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June 5, 2020
!!!!!!!! from Pinkadot Quilts

I am a little frustrated. Blogger changed it's format and I am trying to figure it out.....why can't they leave wel enough alone?
My new ironing board cover. This is the one I use that is near my sewing machine to press blocks and small pieces of fabrics.

I love how it fills the space and makes it easy to iron a fat quarter. The top one is the old one, you can see how small it was.

I am doing the Alison Glass stitch along. It is to work on our hand stitching and enjoying the ...

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PJ 1121 Pauline Patch 5, 6 from Virtual Quilter

I keep finding stuff hidden away in Electric Quilt files … some of them dating back to 2013!

Many of them only have four or five designs, but his one has 24. Most of them are the basic blocks twisted and turned to see how they fit together, and these are interesting, but not show stoppers.

The second design is the basic block used in this series, in one of many possible colourings.

There are hundreds of ways to arrange the sixteen squares of the Drunkards Path pieces to create symmectrical blocks … these two designs are just two of them. Then ...

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Busy Day of Variety from Adventurous Quilter

Some days I seem to flit from one activity to another. Today I did several things:

 First I started a dye batch soaking! I used RIT Royal Blue dye and a Harmony Art Organic Design print called Vein was the fabric of choice:
 Then I went downstairs to my basement sewing studio and added a cell phone pocket to the bum of the shorts I made earlier this week.
This fabric is an organic cotton sateen by Harmony Art Organic Design you can buy it here:
HA on Organic Cotton Plus
Then I drafted a FREE printable tutorial! I'm ...

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I like Thursday from Happy Cottage Quilter

Ok, so where are we? Florida is fraught with Palm trees but this is not in the Sunshine State. This picture was taken in Australia, from one of the trips my daughter took a couple of years ago.

Wishing you a Happy Thursday!

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» My Quilt Corner

2020 Has been a rough ride so far, hasn't it?

As always, time gets away from me and then someone (Mom) makes a comment that I need to make more of an effort to upkeep my blog. I have no real excuse since I work from home....well, most of the world has been working from home now for the last 3 months. 

2020 started off benign enough. We had some big snow storms, and I was motivated to get back to sewing. That came crashing down very quickly in February, when our Haflinger became very ill. Jack is ...

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A Hexie Project + OMG June + FNwF from Samelia's Mum

It's been fairly quiet in the sewing room this week. I finished appliqueing all of the petals which I had prepared for my orange peel temperature quilt and need to make some more.
CONTINUED (Keep Reading) »

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June 4, 2020
What I’m Reading: Nothing More Dangerous from Jo's Country Junction

I have read several books by Allen Eskens and to date, I have loved every single one of them….seriously, they are all on my favorites list and it’s made me put Eskens on my list of very favorite authors.  I saw that he had a book I hadn’t read and I wanted to remedy that immediately so I burned an Audible credit and bought Nothing More Dangerous.

Nothing More Dangerous

The book reminds me much of a 70’s version on To Kill a Mockingbird.  For me, that is HIGH praise as that’s one of my all time favorite ...

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Easy Pork Chops from Patchwork Times by Judy Laquidara

I had pork chops defrosted that I had planned to cook yesterday and didn’t so today, I had to cook those. I’m not a huge fan of pork chops but Vince bought these when United had a buy one/get one on pork chops before the meat supply went crazy so . . I was looking...

The post Easy Pork Chops appeared first on Patchwork Times by Judy Laquidara.

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I LIke Thursday #196 from Not Afraid of Color

bird's eye view
Welcome to this week's list of likes.
I am not ignoring the issues going on in my country, I am heartsick over them. I also know that when going through bad times, humans need a break emotionally, for balance of good and evil.

 Now in an effort to balance the American Horror story we face,  here are some likes for the week
a neighbor's white flamingos... very rare!

 I liked painting this week, and reading comments from other people who find respite in painting 
more on Paint Party Friday post
I added in details ...

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Embroidery progress, and selling some things. from JulieKQuilts

I have finished the embroidery on this little quilt.  Except for the one blank square, which will be a signature and date square.  I have been sitting in one little corner, slowly and quietly stitching away on this piece.  

 I am selling some quilt things.  This quilt top is one I always intended to hand quilt, but I guess I will sell it instead.  It is a double wedding ring, as you see. 
 It is not perfect.  The rings are sewn by machine, and the melons are sewn by hand, at least the ones I saw.  There are a few ...

