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October 13, 2020
The Farmers Market bag – DIY from Brown Bird Designs Quilts

We have stepped into fall here in Tucson and the mornings are so nice. This year, life has been truly altering and there are so many things that I miss doing. I love Farmers Markets! On Saturdays when I can find time to run, I like to park at the Farmers Market so I can check out a few booths and get a little exercise in. All before I start sewing. These cooler days have me wanting to get out and about, so I made the perfect bag to take shopping as soon as I am mentally ready to get ...

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September 28, 2020
2021 Tea Towel Calendar from One Designer Pursuing her Dreams

Hello everyone! I just need a quick blog post to share my 2021 Tea Towel Calendar. It is available at and ON PAPER here. Click the image below to download the 11″ x 17″...

See more sewing and quilting adventures from Jen Eskridge of ReannaLily Designs

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September 25, 2020
Product Update: Gingerbread Wreath Digital Pattern is Now Available! from Felicia's World

Gingerbread Quilt


The digital pattern for the Gingerbread Wreath Quilt is finally done and available for purchase! Also, we will have an early Christmas promo for you. You can purchase this Gingerbread Quilt at an affordable price by using the promo code Holiday20 upon checkout!

In the pattern, you will find detailed instructions on how you can create this cozy pattern as well as a full-size template for the entire wreath. I also included the list of fabric requirements and quilting tools that you will be needing. You can either make this quilt pattern by hand applique or machine applique. The finished ...

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September 17, 2020
Sugar and Spice Halloween Table Runner from Brown Bird Designs Quilts

Have you noticed wool is on bolts in quilt shops? I am used to seeing small pieces of it that cost almost as much as a yard of fabric, but not whole bolts of wool. How awesome is that?! Wool is trending. It must be because plaids and flannel have been showing up in apparel for a few years now. I don’t use wool all that much, but it definitely has its place in my creative bubble. I love using it for pin cushions and I used it in this Sugar and Spice Halloween Table Runner.

Sugar and Spice Halloween Table Runner

One of my ...

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September 10, 2020
Where Love Lives Free Applique Pattern from Felicia's World

I hope you will enjoy this free applique pattern and have fun making your version! Where Love Lives quilt can be completed either as a machine applique or hand applique project depending on your preference. You can also make this quilt with turned-edge machine applique. It’s all up to you! 

The finished quilt will measure 15 ½” x 17 ½”. It makes an adorable wall-hanging and it’s a great project both for applique beginners and those with more experience. 


free applique pattern

 Download your free pattern by clicking here:

What’s Included in the Free ...

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September 6, 2020
How to Make Scrappy Yellow Log Cabin Quilt from Felicia's World

I don’t know what it is with this scrappy yellow log cabin quilt top that I just finished, but it has been a while since I completed a quilt top that I am this pleased with. Something about collecting all these different shades of yellow and then getting the overall voice of the quilt to read “Sun-shine on an egg yolk!”



Read on to learn more about how to make this scrappy log cabin quilt pattern.

Use Paper Log Cabin Template

The finished quilt top measures 56 inches wide and 70 inches long without borders. I used the 7 ...

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September 5, 2020
Thoughts from Gillian Travis

July 2018, and everything in life seemed good, no one could have predicted that my life would be as it is now.

This week I listened to a lecture hosted by Compassionate friends by Maria Ahern. Her son aged 22 died 6 years ago and she talked about grief and amongst other things how she has coped

She spoke about keeping busy, reaching out, and how she has helped other people in her role as trustee for the charity Compassionate Friends. I found her talk very inspiring. She talked about how the repetitive action of knitting and crocheting has helped ...

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August 31, 2020
More zoom from Gillian Travis

A few months ago we had not heard of zoom, now it is an important and regular part of my life, almost every day I have either a zoom meeting or some teaching.

We have all learnt the protocol and I have it all worked out now, how to teach on zoom. It’s maybe a bit low tech but it seems to work. I use my pad for filming demonstrations with my angle poise type gadget, my phone for filming when I am at the sewing machine and put my computer on a shoe box.

My weekly classes continue ...

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August 28, 2020
Garden Star 2 Quilt from Brown Bird Designs Quilts

This color palette!! I can’t get enough of it. I am not sure which color is my favorite, they are all so good. You guys this is New Dawn by Citrus & Mint Designs. Now this lady knows color. Each and every line Rachel creates for Riley Blake Designs has a perfect palette of beautiful colors. This one is packed with pinks, oranges, blues, and greens. I think the greens . . . yep, it’s the greens that got me. I can see a whole room designed around these colors and fabrics. Imagine a green desk, a quilty chair, drapes in the ...

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August 22, 2020
Clases online Las Tertulias from La Vida en Patchwork

Clases online Las Tertulias Dirigidas

Nos espera un otoño y un invierno diferentes, de posibles autoconfinamientos para intentar no caer enfermos. Ya anuncian las Comunidades Autónomas eslóganes de “Quédate en casa” Porque además, según anunciaba ayer el periódico, se les acaba la medicina que usan para casos graves. 

Así que este otoño e invierno, debemos de buscar entretenimientos en casa. Y las clases online son la mejor opción.

A mi este año, me pilla preparada con mis kits de Elizabeth Bradley que me chiflan, porque se hacen en cualquier sitio, hasta casi de noche sin luz mientras ves la tele ...

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August 17, 2020
Update from Gillian Travis

Its a few weeks since I wrote a blog post, I have to think about what has happened in the last few weeks. I should have written a blog post sooner as there is too much to write here – it feels a bit like a newsletter

West Yorkshire are on another Lockdown, a crazy one where we are not allowed to see family and friends in our house or in the garden, and we are not allowed to meet them in the pub or a restaurant either, however we are allowed to meet in a public place.

