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January 8, 2019
Improv triangles from High Road Quilter

I have been cutting and sewing improv triangles for a border of the rail fence quilt. I am thoroughly enjoying the process.

Today, I am appreciating the sun and the rainbow, and my sister for telling me to go outside to see it.

Yesterday, I appreciated my coworkers for their helpful advice and for showing that they have the same concerns I do.

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January 7, 2019
My Plans for the Year 2019 from High Road Quilter

Just a preview of things you may expect to see on this blog. It is another sunny day and although I shouldn't be making plans on sunny days because they tend to be overreaching, it is good to dream and maybe accomplish some of those dreams.

I signed up for the Dust Off a Quilt Book Blog Hop with Beaquilter. The goal is to take a book off the shelf, dust it off and make a project out of it. I already have a project I have started from a book on my shelf, and my hope is that ...

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January 6, 2019
Another Sunny Winter Day from High Road Quilter

It was another pretty day today and the sun was out.  Today, I appreciate the sun and the birds.

I spent time cutting out more fabric - yellow and black.  I'm not used to doing this much cutting at a time, but the sun is out so I don't mind. It will make the sewing part quicker.

I also appreciate the library for the friendly staff, and all the inspiration, knowledge, and pretty pictures I can find in their books.

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January 4, 2019
Sunlight in Winter from High Road Quilter

Today, I am appreciating that the sun is shining.  It puts an extra bounce in my step, and the fact that it is Friday today, I have the weekend off, and the party music is already playing, has me practically dancing!

In case you missed it, I am making the Garden Mosaic quilt. I will be making mine all in yellow and white. It only has 16 blocks and is made up of these cute little blocks. I've already more than 16 of these cute blocks, but the people who have made this quilt before me have told me ...

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2019 Calendar from High Road Quilter

I promised you yesterday that I would show you my 2019 calendar.  I did the same thing I did in years past to make the calendar - grab some random photos of my quilts and throw them in there and make some minor tweaks before calling it done.  Since it is just for me, it doesn't have to be perfect.

I think this picture was easily accessible because I used it in a previous calendar. Looking at the Trip Around the World quilt, the border isn't that wide, so I think I will be able to quilt this and ...

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January 2, 2019
365 Days of Appreciation from High Road Quilter

Let's see if I can show 365 Days of Appreciation. I thought about finding just one thing to appreciate, so I would have enough throughout the year, but I have decided that there is nothing wrong with appreciating more than one thing a day, and nothing wrong with appreciating the same thing more than once.

Day 1

I already missed posting yesterday, but yesterday, I appreciated:

  1. Zeus - he keeps me on schedule and makes sure I get my exercise every day and that I eat on time.
  2. Day Off - I appreciated having a day off to start following my ...

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