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May 25, 2016
Growing Season from Bunbear Quilts

My two cherry tomato plants in that container are growing like crazy!  I'm really pleased with how well they are doing.  They have tiny tomatoes on them already, too!  Can't wait until it's full of them!

We have to keep the plants up on the deck, away from Addy.  I think she would probably make quick work of them, and tear them right out of the pots!  She does like to dig, but not as bad as some of the dogs we have had.  Mostly Addy likes to dig by the bushes for a cool place to ...

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No Reply Bloggers from Stitchin at Home

I am amazed at the number of no reply bloggers I've had in the ongoing giveaway of 'Crafted Applique'. You can see my projects here and still enter the giveaway.

I like to reply to any comments I receive. I think it helps to interact with you who have taken the time to leave a comment and also it just seems rude not to reply.
BUT, if you're a no-reply blogger, it doesn't allow me to respond to your comment via email because your email address isn't listed, when I hit reply it instead sends to ...

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Graduation Season from Love Laugh Quilt

It's graduation season.
Time to FINISH the quilts!

This is the last of three graduate quilts
that will be given away SOON!

My blue scraps and leftover shirts
did NOT disappoint me!

A simple loopy quilting pattern was
easy and brainless.

my stash yielded some nice CHUNKS for the backing!

I enjoy making
Don't you???

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sunny's quilt top from Crazy Mom Quilts

Our neighbor girl, Sunny, is about as sweet as they come. She graduated from high school last Friday and her dad passed away in January. So, for two reasons she needs a quilt! I had no idea what her tastes are, so a few weeks ago I invited her over to help pick fabric for her quilt. I would much rather have her input and make something that she likes rather than try to guess what she might like. (I did guess and I was terribly wrong. Hahaha!)

This was our initial fabric pull and she chose this pattern. I ...

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Done! from Mrs Moen

Year end accounts?Done!

Taxes? Done!
Shredding? Done!
Feeling relieved? You bet! 

These are my shredded papers, not my accounts and taxes - in case you're wondering..

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OMG It's Finished! Linkup May 2016 from Red Letter Quilts

Okay, I sure hope ya'll have had better success with your One Monthly Goal this month than I have!

Perhaps I was a wee bit optimistic: Summer Gathering still waits patiently for me, leading the queue beside Mr. Juki. Of course, I wish I were sharing a finished quilt today! Instead, I will share the little projects I am toting with me tonight to the Las Vegas Modern Quilter's meeting.

Two block-lotto blocks, and a hummingbird I made for the Drunkard's Path block challenge. I was inspired by a quilt shared recently by Susan, who blogs at ...

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Crafted Applique Book Tour & Giveaway from Susie's Sunroom

BuzzinBumble blog

Welcome to the Crafted Applique' : New Possibilities Book Tour !

There's a new book in town !   Lara Buccella,  of  Buzzin Bumble blog,  has written her first book . She has been busier {than a bee !}  for a couple of years, fine tuning her   instructions,  and creating fun applique'  projects for her new book,
  "Crafted Applique'... New Possibilites. "

Lara kindly sent me a copy of the book, and I am excited to share with you how easy and fun it is to use Lara's "Crafted Applique' " method!   ( And, there are 2 giveaways at the end of the  post!)

In ...

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Four Patch Log Cabin Quilt Pattern Tutorial in FUN Fabric from The Quilt Ladies Book Collection

Last week was a large four patch quilt block in the center of the block, this week a little one !

 And a lot of strips, I cut them and just let the colors fall were they may, blues on one side and flowers the other, nothing has been over worked. 

The Quilt Ladies Quilt Pattern Store

Small Four Patch Log Cabin 
Free Quilt Block

free log cabin pattern

pattern to make a log cabin quilt block
Cut 2 Blue – 1 ½” x 1 ½”
Cut 2 Green - 1 ½” x 1 ½”
Make the center 4-patch

Cut 1 Pink – 2 ½” x 1 ½” Sew to the top
Cut 1 Pink- 3 ...

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Favorite Patterns From Indie Designers from Late Night Quilter

Did you read about May is for Makers yet?  For the month of May we have an opportunity to band together and commit to support a different maker in our quilting community each week.
May Is For Makers |
I’ve purchased my first four items for this fun challenge (check out my list below).  But I need help from you to select the last one. Please leave me a comment with your suggestions!  I’d love to buy something from an indie designer who is new to me.

Why Bother Supporting Indie Designers?

Here are my Top 5 Reasons:

  1. Buying from indie designers supports ...

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H’s to the FINISH! from Quiltville's Quips & Snips!

There are days when you put off writing the blog so that you can finish the quilting, and get some photos in!

The Quilt is Calling and I Must Obey!

Actually, it was one of those “The birds are calling at 5:45am and now you are awake.”  I have a sneaking suspicion that there WILL be a nap this afternoon. 

