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June 17, 2017
Binding.......... from Exuberant Color

I found a dark navy blue print in my stash to use for the binding on the African blue modular quilt.  I am a little over half done with the hand stitching.

I printed a label for it a long time ago, maybe 5 years ago.  Luckily I knew where it was.  I finished the quilt top in 2011 and I think I basted and ditch quilted it in 2012 and just now finished the rest of the quilting.

About a week ago I was moving all of my Amaryllis bulbs outside for the summer and I noticed one had ...

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Trimming up... from ~ CowgirlQuilter ~

 Yesterday I trimmed up my SIL's hexie quilt so that I could start on the binding.  I really didn't have to trim that much off.  I was planning on doing a scalloped edge on it but the hexies just didn't fall right and it would not come out even.  So I will be doing a straight edge.
 Trimming the other side...
 This is how the edges turned out before binding.  This morning I will sew the binding strips together and get them sewn on and then do the handwork. 
 Another pic of this beautiful quilt that she ...

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June 14, 2017
Mug Rug binding tips from The Crafty Quilter

After sharing my Orange Peel Mug Rug last month, I promised you some mug rug binding tips.  Here they are – better late than never! I tried something a little different for this project and I’m pretty happy with the results.  I think you will be too.

Check out these mug rug binding tips from The Crafty Quilter that will make your next mini quilt project a breeze!

Mug Rug Binding Tips

Mug rugs are such delicate little things.  In the past, I’ve used traditional binding techniques with 2 1/4″ wide binding strips.  This time I tried a single-fold binding, and I think it “fits” the petite nature of these mini quilts.

Tip:  Single-fold binding reduces bulk in the ...

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Workshop Wednesday: How to Bind a Quilt from McCall's Quilting

“Bind the quilt to finish.”

IMG 3565 300x300 Workshop Wednesday: How to Bind a Quilt

a pieced scrappy binding

That simple instruction, which ends almost every quilt pattern ever written, refers to a step in the quiltmaking process that in itself requires a few different steps. When a quilt pattern editor writes “bind the quilt to finish,” it’s assumed that the quilter knows what this means.

Most patterns assume you will use a continuous double-fold binding technique in which you 1) stitch together narrow strips of fabric with diagonal seams to make one long strip, 2) press your binding strip lengthwise and wrong sides together, 3) align the raw ...

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June 3, 2017
Binding and EPP Coffins from ~ CowgirlQuilter ~

I spent most of the day working on binding!  I ended up cutting the binding 3" because the quilt was so thick after using cotton batting and fleece backing.  3" ended up being a perfect size.  Almost every customer quilt that I do, I end up doing the binding as well.  I don't mind because I enjoy binding and I also get a extra pay for it. 
 I also prepped some coffin shapes for the EPP project that I am working on.  This is the one that I plan on taking on vacation.  Of course, I will only be ...

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May 30, 2017
Partially done........ from Exuberant Color

I think my binding choice is working well.  I have almost 2 sides of the hand stitching done.

It was another beautiful day yesterday, hot but a nice breeze and low humidity.  I planted my zinnia seeds and mowed the grass as well as pulling more weeds.  After all of those rainy days we had I feel like I have to take advantage of every dry day and get out and get yard work done.  Now it can rain again and water the zinnia bed and tomato plants for me.

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May 29, 2017
Choosing a binding........ from Exuberant Color

I got my colorwash trimmed and then started looking for a binding fabric.  I needed it to be dark on this one because the entire edge of the piecing is dark.

I also needed to take into consideration that it would look good with the backing fabric.  It is a muddy brownish green batik print.

I spent part of the day outside because the weather was beautiful.  The rain missed us this time.  I pulled and dug out more weeds and cut some dead branches.  I have purchased the zinnia seeds but didn't plant them yet....maybe today. 

Today ...

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May 24, 2017
From there to here, from here to there… from Modern Sunbonnet Sue

“…funny things are everywhere.”  Dr. Seuss My goal this year is to finish projects.  We all have them; those UFO’s hanging out in boxes and bins.  Funny thing, I don’t seem to be getting anywhere too fast.  How do you get from there to here, or…from here to there?   My UFO’s keep multiplying.  I […]

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May 23, 2017
Nine Patch Quilting Complete from Curlicue Creations

 Here is the simple Nine Patch quilt I posted about last week, all quilted and rolling off the machine.  Oh Yeah!

 As you can see in this edge pic, I quilted an average of four swirl motifs in each square.  That makes 36 swirls per Nine Patch block, for a whopping total of approximately 1,080 swirls over the whole quilt top.  Whew!  No wonder my back is achy.

 I selected this pretty green Jinny Beyer fabric for the binding.  It features a small black diamond pattern all over.

 You can see the diamonds a little bit, here in this ...

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May 21, 2017
STASH REPORT from The Proficient Needle

Fabric used this week 1 yard
Fabric used year to date  72.375 yards
Fabric added this week 0 yards
Fabric added year to date  51 yards
Net used 2017  21.375 yards

I decided to keep reporting my used fabric, even though Judy has stopped hosting the weekly stash report.  I enjoy seeing how I'm doing, and keeping track of finished projects.