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Watching From the Dark from Ramblings of a Fabric Obsessor

<a href="" style="float: left; padding-right: 20px"><img border="0" alt="Watching from the Dark (DCI Jonah Sheens, #2)" src="" /></a><a href="">Watching from the

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Christmas In July, it's going to be fun! from Pat Sloan's Blog


Who love a GREAT Christmas in July project?? Me.... Me.... ME!!

In this article:

  • NEW! July 2 - Jelly Snowflake Mystery
  • Daily Videos - June is Quilt your Own Quilt
  • June 24 - Block Wednesday 'Going on a Picnic'
  • June 29 - Jolly Bar Sew Along
  • July 23 - Good Morning Mugs Sew Along
  • Fabulous National Park Panels!
  • Status of 'Bring Home the Tree' Sew along

SIGN UP for Notices so you don't miss a thing!

Jollyseason-fqb-circle Gladtidings-fqb-circle_1 Il_570xN.1887837689_4oyb

*** Jelly Snowflake - The Schedule & Fabric ***

Every Thursday In July starting with July 2, which is my day to kick it off! Then you'll visit my friends, Bev ...

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New Daily stitching from Notes from Studio B

2020 Weekly Leaf, week 23, Burr Oak Leaf Series
Eco/botanical print on vintage silk

Daily Collage days 25-29
I've switched it up and am using 5 inch square pieces of recycled cardboard for the base and gel medium to apply papers.

I've gone 21 days without doing a daily stitching project and I missed having it to start my studio time. The daily collages are enjoyable but I missed the stitching. Doing the collages has made me very aware of how much stuff I have tucked away to use someday, so much that it gets overwhelming. While ...

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Pieced backs from leftovers and linky parties... from Dreamworthy Quilts

Jennifer from Inquiring Quilter inspired me to get to work on quilting my Arizona quilt.  I had not planned on it yet, but I happened to have a piece of batting that fit perfectly for this very large quilt.  Arizona is 85" x 105".

I did not have backing fabric for it, but there were may leftover and precut pieces.  I went to work and ended up with this.  I kind of like how it turned out.

This is the front of Arizona.  I hope to begin basting it today.

I also used leftover blocks and pieces to make a ...

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Elliptical Quilt: Construction Tips from IVORY SPRING

Hello Friends, Happy Thursday to you.  I am glad you stopped by today!  Here is a fun tip for you before we go further!  I am guessing you probably have folded fabric stacks somewhere in your sewing space.  I find these fabric stacks a great way to keep track of units I construct for my quilt blocks.  Just stick a pin and the units to a fabric stack — and chances are, you won’t lose them like I would if I place my units somewhere on my sewing desk.   I have tried using trays, but I think because I work ...

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I Like Thursday #54 from The Knitting Quilter

Today is Thursday so it's time for some positive and happy posts. It's been tough this week. The news is bleak. Covid is still among us. I'll have to be honest and say I really had to hunt for anything positive and uplifting. I managed to find a few. We're all staying in more due to Covid. My husband likes to light a fire on our patio in the back yard. Here's his fire pit. Our neighbors have actually joined us. We've come to know them much better not just as neighbors, but friends ...

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I Like Thursday #54 from Knitting Quilter

Today is Thursday so it's time for some positive and happy posts. It's been tough this week. The news is bleak. Covid is still among us. I'll have to be honest and say I really had to hunt for anything positive and uplifting. I managed to find a few. We're all staying in more due to Covid. My husband likes to light a fire on our patio in the back yard. Here's his fire pit. Our neighbors have actually joined us. We've come to know them much better not just as neighbors, but friends ...

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Two for Christine from Night Owl Quilting

This cheerful quilt was made by Christine. She chose the Curl and Swirl pantogrpah for this one.

This fun arrows quilt was made as mystery project in her sewing group.  no waste in this one as the scraps from the arrows were used in the border!  Christine chose the popcorn pantograph for this one.

Christine found the a flannel backing that complemented the top perfectly.

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Applique in Reds, Chunky Chocolate Cherry Muffins, Hummers are Back from Canadian Needle Nana

Hello all, It is ceiling fan time at the wooden house. Thankfully these are in all rooms (except the small ex sewing room) with two in the main area.

  Cloudy today but muggy. While the world is tragically chaotic, all is as our new usual for us.  We are venturing out a little more with forays to the grocery store in our masks and trying to lose the feeling that we look ridiculous like white haired robbers.

We lost a day and then gained it back. We blamed that on last Saturday feeling like Sunday. Hubby ordered the same thing ...

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