I was so wound up after last night’s Quilt-Cam that it was hard to settle in and fall asleep….so extra short night, last night.

Whatever the reasons, I came down to the studio extra early and finished ...

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Quilt Market Roundup from Professional Quilter


I got back on Sunday evening after four days in Salt Lake City, which has to be one of the friendliest cities around. Yes, I just confirmed that it ranks second in a Travel + Leisure poll. I started my stay with a trip to Harmon’s Grocery to pick up flowers for my room, and a young woman actually took me part of the way so I wouldn’t get lost. As for Market itself, I loved catching up with long-time friends and making some new ones. I loved being inspired, and I definitely was.

In a few words, the ...

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Turning Twenty from Night Owl Quilting

This is Connie's Turning Twenty quilt.  She was not over the moon about it when she dropped it off, but i was pretty sure she would like it more once it was quilted.

We selected the Trellis Vine panto and I think the texture that it adds is really great.  

I had to make sure to get a picture of this fun and funky backing too!

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Cole's Capers.... running the gauntlet from Not Afraid of Color

Cole here to tell you how very brave I am!
Every day just to take a walk around the 'hood I have to run the gauntlet.

A new dog moved into the neighborhood and boy does she have a lot to say. She's not the only one.

On our way out to the main street, we must pass lots of dogs.
First it's Lily and Chloe, a lab and a tiny beagle both friends of Mine. I trust them with my favorite toy.
 Next is a new rescue Lab who watches from the door. He seems fine.  Then ...

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Longarm Guild: Dresden Plates from Quilted Joy

The Longarm Guild will be meeting next Wednesday, June 1 at 10:00am at the Quilted Joy showroom. This month we’ll be looking at the different ways you can quilt Dresden Plates!

Dresden Plate Quilt Center BlockDraw out different ways you like to quilt a dresden plate and bring them to the meeting.  Everyone will leave with a packet of design ideas you can use on your next quilt! So that we might save a little paper, we recommend bringing some tracing paper and a clipboard. This way we can draw out our ideas on the tracing paper and can still use the ...

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Busy, Busy from Bunbear Quilts

This is what has been keeping me busy!  These are stacks of 4 bags, so there are 32 bags here.  We had a slight issue with some of them coming apart at the sides, so I replaced them with bags I sewed a bit differently and with stronger thread.  Hopefully this corrects the problem!

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Et enfin pour finir... from Une aiguille dans une botte de foin

Sur le fil...les blocs à faire pour le mois de Mai étaient des blocs feuilles vertes .

Les voici à leur place :

Ce qui nous donne pour l'ensemble:
(les blancs sont encore un mystère...)

difficile d'avoir tout sur la photo, il y aura 99 blocs de 6in.

Lori de Humble Quilts propose de faire un quilt médaillon inspiration Gwen Marston.

On choisit son tissu, sa technique, la taille...
seule règle à suivre, le thème donné chaque mois

et le thème du bloc central doit être un panier.
Voici le mien :

libéré, destructuré, coupe à ...

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Crafted Appliqué: New Possibilities Blog Hop - Week Three Giveaway! from Buzzin Bumble

We're heading into week three in the Crafted Appliqué: New Possibilities Blog Hop!  The first two weeks were so much fun and if you are just joining us, it's definitely worth checking out the previous blog hop stops.  This week is going to be super exciting too.  You'll hear more about what people think of the book and also get a chance to see more terrific projects using the Crafted Appliqué method.  It's really thrilling to see how many of you are trying it out and then letting your own creativity fly with new ideas!

The ...

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Week Four & A New Giveaway! Crafted Appliqué: New Possibilities Blog Hop from Buzzin Bumble

What a fun three weeks this has been visiting blogging friends in the Crafted Appliqué: New Possibilities Blog Hop.  I've been so thrilled that so many of you have been following along!  We've seen some of the most wonderful, creative people in action!  If you are just now joining in, it's well worth hopping around to see what you missed.

Today kicks off week four and starts with Susie over at Susie's Sunroom.  Wow does she have a beautiful quilt to show you and she's sweetened her book giveaway with a second giveaway of something ...

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Sewn Wild Oaks Class Was In Session from Sew'n Wild Oaks Quilting Blog

Hello Everyone,

I have pictures to share from my last two Sew'n Wild Oaks classes.  I was so busy getting ready for Market that I didn't have time for a I have some catching up to do.

First up is Pat's sampler quilt from the blocks she made right out of my Patchwork Math book.  Pat tackled this project on her own by watching my videos on The Quilt and using the book.  Great work Pat!

Gail is working right along on her Lil' Orphan Scrappy blocks.  They will all be done before ...

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Memorial Day Quilt Fabric Sale from Love Quilting

Memorial Day, a day to remember those who have died during active military service, is this weekend.   This weekend also acts as the gateway to summer, as the temperatures get warmer, barbeques get fired up and white sandals come out
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