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January 11, 2019
Tiny foursomes from The Academic Quilter

Hi everyone, and thank goodness it's Friday!  I could not wait for this week to be over.  I spent a good bit of it with a really terrible migraine, the kind where all you can really do is lie down in a dark room and whimper.  Sadly, few people can take that option for very long, so I actually had to try to *do things.*  I was unsuccessful at most of it.

Thankfully, my head is mostly better now, and it's the weekend, so I can just kind of rest and try to catch up.  Obviously I got ...

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August 2, 2018
Grinding through the units from Art In Search

     The four patch HST floral quilt that I showed a block of previously has lots of component units- a 4 patch all floral, a 4 patch floral/background combo, HSTs with black and background, HSTs with black and inside light print. A lot of small unit assembly. 
     I am almost done, but for a few 4 patches and pressing some HSTs. The HST black/backgrund squares still have to be assembled into a flying goose shape. It feels like I am going in slo mo. 
     So here are the parts laid out on the pressing mat, and they fit very ...

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March 29, 2018
A few blocks............. from Exuberant Color

I was gone all morning yesterday and when I got home I needed to bake a requested treat for a family member.  Late in the day I got some 3" strips cut to make a couple more 16 patch blocks.
These are the bonus 4 patches made with the remainder of the strips.  Three of these fabrics are older Kaffe's and the wild one is a newer one.

There are still some batik fabric packs left in my pop-up shop as well as other items.  The shop will close midnight EST Sunday.

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March 28, 2018
I found it!............ from Exuberant Color

Off and on last week I was looking for the box with the Kaffe triangles in it and yesterday I found it!  Back in 2010 before I had a die cutter I rotary cut 6.5" squares and cut them in half diagonally.  I made at least 3 quilt tops (2 of them were sold) and I knew there were some leftover triangles.
It is hard to cut the squares exactly on the diagonal so there was always a little variance in the size of the triangles.  I decided to take the leftovers to my Studio die cutter and cut ...

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February 28, 2018
Quilt Snips Mini Tutorial – Strips & Four Patch Quilt from The Cutting Table Quilt Blog - A Blog for Quilters by Quilters

learn a quick and easy way to create this darling pattern.

Another fun and simple way to utilize those 2.5″ strips is with the darling Strips & 4 Patch method. This quilt will come together so quickly you will use this pattern for all your last minute gifts! Click the image or the button to watch the full tutorial and the Quilt Snips!
Watch the Latest Tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Co!

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January 12, 2018
4×4 Quilt Tutorial from The Cutting Table Quilt Blog - A Blog for Quilters by Quilters

Learn a fast and easy way to remake this classic look.

A 4 x 4 truck can get you out of a sticky situation in deep snow or mud. A 4 x 4 wooden beam can support an amazingly heavy load. But a 4-patch quilt block? Well, that might be the most powerful of all!

Jenny teaches a fun and fast way to recreate this classic look!

Quilters have been stitching up 4-patches since the dawn of quilts. They’re true quilting powerhouses: easy to make and endlessly versatile! Put ‘em together in just the right order, and you’ve got a beautiful new 4 x 4 quilt! Click HERE for a free PDF download/printable of the image below!

This PDF is a great way to imagine this quilt in a different color pattern.

Click the button ...

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