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January 17, 2021
Artful Oven Mitts Again from Tales of a Stitcher

One of the first sort of quasi-original things I did in my quilting life was create the Artful Oven Mitt.

Years ago, I used to make holiday gifts for all of my loved ones. Basically, I worked myself up into a stitching frenzy—all because I had to make those gifts. I see now it was a faux deadline and really just an excuse to abandon all other obligations.

I can’t cook dinner. I have to make 30 oven mitts in the next ten days. Don’t you get it? Find someone else to change your diaper. I’ve ...

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December 20, 2020
Winter Teaching Schedule 2021 from Tales of a Stitcher

Happy Holidays and Cheers to a NEW YEAR! If there is one thing that we all need right now, it is a NEW YEAR.

For those of you committed to improving your quilting skills in the next few months, I have just the thing for you—Virtual Quilt Workshops!. Here is the upcoming schedule of teaching events that I am offering to the general public.

Aztecian 36” x 36” Private Collection

Everything I am teaching directly (without a guild or festival) will always be listed on my blog at this link, but you may have to scroll down to see ...

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