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July 22, 2020
MAY 2020 from Nestlings By Robin

MAY 2020
This month deserves EVERY
bit of bold, larger, underlined
text available to me!!
 We started the month by going
to Virginia to help my mom
with some things around
the house and to spend
Mother's Day with her.

We did tons of yard work
and I got covered in ticks-YUCK!!!!
Once home, one of the bites
wasn't reacting right so I was
tested / treated for Lyme disease.
My test came back negative but
to this day (2 months later) that
one bite isn't right.
Be careful out there!

Unfortunately, this would 
be the last trip ...

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December 16, 2019
What we do for LOVE... from Nestlings By Robin

If you have a fur baby, then I probably 
don't need to explain any further.
We have 2 with our second one being
the oldest and the one we adopted
from the Wheaten rescue.

He is an absolute doll most of 
the time and his name is Biscuit:)
 He came with allergies, none of which
were specific, and a bag of pills and sprays.
We used some of them and then he got better
so I attributed his issues to anxiety.
After a year or so we noticed that he 
did have allergies that were cyclical and we 
treated ...

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