I didn't get to sew at all but I did do some canning.  I ended up with a bunch of potatoes that I was afraid would ruin so I decided to can some of them.  I peeled some and canned 8 pints.  
 Then I cut up more of them but left the peel on.  I canned 7 pints of these.  These are great canned as they are fully cooked so you just open, warm them up and throw some butter or cheese on them or even mash them.  Soooo handy and quick!
 Wednesday I canned a little more ...

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April 20, 2015
Sorbet Churn Dash Update #7 from Rose and Dhalia

While I was away on holiday I had a bit of a backlog of blocks for my Siblings Together Quilts delivered!
Starting with the lovely Maria, who is making her own quilt from the Siblings Together bee too!
 Then there were these perfect 12 blocks from Janette all the way from Germany

After that is was these 8 wonderful blocks from SewBusyLizzie
And then lastly, these amazing 30 blocks from Susan & Susan. I have been so worried that these blocks were lost in the post, as Susan had emailed me to ask if they had arrived and they hadn't ...

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Lot's of cutting... from ~ CowgirlQuilter ~

 Richard worked on Sunday so I wasn't able to go to Church so I did some cutting and sewing.  I grabbed my scrap basket and started cutting strips.  I cut 1.5", 2", and 2.5"
 This was the first batch that I cut.  I didn't take a photo of the rest of them. 
 I sorted by color and sizes.  I mostly have 1.5" and 2" strips and a few 2.5" strips.  I need to add to that size.  I didn't cut my really bright and novelty fabric scraps up, I will just put those ...

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April 18, 2015
A few more blocks... from ~ CowgirlQuilter ~

Getting a little bit of sewing in.  I'm up to 17 Churn Dash blocks.  I love these little blocks.  So much for saving this for Summer sewing.  LOL! 
 Friday the only sewing that I got done was 5 of my hexie blocks.  I'll explain why this is all that I got finished later in my post. 
 A few nights ago we settled down as a family and played a few games of BINGO!  :)  It is nice to just turn off the tv and have some fun family time.  Just a simple game of Bingo was so much fun ...

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April 15, 2015
A little Sewing... from ~ CowgirlQuilter ~

 We had a rainy day yesterday with lots of flooding in the county so school was cancelled.  It rained most of the day so nothing to do other than housework and to sew.  :)  I have this machine set up in the corner of the dining area that I will use this summer. 
 I have a basket ready with my Churn Dash pieces. 
I didn't actually mean to work on my Churn Dash blocks as I was saving them for summer sewing but while I was cooking and doing laundry I sat down in the dining area to sew. 

 As ...

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April 13, 2015
Sorbet Churn Dash Update #6 from Rose and Dhalia

Last week saw these lovely blocks arriving through the post.
They were made by Kate, who doesn't have any social media, but I hope she sees them on here.
Thank you so much Kate, they are perfect for the colours and I love the fussy cutting for the centres, these quilts are going to be a bit of an eye spy quilts. This brings the block count up to 70 of 98, which means we are well on our way to quilt number 2 but we still really need blocks.... if you can make a few hop over to ...

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April 12, 2015
Cutting for quilts... from ~ CowgirlQuilter ~

 I started cutting for multiple quilts.  These are quilts that I have had on my list to make for a while.  Summer will be here shortly and I don't have a/c in my sewing room so it gets rather hot up there so I sew downstairs during the summer months.  I have several quilt that I want to work on along with a few UFO's.  If I get them cut and ready now then that will cut down on the mess of bring everything downstairs and cutting this summer.  This way I can just grab something and ...

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March 29, 2015
Sorbet Churn Dash Update #5 from Rose and Dhalia

We have had more block arriving and stupidly I really wasn't expecting any this week and then these beauties dropped through the letter box!
I love the fussy cut centres, thank you so so much Ellie!! They are perfect for the quilts!
I am still looking for blocks for the Siblings Together Camps and if you think you don't have time, I won't be thinking of putting the tops together until the end of April, as we are away for a late Easter holiday, so there is still plenty of time!!!
Block count 66 of 98
I ...

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March 22, 2015
Sorbet Churn Dash Update #4 from Rose and Dhalia

This week I have had blocks arriving from three lovely people.
First up are these 4 blocks from Jen (The Lilac Cat)

Next to arrive were 2 blocks from Kelly.

And lastly 2 blocks from Melissa all the the way from America!!
Thanks so much ladies, this brings our block total to 60 of the 98 blocks needed. We still have a way to go to get that second quilt made, so I know I keep asking.......but if you have a spare half hour to make a block, it would really make a difference. 

