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October 11, 2018
Halloween quilt from Fabric Engineer

My mother-in-law made a Halloween quilt not too long ago.  I quilted it last month so that it can be enjoyed before Halloween is actually here.

For everywhere except the pumpkins, I used 'candy bucket'.  I have a tutorial for it here.

Here is a heavily photoshoped view of candy bucket.  It has circle candies (like peppermints), rectangle candies (like tootsie rolls), and lollipops.

I put spiderwebs with a few spiders by the pumpkins.

This is the back of one pumpkin - spiderwebs and the same spider as the above photo.

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September 29, 2018
Quilting: candy bucket from Fabric Engineer

I quilted a Halloween quilt recently and the fabric had quite a bit of candy in it.  So I made a candy bucket quilting motif to go with it.

There are three different candies, and they are combined with a meander.

There is a tootsie roll or smarties shaped candy:
There is a peppermint candy, with or without a swirl:

Finally, there is a lollipop.  Again with or without a swirl.  This was my least favorite of the three, because I had a hard time going back on top of the stick.
It's a bit hard to see on ...

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