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September 13, 2017
blocks en provence from Making A Lather

I have been sewing En Provence blocks - a quiltville mystery from last year. There are many pieces in each block and 16 blocks. I am very happy with how well the blocks are piecing. I planned on trimming them, but very few needed any attention.

 The sashing strips are going to create a secondary star pattern - pretty exciting

 I try to make at least one glitter - Jen Kingwell block a day, because they are just fun. I don't want to focus on them just yet, so just a block or two keeps it going.

And in between en provence ...

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August 15, 2017
some parts are just boring from Making A Lather

I have a little quilter's ad(h)d - definitely without the h - no hyperactivity here. For Aunt Marys irish chain, I am making flying geese using the quilt in a day flying geese ruler. I am not enjoying the process. It seems like extra work and wasteful. Still, once I committed, and cut the squares, there was no going back. So I have been marking and sewing and marking and sewing and trimming and trimming.

Maybe when all is said and done, the perfect little geese will scream it was worth it, but so far I am not hearing ...

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August 13, 2017
Summer Star Sew Along Step 5 from Butterfly Threads

The border options have finally arrived! The first option is the one that was originally shown every week so far. The next two options are for making the quilt in two smaller sizes. Obviously, you can make your borders any way you want, or not make any at all. Why not just make nine patches from the star fabric if you want them to be colorful? I encourage you to play with it and just have fun. I can't wait to see what you all come up with!

finished size of quilt is 92'' x 92''

Option 1 uses ...

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August 6, 2017
Scrappy Summer Star Sew Along Step 4 from Butterfly Threads

Welcome to Step 4 of the Sew Along! 

I know you feel like you've made a million nine patches and you almost have. Congratulations!! Some of you have suggested that we have a 'catch up' week, but I decided that since this step is easier, it will help those of you who need the extra time. 

If you are just now joining us, here are the other steps for you to see how we've gotten this far:

As promised, we are keeping it easy this week ...

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July 30, 2017
Summer Star Scrappy Sew Along Step 3 from Butterfly Threads

If you are tired of making nine patches from strips, this week is good news for you! We are making nine patches from squares and half square triangles instead! LOL We are going to make nine patches the old fashioned way this time. But we don't have nearly as many to make as we did last week and the week before, so don't worry! And as always, this is NOT a race. Work at your own pace and enjoy using up those scraps. If you are just joining the fun you'll want to check out the first ...

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June 16, 2017

I'm going to stick my nose out there for a minute...I read in one of my friends blogs about a lady giving her a bad time for making a quilt in the pattern the woman was going to publish in a book and take claim for the pattern...its a very old pattern and I think she needs to do more history on the block instead of claiming it as hers....heres mine...


...I have been making this pattern for over 40 years, a simple pattern that really doesn't need claimed by anyone...
...I have more but ...

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May 13, 2017
Find my tutorial on Craftsy today! from Butterfly Threads

I am still working on the star mini quilt that I promised to share this weekend. Tomorrow will be the day hopefully! Until then, you can enjoy this little tutorial I wrote for Craftsy.

Have a wonderful day!

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November 15, 2016
Oh Wow, I didn’t realize from Terificreations's Weblog

If you have a moment check out the most recent issue of Stashed! That so much time passed since my last post. Sheesh. The last few weeks have been very intense personally. With the City Quilter closing, needing to look for work, and longing to be creative. The last few days I’ve had the opportunity to … Continue reading Oh Wow, I didn’t realize

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