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August 6, 2021
Gran’s Bead Box 17, 18 from Virtual Quilter

Nice one, and it brings back memories of being allowed to play with button boxes when I was little … by my Mum and grandmother on dad’s side of the family. Scattered amongst the buttons were beads, and some of them were pearls.

Love the quilting in the second design.

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November 10, 2020
Beaded Fans 14, 15, 16 from Virtual Quilter

Love playing with beads … I fix, modify and make a few bits of jewellery from time to time, and have been known to add beads to a quilt, and of course, love appliqueing beads to quilts, both real and virtual.

Interesting, though the fans are not going to be very effective on a hot day.

Very interesting! Love it so far, but needs some work.

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February 16, 2020
Bunch of Beads 14, 15, 16 from Virtual Quilter

One simple shape, but lots of them!

I didn’t like the first centre, so made a change … much better. I like the new border colour too.

Love the last one!

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