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March 28, 2021
Sunday Catch-Up from Samelia's Mum

Happy Sunday! We're almost through the first month of autumn, so our days are still nice (it's reached 30ºC the last couple of days) but the evenings are getting much cooler.

Cooler evenings mean that it's nice to crochet or hand quilt a project. My Berry Pie Blanket is coming along nicely and I've added 26 rows since my last post. Each colour is 2 rows.

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February 19, 2020
Basket of HopeI am on a basket making frenzy!  Why?  I will... from Living Water Quilter

Basket of Hope

I am on a basket making frenzy!  Why?  I will submit an application and hope to be accepted in a local outdoor art festival this summer. The artist application requires a photo of your booth/table set-up. So, it means I need to make baskets for the photo as well as for the festival.( Assuming I am accepted.)


I try to design/make a few baskets each week to meet my goals.  Since my schedule is over-the-top full, I often double or triple dip projects. One project will cover more than one commitment.  This time I decided ...

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October 23, 2019
Loving the DestinationI love visiting other countries. I’m not a... from Living Water Quilter

Loving the Destination

I love visiting other countries. I’m not a fan of the hours of plane, train or car travel required to reach the destination. Experiencing  the sights, the sounds, the food, flora, fauna and the culture is the best part.

I renewed my passport recently and decided I wanted a new and improved cover with Kraft-tex.  Kraft-tex is the paper product that sews like fabric and can look like leather. It can be stamped, dyed, washed and more.

NOTE: CT Publishing provided the designer Kraft-tex for this project.


Radiant Orchid is a vibrant designer dyed and ...

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