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January 19, 2018
Charity Quilting from Becca's Crazy Projects

I made a big push to get a handful of charity quilts quilted before the January Annapolis Quilts for Kids workshop. 
There were so many great quilts from 2017 that didn't get quilted before December so they were waiting for the beginning of the year. 

It was nice to get them quilted up.
In January I passed nine quilts to other members of the group to get the binding done. I have more pieced tops ready for quilting so I have plenty to keep me busy in 2018.

2018 Charity Quilt Count: 5

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January 18, 2018
Cotton Cuts Fall 2017 Charity PMQ Blog Hop from madebychrissied

Cotton Cuts Fall 2017 Charity Puzzle Mystery Quilt Blog Hop by
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January 17, 2018
Gold, diamonds and orange peels. from I Patch and Quilt

Doesn’t that just sound like a description of a luxury fragrance or scented candle for the the holiday season?

The title actually refers to a quilt top that I was entrusted with to quilt for a local charity. In November I was able to put the top on the longarm. It is a gorgeous golden mustard color background filled with a lattice work of scrappy diamonds. The negative space of his pattern screamed orange peels to me. Of all the quilts that I was also given to quilt, I knew this one needed custom ruler work and not an ...

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Start Your Engines from Jean Swenson


Start Your Engines
January 2018

‘Start Your Engines’ is a fitting quip for the New Year, and for this quanket that uses a fun race car fabric! Several months ago on another post, I made a comment about how many traditional quilt designs are variations of a 9-patch. Well, here is a modern design that is also a variation of a 9-patch. Ya gotta love the 9-patch for its versatility!

If you look through the quilts I have created, I sort of am all over the place in regards to style(similar to my wardrobe – all over the place

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January 12, 2018
Charity Quilting from Becca's Crazy Projects

Sometimes I have to pull out all the thread. Okay, not all the thread, but several different threads and then decide which color, or colors, I want to use. I narrowed it down to four colors for this quilt.
This is the Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild's charity quilt. The blocks were made by the members of the guild. I volunteered to do the quilting.
I decided to quilt with swirls, waves and whatever else struck my fancy.
There are areas where the quilting is specific to the block.
And others where it is more like a background filler.
I ...

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Block Update for California Fire Quilts from From My Carolina Home

Blocks continue to stream in, and I am so excited with the response!  You are all amazing, and I thank each and every person who has sent blocks, some with donations for shipping and other costs, along with large pieces of fabric yardage for backing or binding.  I mentioned the first four packages from readers on the 3rd, from envelopes arriving just the day after the long holiday weekend! Then a few days later, I had a full bag of packages, 17 at once!

California Fire Quilt Project at From My Carolina Home

I opened all the envelopes, emailed everyone that I could to let them know their blocks ...

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January 5, 2018
Charity Quilting from Becca's Crazy Projects

I squeezed in a couple more charity quilts before the end of the year.

This one.
And this one. They've been put in the stack to drop off with Annapolis Quilts for Kids at the January meeting.

2017 Charity Quilt Count: 49

Not quite as many as last year, but still met the goal for 48. 

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December 29, 2017
California Thomas Fire Quilts from From My Carolina Home

I hope that everyone will read this post, even those that are not quilters, because I need your help. Most readers will be aware of the devastating fires that have swept across California destroying everything in their wake. Like many, I am grateful for my home and family, especially with the holiday season, and cannot imagine the loss that has been suffered by those in the fire zone. I had read on some blogs in early December about the effort to make some quilts for some of the people that have lost everything, and thought it was a wonderful idea ...

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December 28, 2017
An update on California Fires – Call for Quilt Blocks (and quilts) – Thomas Fire Relief Quilts from Quilt Shop Gal

Today I want to share insights about the fires in California as well as a way you can help.   Helpers are also needed to increase awareness of how quilters can help.  I have seen grassroots efforts rally to send fabric to those that lost their homes, lost their stash.  Great intentions, but having lived thru prior fires that devastated homes of quilting and creative friends, I realize that this is not the time to send a quilter, or creative person supplies.  Those impacted by recent fires are still dealing with shock, loss, and trying to figure out the steps to ...

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December 25, 2017
Merry Christmas – a Time for Sharing from From My Carolina Home

Happy Holidays, and Merry Christmas, dear readers!  At this time of year, it is customary to count our blessings and to share with others.  Giving gifts to dear friends and family, and to those less fortunate is one of the ways that I like to find the joy in the season.  Small tokens of affection to family and friends is fun, but the true depth of Christmas magic comes from doing something for someone who really needs it.  It may be someone you know well who is going through a rough patch, or someone you’ve never met.  It may ...

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December 11, 2017
Charity Quilting from Becca's Crazy Projects

I've been busier than I want to be with work and travel and other boring things And I haven't gotten as much done as I would like. I did manage to squeeze in a couple charity quilts, though.
These humble strip quilts were made using leftover strips and squares from other Quilts for Kids projects. I love using these leftover bits to make something fun. There won't be a meeting for Annapolis Quilts for Kids this month so these will wait until the new year to be dropped off.

