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March 24, 2021
Easy Bargello Quilt Pattern - The Muted Rainbow and Charcoal Version! from Busy Hands Quilts

Today I'm sharing another Easy Bargello quilt!  If you've never made a Bargello quilt, this is a great pattern to start with because it is so easy!

That Beautiful Fabric!

Honestly, I can't remember the name of this fabric, and I can't find any information on it.  It is a tone-on-tone hatch-like fabric, as is the charcoal background.  The backing is a hatch extra wide from Connecting Threads ...

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Easy Bargello Quilt Pattern - the Rainbow and Gray Version! from Busy Hands Quilts

Oh how I love rainbow quilts, and I'm thinking you do too!  Meet Easy Bargello, an easy bargello quilt pattern with no seams to match!

Easy Bargello is Strip Pieced

Easy Bargello is entirely strip pieced for a quick and easy finish.  The strips in between the pieced squares also mean there are no seams to match!  If you haven't made a Bargello quilt before this is a great place to start (or even if you have)!

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December 16, 2020
Mariposa Quilt Kit! from Busy Hands Quilts

Mariposa has been kitted in the Twin size in Moonlit Promenade, a beautiful fabric collection in gray and black with a splash of red!  

Mariposa features big blocks that create numerous secondary designs when joined together.

    ✔ quick finish
    ✔ stunning design
    ✔ yes please!

This quilt was made by Connecting Threads.  Photo credit Connecting Threads.

The twin size Mariposa quilt kit is available right here.

I've made three Mariposa quilts, all in the Twin size.  The Twin size takes a day or two to make.

Made with fabrics from my stash.

Made with Maison ...

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October 29, 2020
Grandpa's Barn Twin Quilt Kit in Jaqueline! from Busy Hands Quilts

Grandpa's Barn has been kitted in the Jacqueline fabric collection by Connecting Threads!  This is the Twin size.

Jelly Roll Friendly - or use your stash!

Grandpa's Barn is a 2-1/2" strip jelly roll friendly quilt pattern that is entirely strip pieced for a quick finish.  The quilt kit includes yardage, however, as there were a number of light prints in the collection that needed left out to let the design shine through.  This is the entire collection which you will find right here.

Nested Seams ♥

Pressing directions are ...

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August 8, 2020
Sweet Caroline Quilt Pattern - Twin Size in Dutch Garden! from Busy Hands Quilts

Sweet Caroline is a patchwork delight in blues and yellows!  This is a Twin size quilt.

Sweet Caroline quilt pattern is available in the Busy Hands Quilts pattern shop.


Sweet Caroline is a quick and easy strip pieced quilt made using yardage of medium and dark hues in a single colorway or, as in the Dutch Garden version, two colorways - blue and yellow.

This beautiful blue and yellow fabric collection is Dutch Garden by Bluprint, sadly no longer available.  It shouldn't be too difficult to find a substitute though; either an entire collection ...

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July 8, 2020
Ava's Garden Twin Size Quilt Kit! from Busy Hands Quilts

Photo Credit Connecting Threads

Ava's Garden has been kitted by Connecting Threads in Wild Crimson in the Twin size!  This is a twist on a classic design and is oh so sparkly!

The Wild Crimson fabric collection is a great mix of shades of blue, deep red, tan, and cream with a lot of blenders that are so easy to work with.

Photo Credit Connecting Threads

The large blocks in Ava's Garden go together quickly, and would you believe this is a layer cake friendly quilt pattern?  Yep!  Toss in a few other fabrics and go!
Photo Credit ...

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July 3, 2020
Mariposa Twin Quilt in Botanical Blue! from Busy Hands Quilts

I got a bee in my bonnet and made a third Mariposa quilt on a whim this week.  Well, there really was more motivation than that behind the decision to drop everything and make this quick, stunning quilt.  Besides, it's so cold here that the bees surely aren't out and about. 

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May 2, 2020
Summer on the Porch Quilt Pattern in 4 Sizes! from Busy Hands Quilts

The Summer on the Porch quilt pattern has returned from her trip around the world and gone through a special polishing, and is ready for you!  Two sizes have been added to the quilt pattern - Throw and King - to bring the total number of sizes to four.

The pattern includes instructions on organizing the pieces and keeping them together in order to end up with organized blocks with matching star points.  There is even a splash of strip piecing included in the pattern - my favorite method to include.  ♥

This is a fat quarter friendly quilt pattern, so grab your favorite ...

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April 27, 2020
Grandpa's Barn - a New Quilt Pattern in 5 Sizes! from Busy Hands Quilts

Grandpa's Barn, where ol' fashioned meets today's modern fabrics for a stunning quilt!  Both jelly rolls or scraps are perfect for Grandpa's Barn which is a strip pieced pattern that goes together very quickly.  The pattern includes pressing instructions so every seam in the quilt nests, my favorite!

Grandpa's Barn includes 5 sizes - Baby, Throw, Twin, Queen, and King.  The center square design ends up in different places on the sizes.  It's most often found off-center, but is in the center for the baby quilt.

I say, yes please! to a striped binding any day ...

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March 13, 2020
Meet Mariposa - a New Quilt Pattern! from Busy Hands Quilts

This is Mariposa, a new quilt pattern in four sizes - Throw, Twin, Queen, and King.  I love the subtle designs that are created where the blocks meet.  

Mariposa came about doodling in my quilt design software with an upcoming fabric collection.  Sometimes quilt designs come to mind already planned, and some come about by playing with quilt blocks, adding sashing compared to no sashing, and dropping fabrics in and out.

Quilt Stats:
Pattern:  Mariposa
Size:  72" x 91"
All Fabric:  Maison Rouge, a fabric collection from Connecting Threads.
Batting:  Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 cotton/poly
Quilting:  Moulin Rouge on Gratitude ...

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February 20, 2020
Scrappy Patches Twin Quilt in Nautical Prints! from Busy Hands Quilts

Another finish from 2019 was a twin size Scrappy Patches in nautical fabrics.  This quilt is the new cover for my Scrappy Patches pattern.

If you're looking for a jelly roll pattern that looks very random but is actually all planned out with no guesswork on how it goes together, Scrappy Patches is for you.  It is entirely strip pieced and goes together very quickly - an added bonus!

Quilt Stats:
Pattern:  Scrappy Patches, available here.
Size:  60" x 83"
Fabric:  On Deck, from Bluprint, available right here.
Batting:  Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 cotton/poly
Backing:  Red quatrefoil on white ...

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January 22, 2020
Laurel Queen Size Quilt Kit from Busy Hands Quilts

Today I can reveal some of last year's Secret Sauce Sewing!  Laurel is a queen size quilt pattern I designed for Bluprint in June of 2019 with their beautiful new fabric collection, Dutch Garden III.

Laurel is a square medallion quilt with wide borders centered around a giant star, and it's made with very large HSTs and squares which make the quilt go together very quickly.  I made this quilt sample in two days, from cutting to binding; it is quick!

Yes, I do have an orange wall in my house!  Both of my boys {men, actually} moved ...

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October 29, 2019
Summer on the Porch Queen Quilt from Busy Hands Quilts

Summer on the Porch hanging on my clothesline, a flashback to the warm, sunny days of summer.

This is the quilt that I broke the clothesline with, not because of its weight, but because of my impatience.  You can read about that over here.

This quilt kit has 4.9 star reviews on Bluprint.  :)

This fabric collection is called Garden Party.  When you click on this link, you will see the entire collection, as well as other projects made from the collection.  My Gooseberry Pie design is also kitted in Garden Party, in addition to the cutest Christmas Stockings!  You ...

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