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April 18, 2014
Customer Service isn’t dead from Lisa H Calle's Blog

I have spent my life in customer service oriented jobs….. waitress, bartender, flight attendant, retail, longarm quilter….. I love working with people and always have.  I think it is safe to say that I am a customer service snob.   I love when I get service above and beyond  what is expected… sadly, it doesn’t happen very often.  I am thrilled to say that customer service, above and beyond, isn’t dead.  Enter Maddie Kertay of Spool.

I needed some fabric for a particular quilt and was perusing their website.  I found what I was looking for but was having ...

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Goddess Tree from Lost Quilt Come Home Page

CreatingGayle-GoddessTreeGayle CreatingGayle is searching for a five-panel art quilt called “Goddess Tree.” This quilt was last see on March 10, 2014 at the Tampa International Post Office. All of the panels were securely packaged and labeled for shipment from Tampa, Florida to Colorado Springs, Colorado. Attempts to track this package have been futile. Gayle doesn’t know if it was stolen, damaged, mis-routed, or if the shipping label was ripped off.

When arranged together as a collage, it is about 4 ft by 5 ft. The quilt has a white background, a brown/black trunk and limbs, and multicolor leaves ...

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Un-Plug from Quilting Daze

My poor blog has been dying a very slow death so I've made a decision.
I think it's time to UN-PLUG for awhile. 
I'm spending entirely too much time on my computer.
Blogs, Facebook, Pinterest, etc are sucking up my time because I'm not very disciplined. 
I don't know when I'll be back but I hope you'll still be here when I do.
In the meantime please enjoy lots and lots of pieceful days!
In Friendship!

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Frohe Ostertage! from quilts and more

Mit diesem kleinen Osterquilt sende ich euch herzliche Ostergrüße und wünsche euch ein 
schönes Osterfest!
Ich habe ihn noch schnell vor Ostern nach einer Vorlage von Regina Grewe genäht. Habe die Originalvorlage etwas verkleinert, damit er an meinen Mini-Quiltständer passt.

With this little Easter quilt I am sending you warm Easter greetings and wish you a
Happy Easter!
I have sewn it just in time before Easter after a pattern by Regina Grewe. I reduced the original pattern in size a bit to fit in my mini quilt stand.

Außerdem gibt es einen neuen Hobbit-Block: Smaug (nach einer Vorlage von ...

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Herzen from Grit's Life

Hallo Ihr Lieben,

ich hatte mal wieder Lust weiter an meinen Resteherzen zu nähen. Ich nähe sie aus den Resten meines *** Regenbogenquilts *** . Es sind noch einige Herzen zu nähen.
Die Herzen werden auf Papier genäht und sind ohne Rand 7,5 x 7, 5 cm groß.

Hi lovelies,

I sewed hearts in the last days. They are from scraps from my 
*** Rainbow quilt *** . 
There are a lot of hearts to sew.
The hearts are sewed with Paper Piecing and size without the whit border is 3 x 3 Inch.

Und noch kleinere Herzen.

Ich wünsche Euch allen ein wunderschönes Osterfest ...

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Looking for Chicken Dinner from Patchwork Times by Judy Laquidara

Sometimes I’m a wimp . . and I’m always a wimp when it comes to setting the traps. They scare me and I just almost refuse to mess with them but often, it gets dark before Vince gets everything done and he doesn’t keep the traps set. They need to be set every night and […]

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What we work today? from Quilty Cat

Today I decided to start working to cover the ottoman. Trudi was immediately offered to help ... obviously in his way. 

 These are the colors I had chosen ... 

 ... and Trudi seems to approve. 

                        But for the measures I guess I'll wait until tomorrow

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The Child Prodigy from CollectInTexas Gal

AtoZ Challenge...Letter P's fiction from forgotten fotos
...continued from Letters N-O...Naturalization Papers and the Orphaned Boy

"Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the conductor for this evenings performance of La Boheme, Henry Schurtz Thorensen".

As our son turned to the audience and acknowledged the introduction, I turned to his mother and said, "Look, Hilda, our Henry has fulfilled his destiny." 

Henry raised his baton and with a subtle motion to the 'Strings', the violins opening chords filled the Metropolitan Opera House.  Tears filled my eyes and I was transported back to the time I first heard these opening ...

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Cleaning the studio?? from Katy Did Art


The sewing room is a disaster area right now. I’m trying to get it organized, which means that I am pulling things out of boxes and trying to decide if I need to keep them or get rid of them. There are “keep” piles and “giveaway” piles and bags for the stuff that should have been thrown away years ago!!!


So the studio looks like a bomb has gone off and scattered fabric and books and craft supplies on every surface in the room!!

And I’m finding all kinds of projects that I’ve started and then never ...

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Maybe I CAN Sew Clothes! from From Edge 2 Edge


I have a confession to make. David and I are Project Runway, Under the Gunn junkies. We are always inspired by what they design and try to figure out ways to use those ideas or colors in our art quilts.

I have probably watched all the seasons multiple times and I am almost convinced that if they can put together those fabulous outfits in a matter of a few days, perhaps given a week or so, I can come up with a T-shirt that will fit.

I have headed out to the local fabric store that sells cotton knits and ...