My "used fabric" this week was making bindings for 3 of the 4 quilts I've been machine quilting for my guild's community quilts group.  The quilts will be donated to various places in our ...

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May 20, 2017
Saturday Odds & Ends from Quilty Folk

When we jump from project to project and then back around again, it often feels like {watching} a chicken peck, peck, pecking away. That's the way I like to approach my quiltmaking--little bites. Thank goodness I have lots of lists. They help keep me on track so that my inevitable restlessness will eventually add up to something of substance. The Marsala quilt below currently has all the hand quilting completed, a binding attached and is now awaiting the final hand sewing stage. Which I will do later 'cuz I'm just not quite in the mood yet!

Marsala {An ...

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May 7, 2017
Slow Stitching.... from Val's Quilting Studio

 A rainy, cold morning was the perfect excuse to start the day out sewing some binding down.

Jackson appreciated having somewhere cozy to rest too.
Just dropping in to wish everyone a nice day.
This week's theme: Teaching
Val's Quilting Studio

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May 3, 2017
WIPs With Friends from Mama Spark's World

I have been working slowly on several things.   I feel like I may be working on too many things at the same time but have so many deadlines!   I think if I list them here it may help me to focus. First, I agreed to make 4 of these dragons for a friend  (not sure what I was thinking since I have so many of my own things I need to do).   I have one finished and have started on the second

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May 2, 2017
How To Make a Scalloped Quilt Binding from Butterfly Threads

 If you already know how to bind a quilt, then making a scalloped binding is not hard at all! Here's how you do it...

Make a double fold BIAS binding that is about 50% longer than the length you would need for a straight binding quilt. I guessed and made way too much, but better too much than not enough, right?

Then I make my pattern from freezer paper. Unroll a length at least as long as your quilt and cut it in half lengthwise. You will be able to use the other half on another quilt.  Fold the ...

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May 1, 2017
Triple finish from Chocolate Cake Quilt Designs

Done, done and DONE! Finally, I finished two UFOs and all eight Santa place mats. I hadn’t done any machine quilting since before we moved in 2014, so I chose smaller projects to ease myself back into the groove.

I admit, shame was the motivating factor for crossing the finish line, particularly since each of these projects was started around the turn of the century. First is the 42″ x 42″ Fences ‘n Firs wall hanging.

Designed by Susan Preglow and Cathy Slatterly, the pattern for this was featured in the January 2000 issue of McCall’s Quick Quilts ...

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April 28, 2017
Jenny’s ‘Perfect Finishes’ Tutorial with Darlene Zimmerman from The Cutting Table Quilt Blog - A Blog for Quilters by Quilters

Here are some great techniques for finishing your quilt!

I like a challenge, but there are a few things that are just beyond my reach. Climbing Mount Everest? Not likely. Winning an Olympic gold medal? Nope. Walking out of my local quilt shop empty handed? Not on your life!  But a scalloped binding? That’s an easy one!

Jenny and her dear friend, Darlene Zimmerman, show off some great finishing techniques!

This week Jenny has Darlene Zimmerman in the studio to show us how to finish a quilt with super-simple waves and scallops. Click HERE to watch!

(Psst! If you enjoy watching tutorials with our Quilting Tutorials app, take note! We’ve recently made a few improvements, so be sure to update ...

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April 27, 2017
project report from Frayed Edge

Even though I haven't shown much proof here on the blog, I really have been continuously sewing and quilting and knitting behind the scenes.  It kind of goes in little bursts and doesn't feel like I get much traction on any one project when there are too many in the works.  But here's some updates!

This lacy scarf is a long overdue completion, using a very special yarn.  It's called Quiviuk and it was a gift from my son, Dan, as a souvenir from a trip to Alaska.  What a great son, on his business trip ...

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April 24, 2017
Happily Binding this Week from Val's Quilting Studio

I have not one, but two quilt finishes ahead: 
The quilt on the left was donated to my classroom from Sharon. I got it quilted during spring break and the brown polka dot binding on today. I also quilted my H2H Pirate quilt and don't ya just love the little skull/cross bone binding I found to finish it?! Today was one of those days I just got going in the studio. Hubby used the afternoon to go pick up our outdoor fire place and I decided to stay home and spend the afternoon sewing. It felt soooo good ...

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Make This: Scrappy Binding Tutorial from The Cloth Parcel

Have you ever wondered what to do with the scrap pieces of binding that are leftover once your quilt is bound?  Sometimes, they can be quite long, and it seems like such a waste to throw a perfectly ironed bit of binding away.  You can always use small pieces for small projects, like our free […]

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April 19, 2017
With Apologies to Jack and Diane from From the Strawberry Patch...

This post is about Ditty Bags, beginning with a little ditty; but, sorry, this one isn't about Jack and Diane*! The Ditty Bags were last month's project from the Let's Get Organized club at my LQS. Featuring patterns by Annie every month this year I have already managed to make a Stash and Dash and a set of Nesting Boxes, I am quite pleased with the results. For the Ditty Bags I chose to make

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