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April 23, 2014
Designing Quilt Patterns for 2014 from Childlike Fascination

Fat Quarter Bundle Quilt pattern in progress

I’m super excited to announce that I’m in the process of designing and testing patterns for two beautiful large quilts and a baby quilt.

One thing I’m not always particularly talented at is mixing fabrics from different lines and the Fat Quarter Shop Blogger’s bundles has helped me fill up my stash with beautifully sets of fabrics that pull from multiple designer lines. These combinations are beautifully coordinated without being matchy-matchy and I had a hard time finding patterns and quilt designs that would suit these fabric sets. That’s why I set out to build ...

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Catching up from Tink Squared

Catching up

I apologize for being absent so long, Jim and I have been making a lot of decisions and I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately!  We have come to the decision not to build on the seventy acre piece of land we bought here.  With it being in the Pottsville school district, the taxes on all new construction are terrifying, to say the least.  We can afford them now just fine, but I doubt we’ll be able to in our dotage.

So, the plan now is to find a home with a slightly smaller acreage for ...

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Work In Progress Wednesday from The Littlest Thistle

There might be a slight irony in that most sewing I got done over the long weekend was completed in the first day, but after that I was taking some photos, enjoying the nice weather and doing some long thinking and designing.  I got fabrics cut and fused for a new bag, but that's as far as I got up until Monday night, and then last night I went climbing after work and my arms hurt so much I wasn't sewing after that!  Tonight I'm shredding, so I should be okay ;o)  Hope you all had a ...

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Wat kun je allemaal wel niet maken van 1 boom???


Van eik naar eindproduct
Zaaien, groeien, blessen,
vellen, verzagen, drogen
en verwerken.
De duurzame kringloop van
bosbeheer, houtoogst en
de veelzijdige verwerking
van inlands hout.

Bijna 80 kunstenaars, vormgevers, meubelmakers, muziekinstrumentenmakers gaan aan de slag met het materiaal van een 190 jaar oude zomereik die vorig jaar maart is gekapt. En dat begrip materiaal moet je heel ruim zien: niet alleen het hout, maar ook de bast, de takken, het blad en zelfs het zaagsel wordt verwerkt!

En waar moet je dan aan denken??

Een kast ...

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Superpower Blog Hop Prize Winner from The Late Night Quilter from Late Night Quilter

Thanks to all of you who took the time to comment on my Superpower Blog Hop post.

I numbered the comments from 1 to 83 in the order in which I received them and used the True Random Number Generator to pick the winner of my blog hop prize - a $30 gift certificate to Green Fairy Quilts.

And the prize goes to….


I will email her the coupon code for her prize.

Thank you to Green Fairy Quilts for adding a complimentary $5 to our blog hop prize! And thank you to DMC for sponsoring our hop!

Random Integer ...

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WIP Wednesday. Nearly wordless... from Live a Colorful Life

They are all animals--they will look more like it after the eyes/noses are added. Pattern template here.

Ready for quilting. Machine cross-hatching? Or hand-quilted big stitch?

Linking up here.

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WIP Wednesday. Nearly wordless... from Live a Colorful Life

They are all animals--they will look more like it after the eyes/noses are added. Pattern template here.

Ready for quilting. Machine cross-hatching? Or hand-quilted big stitch?

Linking up here.

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allergies, attics and organization... from 3 Poodles and a Nana

Beth and I are tweaking our Civil War program these days.  The pollen outside has awakened my asthma; so although I would rather be cleaning out the garden, I am focusing on the attic.
The challenge in a tiny house is deciding what to keep and what not.  I've already given away a number of quilts to friends who work in the quilt world.  Once in a while I regret that choice but I just don't have the storage space for all the ones I would like to keep.  Maybe my friend Linda (with a bigger house and ...

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Scribbling Some Designs from Doodle Quilts

On Monday evening, my local quilt guild hosted a fabulous teacher, designer, and quilter named J. Michelle Watts.  I urge you to check out her web site to see the wonderful patterns and gallery on her site.  Michelle's work is very distinctive since hers is based on a love of Southwest designs and colors.  She has some very unique techniques that I really want to share with you.  I love her patterns because she gives wonderful instructions on how she accomplishes her techniques!  Many of her designs are based on Native American basket weave designs.  Those ...

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Mid Michigan Quilters’ Guild from Tim Quilts

Last night I was honored to present a lecture and trunk show  at the Mid Michigan Quilters’ Guild in Mt. Pleasant MI.   It was so much fun to share what I do with such a great group!

DSCN1613 DSCN1624 DSCN1618 DSCN1643 DSCN1641 DSCN1640 DSCN1638 DSCN1635 DSCN1633 DSCN1632 DSCN1629

Thanks to everyone for such a great evening! ( and delicious treats!….I was particularly fond of the rhubarb!) I hope to see you all again. I have 200-300 more quilt tops to finish so It will be a new show in a year.