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Left overs and orphans from Katie and Kwilts

Before I cut fabric to make a quilt, I always try the pattern first using scraps.  Therefore, I have orphans.  And then there is the figuring out if I’ve cut the right size.  Sometimes when  I’m working out a new technique that I’ve seen or a new block, I try to figure it out on my own and end up with odd size units.  Or, I will make too many of one unit and have the left overs.  So what to do with these?  Now I love scrappy quilts but most of the time these orphans and ...

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Seminole Stripping: Not Done in the Nude from Threadbender's Quilt Shop

Kathleen McCormick From Cambridge Quilts
We've talked about cutting strips and resewing them to make intricate patchwork.

The Seminole Indians have always been the masters of this. Seminoles were a tribe in the Florida cypress swamps. The people who had come to Christianize them also taught them to sew quilts as well. But they were developed a form of  strip patchwork that involved stitching, cutting and restitching.
 Vintage Seminole Skirt From/Miss Farfalla's Etsy Shop
Traditionally they made clothing with their piecing. This is a traditional Seminole skirt. They also made jackets, shirts and other garments, as well ...

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A Little of This, A Little of That from Quilt Matters

Happy Easter all! Did you hear? Craftsy's having a super Easter sale. Sweet!

Enjoy up to 75% off all Fabric with Craftsy's BIG Easter Sale happening now!
Enjoy up to 75% off at Craftsy's BIG Easter Sale 



For those in the Ottawa area, I'm teaching a Modern Free Motion Quilting Sampler class on Wednesday, May 7th from 10 - 4 p.m. at The Country Quilter in Richmond. It's already almost full (woo hoo!) so if you're interested, sign up soon!


I've been working away on Scrap{Bee} 2.0. I finished the quilting ...

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Machine Quilters Exposition 2014 - Part 2 from Never Just Jennifer

I've been slowly plugging away at my triangle quilt this week, averaging about one row per night.  I'm on row 9 of 19 at the moment so I am making good progress.  I'm really hoping I can spend a day sewing this weekend and get the whole top pulled together.

I'm also so excited because Jeni Baker from In Color Order, featured my very own yet to be named triangle quilt in her weekly favorites round up!  Ahh! Pinch me!  See there it is in position #3  (Thanks so much Jeni!).  I feel so validated and ...

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Introducing Prism Parkway! Say hello to the newest Sassafras... from Wolf Creek Quilting

Introducing Prism Parkway!

Say hello to the newest Sassafras Lane pattern, Prism Parkway! This pattern was originally published in Quiltmaker Magazine awhile back and will now be available though us (Shayla & I)! This is a versatile, modern, triangular paper-piecing quilt pattern. The Prism Parkway pattern includes three quilt sizes (Venti [72” x 97”], Grande [54” x 75”] and Tall [36” x 54”]), two design options (one with wavy ends, and one without) and in-depth paper-piecing instructions. 
To make the cover quilt super-duper scrappy, Shayla and I split up the foundation papers and each made half of the blocks from our ...

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Spring Flowers 2014 from From My Carolina Home

It is almost Easter, and maybe the warmer days are finally here.  We had a freeze Tuesday night, and Wednesday night, and the higher mountains north of us got snow.  Luckily, the apple crop is probably OK, only losing about 10% of the blooms.  This county is a huge apple producer.   On the plus side, my tulips bloomed!  It seems that there are a few purple ones yet to come.  They were supposed to be all pink.  Close your eyes, Bonnie, pretty flowers coming!!

TulipsApril2014 TulipsApril2014a

And the redbud is in full bloom now.  Sorry the pictures are a bit dark, it ...

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Quilt Design A Day from Play Crafts

Thanks everyone for the lovely comments on the Paper Boat pattern we released on Wednesday!

In the meantime, more days have passed so more designs have been made.


3-18: feathered hues and blossoming hues – Playing with minimalism and repeats. I like that the one on the right evokes a cherry blossom feel without being too literal.

As of today, I’ve been making a design-a-day for two months. Wowza!


3-19: sprouting hues – I was inspired by the way ivy climbs up a wall which is both beautiful and destructive.

I feel like I’m starting to find my style, and ...

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Mug Rugs! from Butterfly Threads

I'm hosting my bee group here today and I made them each a little gift. I made mug rugs with star fish since I was in a Caribbean mood from my recent cruise. I made them assembly line style...

I cut scraps of batting into 5" x 7" rectangles, and backing fabric into 5.5" x 7.5" rectangles

Then I cut a bunch of scraps into random 6" strips. I just made a pile that looked like it would be enough, I didn't count. Each mug rug will require a different number of strips based on how ...

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Overabundance! from Dogwood Lane Rambles

What's going on here? Am I making some kind of crazy health food smoothy with the whole egg, shells and all? Not eggxactly, (see what I did there, now you know it's a post about eggs) although I hope this concoction will turn out to be healthy it's going to be for the birds not for me or for my health nut husband. We have an overabundance of eggs right now with all 15 hens in our flock laying like their little lives depended on it. That's a good thing right? Well, yes and no. Yes ...

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Doll Quilt Finale-2 days from Humble Quilts

I hope your little doll quilt is in the mail to your recipient. If you are like me, I'm trying to be patient. I have seen several lovely dolly quilts from the swap and am thrilled with them.

I did not make any one of these little quilts in my post. Aren't they cute?
If you have received a quilt from the swap, please be courteous and send them a thank you. If you do not have their email address please contact me and I will give it to you.
If you receive a quilt that you are ...

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