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August 9, 2020
Wednesday's Word: Psalm 22. Wednesday Wrap Ups: 1930's Baby Quilt/Table Topper! I Like Vintage Quilts from Faith, Trust and Breast Cancer

Wednesday's Word:  
Let’s continue with the verses from Until We Reach Home by Lynn Austin. As her sisters are hospitalized on Ellis Island, Sofia finds herself all alone waiting for them to recover. Her friend shares yet more Scriptures with her. 

So much is happening in our world, in our nation, even in our homes!
Perhaps you are also waiting for loved ones to recover from an illness/addiction.
Perhaps you are also feeling abandoned by God.
Perhaps you are putting on a brave, cheerful face all the while feeling all alone in your own private pain, your ...

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August 4, 2020
Saturday's Song: Everything He Forgot. Slow Stitching: 30's Table Topper. Stash Report from Faith, Trust and Breast Cancer

Saturday's Song:  Everything He Forgot

This song spoke to me on so many different levels… 

I have sinned. 
I have disappointed people. 
I have hurt others. 
I have…I have…I have…the list goes on and on. 
If I let myself, 
I can go to a 
dark place of 
unforgiveness and depression 
over my mistakes. 

But, praise God for His grace and for repentance! 

A simple Google search of “God forgets our sins Scriptures”, leads to many results. One of my favorite verses is this one: 

Can you imagine God – the very God we serve - 
literally hurling our ...

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