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June 16, 2021
Christmas in June and More from The Modern Diary

Finally got outside early one morning (to avoid the heat--which has now finally left us) to get a good picture of Wild and Goosey.  Thinking it might be big enough but...
I got started on some Christmas presents and made a tool belt for Bear, Hazel and some other little one.
Made several fun frogs and gave one to Jay since he admired it.  Will be giving one to Colton and one to Lily and one to who knows who.
On Monday my best friend Monica and her hubby came to visit (they went to a Brewer game Sunday and ...

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June 8, 2021
A Patriotic Mini! from The Modern Diary

I joined Kathleen Tracy's Schoolgirl Sampler FB group and she picked this sweet top for our June sew.  It was fun to put together though I looked at it and made four of each block instead of three!  I figured out I was doing that after the first one, but figured I may as well do it for all of them and put those together too.
My roses made it through winter and are looking so good!  I went out and did some weeding a few weeks ago (not that you would know now) and so happy with these ...

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June 4, 2021
Honk Honk! Wild and Goosey Rides Again! from The Modern Diary

I finally dug out my Wild and Goosey paper pieced quilt two weeks or so ago and started making the blocks again. I always knew I wanted to make my top bigger, but I was just tired of making the blocks.  After waiting a few years, I am loving it again!  

All nine of these blocks made it into the next row and my top is now nine by nine blocks.  Still not big enough....

I did manage to make a pair of hand mixer blocks.
And I won on Alycia Quilts blog!  There was some flannel and cotton fabric ...

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