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October 12, 2017
More small pieces from Notes from Studio B

I'm in the process of making more small pieces, both leaves and yoga inspired. The yoga inspired ones were printed a few years ago and were languishing in my pile of possibilities. They are cyanotype on magenta fabric, using some shapes cut out of heavy dark paper.

I've got three canvases painted a dark navy waiting for me to attach them.

I've also started the piecing process with a couple of the wet cyanotypes on turquoise fabric. This is how they look this morning on my work table.

The fabric that was used for both of these ...

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June 15, 2017
A Play Day from Notes from Studio B

Last Friday Lisa and Kathleen drove out to Weiser for a play day. I had a  fresh indigo pot, soy wax  and all sorts of clamps and plexiglass glass shapes ready to go. We played with a variety of fabrics and created some really cool designs.

Here's Lisa tying some organza with bright orange yarn.

The organza soaking in water.

Holding up the finished piece.

Kathleen checking on a piece hanging to dry.

A few shots of texture and pattern.

I found 8 vintage linen napkins in my stash, they are now blue and white, each with a different ...

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June 1, 2017
Lots of stitching going on from Notes from Studio B

I'm finally back to getting some work done. After traveling most of March I expected a bit of a creative slump, I didn't expect it to last two months! I did make a couple of donation quilts and my SAQA donation quilt and kept up with my daily and weekly projects, but other than that I felt rather lost. Finally this week I'm feeling back in my groove.

First I did a small (12"sq.) piece that has been languishing in a drawer for many years, just the fabric and some threads in a project bag. Now ...

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May 25, 2017
Blueprinted leaves, kittens and stitching from Notes from Studio B

I pulled out all of my blueprinted(cyanotype) leaves earlier this week and have spent quite bit of time arranging and rearranging them on the design board. I think I've narrowed one idea down to this.

I have several more pieces that will probably work together in another piece, but that one still needs a lot of tweaking. My table looks like this.

I have several indigo pieces in the pile also, and leaves that aren't blueprinted, all could possibly be combined into something.

The kittens are now just six weeks old and are starting to eat regular ...

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