I used Bonnie Hunter's directions to make ...

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November 30, 2017
December BOM, Kings Crown from Jan's Quilts

I'm in love with this block.  It was so much fun to make.  Here's the link to the tutorial by Sharon Holland and Maureen Cracknell.  Our quilt guild, Temecula Valley MQG is asking members to make at least one 12.5" block each month, to donate to our Charity quilt project.  The first block was presented in January, due in February, and in February 2018 we're planning on putting the blocks together into quilts to donate to a local cause.  I always make four blocks, two to donate and two to keep here for a future project ...

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November 27, 2017
Lucky Thirteen from Heart Desire Creations


That’s how many quilts will be making it out the door for Hospice next week! Add that to the works of other quilters in our little group, and we are donating 24 quilts this year! A week ago they were dedicated at a church service.

IMG_3255[1] (Medium)

Blurry pic, but does show how great they all looked together for dedication!

Making quilts for Hospice has been a passion of mine for several years now, but I certainly don’t do it alone. I have incorporated sewing blocks into my quilting retreats.  All attending have the option of making blocks from “kits ...

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Festival of Wreaths from From My Carolina Home

The local Meals on Wheels foundation is having a silent auction this week for a fundraiser called Festival of Wreaths.  They published a request for wreaths in a local magazine, and I just happened to see it.  You know me, any excuse to get out the glue gun!  So out came the Christmas stuff and a new grapevine wreath.

Holiday Wreaths at From My Carolina Home

Setting the grapevine wreath at an angle makes it easier to place the elements.

Holiday Wreaths at From My Carolina Home

I wanted a very large bow this time, so I made a double one. I showed how to make a basic bow HERE, and for the double ...

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November 24, 2017
Charity Quilting from Becca's Crazy Projects

I managed to piece this kit from Annapolis Quilts for Kids and get it quilted before the last meeting of the year.
I still have kits and tops to finish.
I love this scrappy one!
I dropped off three for binding.

2017 Charity Quilt Count: 45

I'm behind on quilts heading into December. I think I can catch 48 by the end of the year.

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November 19, 2017
Quilt & Sew-In Fall II from Heart Desire Creations

For one hour, there was silence in the retreat room on Wednesday and then…the magic began again. Attendees of Fall II arrived! Once again there was so much creativity, productivity, conversation and laughter. For me it was double the fun, double the laughter and a little more exhaustion! For the whole week I even got to meet 8 quilters I had never met before which is just awesome.

What can I say about this one except that it is exceptional! Dolores took scrappy to the next level. Even the back is scrappy strips. That is a LOT of sewing ...

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November 13, 2017
Celebrate Catastrophe! Turn UFO's into FrankenQuilts! from Gefilte Quilt

Presenting my new FrankenQuilt! 
Yes, sort of like that, except in fabric!
It's stitched together from old body parts stashed in my UFO* cupboard, a freakin' scary place. Said cupboard contains 25 years worth of aesthetic outrages, piling up since I started quilting.

I normally avoid this cupboard, to preserve my sanity and self-esteem. Occasionally I squint my eyes and shove things in, slamming the door shut quickly so nothing escapes.

But the demise of my computer forced a confrontation. The computer was behaving so badly that my DH had to send it to a computer meditation retreat, where ...

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November 12, 2017
Plan B from Jean Swenson


Plan B
October 2017

Looking for inspiration, I dug out a 1993 issue of a Quilters Newsletter magazine – remember when we used to get magazines in the mail?! I came across this diamond Bargello* design that was perfect for the fabrics I had already pulled from my stash. While the candy apple green was one of my ‘pieces of the past’ fabric (from Granny), the others were new.

I had bought the cute multi-color zigzag fabric back around Easter time. I try not to buy holiday novelty prints that are too holiday-oriented, and thought the colors and zigzag had a ...

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November 1, 2017
Paper Pieced Veggies from Heart Desire Creations

PP Carrot (Medium)

Last year I was asked to do a quilt to be hung at a farm stand. It’s for a dear cousin, so I said “yes.” Having sketched out my design, I was all ready to go until I came across some paper pieced veggie patterns (Quiltmaker “Garden Patch). And yes, into it I jumped – finally!

PP Watermelson (Medium)PP Tomatoes (Medium)PP Radishes heARTsCreations (Medium)

They were not difficult and I do like the way they look. Now for putting it all together. I have somewhat of a plan, but it hasn’t fully emerged. I need to also put the name of the farm on the quilt. Setting ...

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October 27, 2017
More BOM stitchin' from Jan's Quilts

It seems as if the only sewing I've accomplished lately is Blocks of the Month for my Modern Quilt Guild.  It's true, but I have a good excuse, I've been doing a lot of traveling.  In August, I went to Iceland, in September I "did" the Ultimate Gameday Weekend Tour, and in October I went to Spain for two weeks.  Altogether, I'm traveling over 100 days this year.

All that traveling has cut into my stitching time.  I have one small project to do and two large quilts in the planning stages.  Wish me luck.

You ...

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