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July 26, 2019
Wedding Shower Makes from Mama Spark's World

I decided that I wanted to make Christmas stockings for the kids as my shower gift to them.   I had chosen a pattern a few years ago that I thought they would like and I happened to be right. I had to make a few modifications but I am really pleased with how they turned out.   The pattern called for quilting the front and back but I just did the front.   They are quite large and I felt it

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May 28, 2019
While waiting for fabric... from Grandma's Red Needle

... to finish some summer table runners and toppers, 
I'm working on Christmas items. 

Yep, another Advent Calendar
After the photos were taken, I added all the pockets, sleeve and binding on one calendar (I have three in all). 

Update: They are done! 

The calendar will be available in our shop in a couple of days, need to take a few more photos. 

Remember the Christmas Stockings from my previous post

I spent the entire last weekend to finish them all! It took some brain work to get the lining/toes the right way, but when I got the hang ...

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May 17, 2019
Going Patriotic and Christmas from Grandma's Red Needle

To all Norwegians worldwide: 


The last two weeks have been very busy. I've been out of the house almost every day, running errands here and there and only had time for sewing in the late afternoons / evenings. 

The Patriotic Mug Rugs in our shop sold out and I made a few new. For the back, I chose a red fabric with tiny flowers instead of the mottled flag red I've used earlier. 

I thought I was done with Patriotic quilts for awhile, but after searching the net for ...

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January 2, 2019
A runner took off from Applique 'n Patch Quilting

2019.  Good Lord .... where did 2018 go?  It went by ever so quickly.  The year started off at a fast pace and just kept on speeding along.  Like a runner.

Well, my niece that received this table runner is a runner and has a couple marathons under her belt.  So, what better person to receive this?  It was gifted to her for Xmas 2018.

Batiks.  It is not often that I work with batik fabrics and I actually went out shopping for this runner.  Now, there are batiks in my stash .... but not many.  I'm not really a fan ...

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December 25, 2018
The Newest Christmas Stocking from Fret Not Yourself

Merry Christmas, y'all!

The year began with the intention of finishing a Christmas stocking for G3 {the newest grandchild} by summer. That plan quickly dropped by the wayside. I finally finished it mid-December, working almost to the wire. It's the cutest one yet - if you like gaudy and loud.

The white rectangle covers the recipient's name for privacy but it's written in green sequins for extra bling. 'Cause Texans can never have enough!

G3 Christmas stocking

All the stockings I've made have a Christmas tree

Christmas tree and mitten on velveteen stocking

and an event ...

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December 10, 2018
Catch Up with In The Boon Docks from In the Boondocks

My Sew Together Bag more about it this bag here

Extra long Strap

Quilt for a Foster Child one of a local family! Blocks from a free Craftsy class years ago, I learned a lot.  You see my first hexagons I ever made. Beautiful baby will always have a quilt.

Woppet Buckets - I love this pattern and just keep making more! Clever Woppet on Instagram - Anna Cunningham 

These first (2) I made for out bathroom to hold our toiletries!

This one was for the #woppetbucketswap

Swapped this one for Luke Hayes’ birthday!  I got some great ornaments in return!

The ...

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January 9, 2018
Happy New Year! (Sutherlin, OR) from QuiltinCats

My plans were to post after Dan's next appointment on Thursday so I could give everyone an update.  After a month of sitting around and waiting, his appointment got moved to the end of January due to his doctor not being available this week.  Rather disappointing, we are ready to hear how his foot is healing.   At least, Dan was able to sit outside for awhile when we had a rare sunny day earlier this week.  The sun felt so good and warm.  Look at that gorgeous blue sky!
 It has been too foggy and overcast to get photos ...

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December 23, 2017
Christmas Stockings on the Mantle, Spiderweb on the Wall from Fret Not Yourself

Christmas Stockings
now decorate the grandchildren's mantle so I can share photos of these most recent additions.

Velveteen Christmas stocking with beads, sequins, jingle bells,.and events in outer space.
Velveteen Christmas stockings for grandchildren
Loud and proud. As usual.

