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January 9, 2019
My Top Three Sewing Machines for Quilting/Embroidery from Quilter's Hangout

I’ve been quilting since 2010 and have struggled with the small machine I have.  It’s doable, but there is a lot of pulling and tugging involved. Don’t get me wrong,...

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February 20, 2018
Read this before you buy a sewing machine – Top brands, cost and features you need for quilting from Quilt Addicts Anonymous

I am always being asked what to look for when buying a sewing machine on YouTube and in our shop, Quilt Addicts Anonymous in Rock Island, IL. So this video goes over absolutely everything you need to know about buying a sewing machine for quilting.

I go over the features and accessories you need if you want to use it for quilting, brands that are good and have sewing machines at a variety of price points so you can get a great machine no matter what your budget, the importance of buying from a local quilt shop or sewing machine ...

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