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February 7, 2019
quilted pillowslips for valentines day from block-a-day

Julian and I were chatting over coffee on Monday morning.  He had his calendar open, planning the days he will work in Melbourne over the next couple of weeks.

Him:  Any preferences?

Me: Definitely not next Monday, I’m working an evening and I need you here to put away the poultry 

I’m very mundane with my preferences.

Him:  Hmmmm … I need to be away for three days, so if I don’t go Monday that means I will be away Valentine’s Day.

Me: Huh!  I didn’t even know you knew when Valentine’s was!

Then wishing ...

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February 5, 2019
wild orchids from block-a-day

On the second morning of January – after a busy week of work that included night shifts and evenings – I awoke to find this beautiful orchid laying on the pillow beside me.  Julian had been walking and found a grove of such delicate pretties under the gum trees.  They are wild Hyacinth Orchids and only grow under a specific gum tree when the leaf litter is just right.  After three years of living here, we have never seen them before.  This year was just right and up they popped.

The thought of a whole grove of these blooms, hiding away under ...

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a vintage cardie, musings on luck, and the blessings of good radio from block-a-day

Midday has struck … and moved on, and I’ve only just hopped out of bed.  Oh dear!  But it was so lovely and something that happens very rarely round here.  And there are a whole bunch of reasons why sitting in bed with the fan whirring in front of me, crochet in my hands, Pakkun beside me, and morning coffees delivered by Julian, was the perfectly right thing to do this morning.

Noah is away … so no driving him to town first thing.  Julian was away yesterday and I worked an evening, so yesterday was one of those super busy ...

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May 3, 2018
the point of things from block-a-day

Now that sounds a wee bit melodramatic doesn’t it … and a bit like something dreadful must be happening.  But it isn’t at all.   The sun rises and sets.  We potter along.  We now have the complete set of matching Famous Five with original artwork – very important.  Our tickets have arrived for the opera in July – I haven’t been to the opera in almost thirty years.  The rats eat the almond meal in the pantry.  It’s just everyday life in late autumn and I know I should be filled with gratitude … and mostly I am.

Following on ...

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April 26, 2018
thoughts on a terrace, a cross stitch and a flannel nightie from block-a-day

The first thing we did at Wombat Hill on that wintery August day, almost three years ago, when we settled on this piece of land, was to plant two apple trees and a mulberry.  The mulberry tree has grown enormous but we compete with the rosellas and king parrots for fruit so have only managed a handful so far – will this be the year we net the orchard? Hopeful.  The apples have grown into lovely shapes (I love how when I actually care for a plant and watch its growth, the way it puts out its branches and buds, I ...

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March 28, 2018
before i go to work from block-a-day

pakkun on the table






















Ah work.  I truly love being a nurse – at times a shift can be dreadfully stressful, exhausting, seemingly never ending and insurmountable – those shifts are usually worked on the general medical ward!  But being a paediatric nurse is most often lovely.  Caring for children AND their families is just my cup of tea.  Add in a sweet baby and I’m all smiles.

But do I ever want to GO to work? Nope.  Never.  Morning shifts are always so early and last aaaaalllll day.  Nightshifts are largely horrendous.  Not because of the work (usually) but because I simply am not ...

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