Funny how frequently we forget all the finishing details. While it takes time, beading the ornaments isn't that difficult. But then you have to
  1. Attach them to the front,
  2. And add snowflakes or other details with reinforcing fabric on the inside,
  3. And sew the stocking together,
  4. And the lining.
  5. And shape the cuff.
  6. And bead names on the cuff.
  7. And cut the scallops.
  8. And make the hanging loop.
  9. And attach the ...

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December 8, 2017
December is here from Love Laugh Quilt

As our family grows....
the stocking supply needs to be expanded.

I made these stockings with an old
chenille-like bedspread, felt and some stitching.
They kind of go along with the vintage knit ones
we already have.
At least they don't CLASH with them!
I"m so proud to be doing this
BEFORE Christmas eve!

I also finished a beanie this week.
I used a VERY simple pattern,
Ribbed cap, found in a library book.
I used TWO different colors.
I love the way it turned out!!

When the Christmas Making is done
I want to get ...

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December 1, 2017
Kaleidoscope of Butterflies #23 from Fret Not Yourself

Cathy and I have decided this will be the last linkup for Kaleidoscope of Butterflies for a while. We've enjoyed the quilts, butterfly photos, and ideas for creating butterfly-friendly gardens. We hope you have too.

A few weeks ago QS captured some wonderful images of milkweed in her yard: a pod bursting with seeds...

The cottony fluff transports milkweed seeds on the wind.
Milkweed seeds with fluff

and blowing in the wind.

Milkweed seeds in autumn.
Milkweed seeds ready to float away

No live butterflies around here but I beaded one for the second Christmas stocking. Of course, the original idea was to bead a monarch but there's no need to ...

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November 22, 2017
Christmas Project Finish from Needle and Foot

Last weekend I made the cutest leggings for my Vermont grand baby.  This morning I took a few pictures to share with you. They will go off in the mail this afternoon so she can wear them for the holiday season.

I was in Jo-Ann’s about a month ago and picked up this adorable reindeer fabric.  I love the expressions on the face of these deer.  At the time, I was hoping to make one-piece pajamas or a little dress with the fabric but I didn’t buy enough.  Drat .  I had enough for leggings though.

As usual, I ...

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November 18, 2017
Beading the Christmas Stockings from Fret Not Yourself

Our family's stockings are gaudy, loud, and out-of-style but they are the ones we grew up with. Most children like shiny and colorful with jingles; we were no exception. My mother told us not to put them on our feet. Of course we did... and found they didn't fit. It took me years to realize the lining is a simple tube; it doesn't reach to the toe at all, only to the heel. Thank goodness or we'd have ruined them.

Many wonderful patterns for quilted stockings have been published over the years. Almost every family I ...

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November 17, 2017
What do the Fairmont and my Christmas Stocking Have in Common? from Fret Not Yourself

I toured the Fairmont with San Francisco Walking Tours and enjoyed learning the history of this hotel. Sitting atop Nob Hill, the Fairmont has wonderful views of both the Golden Gate and Bay Bridges. Barely finished, the Fairmont burned during the 1906 earthquake but reopened a year later to become a city hub.

Golden Gate and Bay bridges from Fairmont Hotel
Golden Gate and Bay Bridges from Fairmont

The United Nations formed here in 1945; its charter was drafted in the Garden Room. A few years later Dorothy Draper remodelled the hotel using flamboyant colors and luxury fabrics. Her Modern Baroque style was "the opposite of minimalism."

Fairmont Hotel lobby
Fairmont ...

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Winter Friends Christmas Stockings from Needle and Foot

While visiting my son, daughter in law, and grand baby in Vermont last month we talked about the holidays.  This is the first Christmas we will be apart.  My daughter in law is working her second year of her residency as a radiologist.  Apparently the second year residents don’t have the best work schedule.  She is working over Thanksgiving and Christmas both.  So the three of them will be celebrating holidays in between her shifts at the hospital.  Such is the life of a new doctor.

Always ones to look at the bright side, my son and DIL are ...

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