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February 7, 2020
Getting Caught Up On the Big Basket Series from Quilty Folk

Gather Ye Roses is the first finish of the year! Yay! This quilt is the first in my big basket series, but somehow the last to be a true blue finish. For some reason, I was intimidated at the thought of quilting all that 'blank' cream space around the basket. After stitching on the other two though, then it all felt so much easier. Amazingly enough, procrastination does occasionally pay off...

These quilting lines are 'eyeballed', not carefully
measured out for accuracy and precision....
And though I liked this quilt, it had become the least favorite of the three. Why ...

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January 3, 2020
Wrapping Up 2019 So We Can All Move On from Quilty Folk

I always think this end of the year retrospective should be a quick post, but somehow
it never quite works out quite that way. Oh well. Time for a glimpse of whatever finishes 
managed to come to fruition during the past year! It always surprises me how it stacks
up. Never quite what I imagined somehow!
2019 Finishes (1)
It's been a surprisingly productive year. So many times it felt like I was just sort of spinning my wheels, or at times, chasing after ever single squirrel that popped around the corner. Some of the oldest quilt tops did ...

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