This looks like ...

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August 16, 2020
Exorcise Bike, Part 4: The Exorcism from Nina Paley

Yesterday, Friday August 14, 2020, I performed Titania‘s formal exorcism in the name of Velocipe Cycladia, Goddess of bicycles and cyclists. Big thank you to everyone who attended!

Photos by Mike Barkley

Photo by Audrey Ishii
Photo by Annette Stumpf



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August 13, 2020
Wishing Upon a Falling Stars Quilt from Brown Bird Designs Quilts

Falling Stars Quilt

I have been doing a lot of wishing and hoping and thinking and praying, planning and dreaming upon Falling Stars. Yes, another My Best Friend’s wedding reference. LOL. Such a great song. You guys, I have been dreaming about getting into this magazine for years!! I am ecstatic to present a quilt, which is in this month’s edition (August – Issue 88) of Love Patchwork & Quilting magazine, called Falling Stars Quilt. Hopefully the name is obvious to you and you see the movement in the colors from light to dark emulating a star falling in the sky.

Issue 88 of Love Patchwork and Quilting

I have ...

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August 7, 2020
Verano Covid Qué hacer from La Vida en Patchwork

Verano Covid qué hacer

Parece que después de hacer mascarillas de tela de forma casi compulsiva, queda espacio para hacer algo más en este verano tan atípico. Y para mi, un año atípico en el que las cosas no tan buenas o lecciones de aprendizaje, que llamo yo, se han ido sucediendo y encadenando, sin dejar un hueco casi ni para poder respirar. Y ahora que vuelvo a respirar hay que hacerlo con mascarilla jajaja

Tenía medio abandonado este blog, Instagram y casi mis pensamientos y mi vida. Y empieza a ser hora de retomarlo. Quizá escriba menos de costura ...

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July 21, 2020
Working in a series from Gillian Travis

Yesterday I was talking with my zoom students about submitting work for an exhibition and working in a series

At the beginning of lockdown we set up an International Textiles Group and our brief was to make a piece 60cm x 100cm with the title Magic Carpet.

I made my first piece as it was a piece I had been wanting to make for ages based on my photos of Nepalese windows. I made about 24 small A4 quilts earlier in the year and I wanted to put some of my ideas together to make a larger quilt

So I ...

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July 15, 2020
Confetti Quilt freebie from Brown Bird Designs Quilts

Today I am drinking hot chocolate, playing holiday music, and lighting the fireplace. Why, you may ask? Because I am celebrating Christmas in July. That’s right. Today, we are blog hopping around the world with Father Time; or was it the Ghost of Christmas Present? I forget. Anyhow, I am part of a blog hop. This generous group of ladies have put together all sorts of different Christmas projects or projects perfect for gifts, so you can get inspired and start your Christmas gift making today. The project I created for you is a throw size Confetti quilt.

Confetti Quilt Pattern

This ...

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June 27, 2020
Continued Lockdown from Gillian Travis

We live in a small village in the South Pennines with a small supermarket, with the moors all around us and we have had weeks of beautiful sunny weather so I really don’t need to go far. I’ve walked the hills, social distance met up with friends and spent hours in my studio. I have even cleared lots of rubbish from my studio.

I miss my family and I miss traveling but I’ve no desire to go far right now.

Teaching my regular students has really kept me trying to produce new work, sometimes innovative but other ...

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June 14, 2020
Kit costura turbante baño from La Vida en Patchwork

Kit costura turbante baño

Andaba buscando un buen turbante de baño, de tela de toalla esponjosa, y al fin, ya lo tengo!!! Kit costura turbante baño

Me parecen realmente útiles, y no hay nada más incómodo que llevar una toalla enroscada en la cabeza después de lavarte el pelo. Si es muy grande se cae y pesa mucho. Y si es pequeña, se cae todo el rato porque no se sujeta bien. 

La solución son los turbantes de baño, una solución cómoda y además bonita.

Además en esta época de piscina, me resultan también muy útiles para no llevar el ...

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June 12, 2020
Kit medio punto cañamazo comprar online from La Vida en Patchwork

Kit medio punto cañamazo comprar online

Ya puedes comprar online los más lujosos y elegantes kits de medio punto o punto de cruz diseñados por Elizabeth Bradley.

Ya sabéis lo que me gusta probar cosas nuevas, y traer junto con Laura, nuevas diseñadoras. Que nos hagan conocer cosas nuevas y disfrutar de sus bellas labores. Eso sí, siempre con una calidad superior. Esta vez, aunque parezca que no vamos a a prender, pues también lo vamos a hacer. Tanto el punto de cruz como el medio punto se hacen diferente, de una manera mucho más rápida, que ya os enseñaré ...

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June 8, 2020
Filtro para mascarillas cuál comprar Online from La Vida en Patchwork

Filtro para mascarillas cuál comprar online

En todo este tiempo me he informado y reinformado, podríamos decir que me he hecho un máster un mascarillas. Porque no es llevar mascarilla por llevar, es que si la vamos a llevar, que de por sí es molesta, por lo menos que nos proteja.

Os dejo el enlace para que podáis comprar online el filtro que deseéis para hacer vuestras mascarillas caseras de manera fiable y llevar a la familia de este modo protegida. Comprar filtros mascarillas

De hecho, ese fue el motivo de que tardara tanto en hacer mis propias mascarillas, que ...

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