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March 12, 2015
Sorbet Churn Dash Update #3 from Rose and Dhalia

We have had lots of lovely blocks dropping through the letter box over the last two days, it feels like my birthday!!
First up was 4 from Sue.
Next was 7 from Charlotte
Then we had 4 by Just Sew Sue.
These 6 were from Hannah.
And lastly these pretty from Helen.
That brings us to a grand total 52 blocks, so we have enough for one quilt and are 3 blocks onto the second!! So if you have been thinking about maybe making a few blocks please do! It will really make a difference for a child to have ...

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March 9, 2015
Sorbet Churn Dash Update #2 from Rose and Dhalia

I've more blocks to share from some generous sewists, Saturday saw a parcel arrive from the lovely Helen with these perfect blocks in.
The colours are just wonderful!
And then this morning saw the postie dropping these beauties from Mary through my letterbox.
I love those fussy cut centres, that boy with the boat is from one of my favourite fabrics.
So we now have a total of 25 of the 49 needed.
They are brilliant altogether, really scrappily matched.  
And I've loved seeing my husbands face as he thinks I've had yet another fabric delivery, only ...

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March 8, 2015
120 Blocks FINISHED!!!! from ~ CowgirlQuilter ~

 Oh it just feels great!  I have all 120 blocks finished!  Each block has 9 bow ties in it.  Each bow tie measures 3" so they are pretty tiny.   That is a total of 1080 bow ties!!!
 I am currently in the process of assembling them into a top!  :) 
 If all goes well and I don't get sidetracked then I should have this top completed this evening!  At least I am hoping to have it completed by this evening. 
 I am in love with this quilt!  I do plan on keeping it for myself once it is finished.  I ...

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March 6, 2015
Sorbet Churn Dash Update #1 from Rose and Dhalia

Quilty people really are the best kind of people, we already kind of knew this, but I've never put out a call for blocks or help before and I really am staggered by the number of people who are offering blocks.
First up I received these from Jo.
Aren't they gorgeous, perfect colours and I love that background.
And today I received these blocks from Carol.
So so lovely!
The only thing with receiving all of these blocks, is it's making me want fabric that I don't have!!! I must resist!
Here they are with the ...

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March 3, 2015
Gone Blogging....... from Rose and Dhalia

I'm not here today........but I was over at Lynne's yesterday begging for blocks!!!

Go and take a look at what I'm asking for! 

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March 1, 2015
Candy Dash - pattern available in Make Modern from On the Windy Side

Last year I was excited to learn that a group of enterprising Aussie crafters were launching their own online quilting magazine.  Make Modern includes patterns, articles, interviews and lots of interesting tidbits.  I don't buy a lot of quilting magazines, mainly because I think they aren't great value for money (so much advertising!), but Make Modern is really packed with content and well worth the very reasonable purchase price ($6.95).

I'm now very pleased to be able to let you know that I have a pattern in the newly released Issue Four of Make Modern.

Candy Dash 

I ...

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February 27, 2015
Churn Dash | a bright and cheery quilt from Never Just Jennifer

Every year my girlfriends from school (affectionately nicknamed: The Cupcake Club) get together and have our annual Friendsgiving gathering.  We eat lots of food, paint our nails, apply face masks, adventure about, drink lots of wine, and do a Yankee Swap or Secret Santa.

This year I brought this fun quilt for our Yankee Swap.  When I started it I had dreams of making it massively large and keeping it for myself.  But I found it sitting in a WIP pile after several years and that changed.  Rather than making another 20 blocks or so, I decided to finish it ...

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February 12, 2015
Shoo Fly-Churn Dash Quilt Blocks from Pinevalley Quilts

Shoo Fly-Churn Dash Quilt Blocks

This morning I have woken up excited about starting a new quilt ! Well it’s actually finishing an older design that I started last year. I had the applique block done and put it aside to make other quilts with more important deadlines. I got a bit off track with my original idea and needed to let it settle in my brain while I came up an idea for the rest of the quilt.

Last night ( in my sleep ) I had the best idea of how to finish this quilt. Haha Don’t the best ...

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January 24, 2015
Bubble Gum Colors in a Baby Quilt from Magpie Quilts

Once in a while, I end up with a block or two or four left over from another project. Last year I made this wonderful full-size churn dash quilt from a lovely set of pastel fabrics. Blogged here.

Churn Dash Quilt - FOR SALE HERE!
There were four blocks left over and I put them aside thinking I would make 2 more and make a baby quilt with a little adding sashing and a border. 
Baby Churn Dash - FOR SALE HERE!

I found this beautiful watercolor fabric in my stash when I counted my inventory and knew it would be perfect ...

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