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June 21, 2021
Brooksea 19, 20 from Virtual Quilter

Very, very interesting!

By comparison, I think the second one is quite boring!

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February 21, 2021
Brooksea 17, 18 from Virtual Quilter

I like the first …

… love the second, though the quilting design could be better in the second.

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December 10, 2020
Brooksea at Christmas 4, 5,6 from Virtual Quilter

It is looking a bit like Christmas!

Nothing like red, white and green to bring out the Christmas spirit for me.

I thought the first one was my favourite for today, but maybe it is the last one.

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January 4, 2020
Brooksea 15, 16 from Virtual Quilter


I do like the second one!

A new challenge will be published later today … I have to proof read before hitting the publish button,but the garden may need some attention first after a very hot day yesterday.

For those who have expressed concern, we are well away from the fires around Australia, and as far as we know all friends are safe, though some have had close calls losing fences and feed.

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