Back to work on this one


Happy Quilting


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Odds and ends and Hipster Ariel from The Bitchy Stitcher

We went to Tennessee last week for the girls' spring break, and we buried my mom's ashes in the same cemetery where my brother is. We had a very small service with just family, where we talked about mom and cried and laughed, and then we went out to visit both grave sites.

My brother's stone.
Mom's in this section. Her stone isn't up yet.

The cemetery is in a beautiful area, surrounded by rolling green hills and lots of trees under a big sky. It was a great comfort to us all that Mom and ...

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Untangled from Dogwood Lane Rambles

I have such a cool tip for you this morning I can hardly wait to show you. I've discovered a way to keep my threads from unraveling while in storage and it's so easy that I'm slapping my forehead that I haven't done this before.

I purchased a couple of rolls of this stuff at a quilt shop in San Diego (I'll tell you about that wonderful place in a minute) Hugo's Amazing Tape.  This is re-positionable self-sticking tape that you can use to hold all kinds of things together. Here's what I ...

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Let's Bee Social #17 from Sew Fresh Quilts

Welcome to this week's social linky party!  If you are not sure what Let's Bee Social is all about, you can read the details here.

Last week I shared a photo of the strips I had cut from my Charley Harper organic prints from Birch Fabrics.  It is not easy to cut into those prints!

Since then, they have been pieced into rows and joined into a quilt top, basted and quilted.
Now let me tell you...  It's even harder to cut into them once again!

But I promised my mom I would make her a quilted ...

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Short-cut quilt preview and new fabric from Diary of a Quilter

Today another sneak peak of a quilt in the upcoming Fabulously Fast Quilts. This book is a collection of of quilt patterns - some traditional, some all new - with some kind of short-cut method for assembling them. This modern version of a traditional buzz-saw pattern is one of them. (The quilting on this quilt was done by Melissa of Sew Shabby Quilting.)
This was the last quilt I finished before shipping them all off to the publisher last May. I took this shot as I finished stitching the last bit of the binding, the morning before I took all the quilts ...

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What I learned from my Facebook fast from TwynMawrMom

Happy Easter! The Lenten season is over!
So I mentioned I tried to give up social media for Lent.

That didn't entirely work.

I did stay away from Facebook, which is my primary temptation, and I turned off all notifications on my phone, so that helped to keep the beasties away, but...

As you know, I still blogged.

(Because I couldn't decided if that counted or not.)

I still mentioned said blogging on my Facebook page.

(Because otherwise how would you know I blogged.)

(Actually I found my 'hits' were slower to build but still reached the same ...

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April Bee Blocks from Swink Girl Quilts

First up...granny squares for the do.Good   Hope circle.  Our new member Heather asked for granny squares using a small print/white background for the outer row and rings of color for the inner pieces.  Woefully I have little in my stash that met her request for the outside pieces.  I used what I felt came closest however my blocks are noticeably different than those posted by others.  I hope Heather will be OK with them!

Next are the SMQ 3 blocks for Sarah and Christina.  One asked for Sunday Morning and the other for Scrappers Delight.  These are ...

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Grandma Shower at QuiltWorks from Wollie Mammoth

The Woolies decided to celebrate our youngest member entering that wonderful time when someone starts calling you grandma, granny, nana...hey you, lol.  I picked up cupcakes at Ida's Cupcakes in Bend.  Boy are they ever delicious!!  We all brought a little something that she could use at HER house for the newest little farmer.

Hard to believe that Blogless Sandy is a grandmother but she does have 3 grown sons!!  I included a few photos of the party and then some shots of QuiltWorks.  Although they do not have a website you can order off of...if you ...

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Sewing Space---Finished! from Timber Hill Threads

It's Finished! At last! Yeaaah!  I started packing out stuff from the room(s) late February in preparation for the demolition of the wall between the room on March 6th.  The contractor was wonderful, and everything went well until we hit a snag with delivery of the new sewing furniture.  For three weeks the furniture lingered in a warehouse, or on a truck, back to the company dock, back on a truck and finally last week it arrived…..

(click on any photo to make it larger)

This delivery crew did a great job. 

The Before (1995 to 2014) with ...

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Win - Fat Quarterly Quilt Colour Workshop from Lily's Quilts

Would you like to win a copy of the new Fat Quarterly Book, Quilt Colour Workshop?  In this book we talk all about colour theory and how you can use it in your quilting projects.  We look at blocks in different colour schemes as well as plenty medium and large projects, each one made to show an example of different colours used in different colour schemes.

This quilt is an example of a red monotone scheme and is my variation on a Storm at Sea quilt.  

This is John's blue complementary quilt which is my favourite project in the ...

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» Weekend Kits Blog

April Showers Bring May Flowers
...and Baby Quilts!

It's raining today so it's a good day for working on crafts like these adorable baby quilts. They are fast and easy to make and are perfect for a beginning quilter.

 Julie M. recently shared pictures of the Baby Quilts she completed with kits from Thank you Julie! The quilts came out so well I couldn't wait to share your handiwork here on the blog! 
Julie sent along the following comments with her photo:

"Hi Sarah, 
I love your weekend kits! They were so much fun to ...

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