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August 16, 2019
Basting done........... from Exuberant Color

I finished thread basting the African fabric quilt.  Now I need to finish quilting the X and + quilt with my straight stitch machine so I can start quilting this one.

I pressed the last batch of scrappy batik Hunter star blocks and decided to see how they all look up on the design wall.  This is a long term project started last year and in no hurry to finish this year.  I'll keep cutting blocks as I have batiks out to cut for other projects.

I washed the black and white quilt that I used the Warm and Plush ...

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August 12, 2019
Basting............ from Exuberant Color

Since I don't have friends coming to sew this week I will use my double table (60" x 96" for thread basting.  I have been wanting to do this for a long time but I know how to procrastinate very well......

 I finished this quilt top a year ago and since it isn't real large I decided to baste it first.  I got the backing fabric pressed and seamed together and had all of my layers ready by noon yesterday.  I worked on it on and off through the afternoon and finished basting it about 8:30 p ...

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February 28, 2019
A source............ from Exuberant Color

I have talked many times about hand basting my quilts but it has always been difficult to find a source for the needles and thread that I recommend. My friend Beth who is the owner of the "I Have a Notion" online store is now carrying both of these supplies (plus many other great items).  Click here to go to her website. Click on Store under the header.  The thread is under "other threads" and is the smaller size spool which is enough to baste several quilts.  The needles are under Notions and then Hand Stitching.  There are 25 needles ...

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January 23, 2019
How to hand baste a quilt top from Patchwork Posse

Learn how to hand baste a quilt top. This is for prepping the quilt either for machine quilting or hand quilting. Hints and tips to help as well!

This past year I’ve been attending and actually was the president of the Salt Lake Modern Quilt Guild.

It’s been a lot of fun exploring new techniques and styles of quilting.

One of the things I did as the president was set up a quilt along for the year.

It was based on the GeeBend Quilts- trying to get to know the style and step out a little bit of ...

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January 20, 2019
Basting Day from The Quilt Yarn

I have tried spray basting, but continue to go back to pin basting. Still doing the old 'crawling' around on the floor. Thought I show you how I pin baste on the pieced backing of that very pastel quilt I am doing.

I first tape the backing to the floor keeping it taut, but not stretched. As I got tiles in the kitchen area, I align my backing with the tiles and mark the centre of the quilt top both vertically and horizontally.

Given that this is a scrappy pieced backing I used heaps of tape to keep the backing ...

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January 10, 2019
Qulting, basting, sorting............. from Exuberant Color

I finished quilting this colorwash about a half hour after taking this photo.  I pulled out the bastings and will get it trimmed and choose binding today.

I got the next one basted while doing laundry.

I'm going through boxes and found some old quilt books from around 1990.

They were all great books in their time period.  In fact the Seminole Patchwork book is still one of the best on the subject.

The Fons and Porter Ocean Wave book is from 1989.  All of these will probably go to Goodwill.

This book is autographed by Marjorie Puckett to ...

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December 31, 2018
Ready to quilt................ from Exuberant Color

I finished the basting and chose all of the threads for quilting the colorwash.  The fabric at the bottom is the backing folded back so I could match bobbin thread to it.  Today I really need to push to get this finished.  I was feeling rather lazy yesterday and didn't accomplish much.
I did manage to get all of the top strips unpicked and only have 7 left to do on the bottom half.  If I stay up until midnight to bring in the new year maybe I can get this top sewn together too.

The Amaryllis continues to ...

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September 24, 2018
Baste Away, Baste Away, Baste Away … from RobynsPatch

After having explored and had a go any the many ways a quilt can be basted, I seem to stick to my ‘go to’ favourite method – spray basting using ‘505’. It is quick, doesn’t add weight to the quilt, … Continue reading

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September 14, 2018
Dot ‘n Dash Quilt Along Week 5 – Backing and Basting from Christa Quilts

I love quilt alongs and the best part is seeing the variety you all are making! It makes my day. </p>
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August 19, 2018
Long arm basting for hand quilting from Wendy's Quilts and More

Some of you have asked for more information about getting quilts basted by a long armer for hand quilting. Here's what I do.

