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April 15, 2015
Lucey is Here!!! from Kathleen Quilts


This my old frame and machine on the last day before it got moved to mom’s basement.  Because…

APQS Sponsorship

As I’ve mentioned, my life is super awesome, and I’ve been sponsored by Sparrow Studioz, which mean’s I get a APQS Lucey in my living room for the next year!


So yesterday morning Dad and Rocky took down my old machine and frame, to make room for the new one. Which means for a couple hours I actually had a living room.


Or at least half a living room, because everything just got shoved to the other side ...

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March 3, 2015
The Millennium is HERE! from Pumpkin in Patch Quilter

Well, my Millennium has finally arrived!  Truthfully, it was shipped out far quicker than I had ever anticipated it would be.  To say that I am excited, in love, over the moon - not only is a given but the understatement of the year!!!!!

For curious minds - this is a certified used 2000 APQS Millennium that I purchased directly through APQS.  I have for the past two years been quilting on a 1999 Ultimate 1 that had no stitch regulation - really no additional features outside of the one stitch button.

I am not going to lie I am in love with ...

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