My long armer lets customers bring their own batting and backing, so I tend to do that.  The back needs to be quite a bit wider than the top, so they can attach it to the rails.  Ask your long armer about their requirements before you prepare your backing.

My long armer sews straight rows across the quilt approximately 3" apart.  She uses a big stitch length of 1.5", as shown in the photo above ...

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July 3, 2018
Taming The Beast from The Quilt Yarn

I finally knuckled down and attacked the basting of my 1000 Pyramids quilt. Was unsure exactly how I would do this, i.e. whether to spray baste or to pin paste. This quilt turned out a bit big, approx. 66in x 87in! I have done spray basting before and like it but have little room to do it and also was not a friend of the mess that it created around the basted piece (i.e. had to wash the floor twice as all that sticky stuff was spread out all over the place as I got it on my ...

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May 28, 2018
Hypnotic from Sew........This Is My Blog

May seems to be going much better than last month as far as goals go.  I'm "this close" to completing the batik quilt I started at the beginning of the month.  

These two blocks make up the design.  The pattern is "Hypnotic" from the Book Strip Therapy 2 by Brenda Henning.   

I tried to lay out the blocks in a different way than the pattern dictated, but I couldn't come up with anything I liked better.  I do like the original design.   

I knew I needed to make 32 blocks, but after they were made and I started ...

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April 23, 2018
I Actually Accomplished Something from 120 Blocks

Note, I said I accomplished something. I didn’t reach the goal for the weekend, but I got pretty close. The goal for the weekend had been to get the borders on the Disappearing Pinwheel quilt and get both it and … Continue reading

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April 2, 2018
Spray Basting Tutorial – Using a Table from Christa Quilts

Recently I shared a tutorial on spray basting using a design wall. Today’s tutorial shows how to modify the spray basting process using a table instead. Note that my pictures are all taken outside but once the quilt layers have been sprayed outdoors,  you can assemble the quilt inside using any size table.

Improv Squares Quilt Using Modern Marks

The quilt shown in this tutorial is Improv Squares, made from Modern Marks fabric.
Click here to get the Improv Squares quilt pattern – printed version shipped to you.
Click here to get the Improv Squares quilt pattern – instant PDF download.

Step 1 – Spray the back side ...

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January 20, 2018
You Guys!! Look What I Quilted Yesterday! My Math Quilt Is Ready for Binding! from Cheeky Cognoscenti

Our so-called "winter storm" shut down the entire city of Charlotte for three whole days, y'all.  And apparently all it takes for me to get over my Quilter's Block is three unexpected days off from EVERYTHING, spent in my pajamas, in my studio, watching YouTube tutorials.  I started -- and finished -- quilting my first real quilt on my longarm machine.  This particular quilt has been a WIP (Work In Progress) for me for two and a half years, inspired by doodling that my son Lars did on graph paper in his 8th grade math notebook.  Hence the black math ...

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December 7, 2017
Wall Basting Tutorial Using Spray Adhesive from Christa Quilts

One of the secrets to successful machine quilting is basting your quilts properly. So today I will share with you my favorite way to baste a quilt using 505 basting spray and my design wall. You can definitely modify this technique and baste your quilts on a table, but I prefer the design wall because I can get up close to the quilt and make sure it’s nice and flat.

I’m demonstrating how to baste my Modern Puzzle quilt. Get the free quilt pattern here.

Click here to grab a Modern Puzzle Quilt Kit featuring Modern Marks.

Wall Basting Quilt Tutorial for Modern Puzzle Free Quilt Pattern

Wall ...

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November 12, 2017
How To Baste A Quilt &#8211; Pins And Spray from Blossom Heart Quilts

Knowing how to baste a quilt is an important step in the quilting process. But unlike roasting Thanksgiving or Christmas turkeys, there’s no meat juices involved, just some tape and curved safety pins or basting spray! Basting is what the process is called when you layer a quilt top with batting and backing fabric (affectionately referred to as a quilt sandwich), using pins or basting spray to temporarily hold it all together so that you can quilt it together.

Note – if you are sending your quilt top to a longarm quilter, then they will baste the quilt for you ...

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