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February 9, 2016
Flamingo love story and sketch of the day from Not Afraid of Color

In honor of Valentine's Day
This is a sketch of the day from October 2015. As I sat quietly thinking great thoughts (smile) I decided to sketch the two flamingos that had fallen together near the fountain .
As I sketched, their story came to me and I wrote it down. Want to read it? The original story was written right next to the sketch and I love the way the words surround the image becoming part of the whole.

A love story: be honest, plastic flamingo yard ornaments are not rare.
But once upon a time, there was ...

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I'm Still in This World from Blackberry Creek Home Arts


My cold began improving yesterday. I 'm off the cold meds but still drinking lots of liquids. I haven't really felt like doing any sewing or blogging or reading or anything that required the least bit of effort. But today is going to be different. I'm going to get out of the pajamas and put on some actual clothes. I'm going to work on making some doctor appointments that I've been needing to make. And maybe I'll even sew a stitch or two. Maybe.

One of the doctor appointments will be with my eye doctor ...

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Tuesday Textures from Valerie Hearder on the art and soul of quilting

Dorr wool scraps for baby Scarlett's blanket. A contrast for this white snowy day.

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i am knitting socks from susis quilts

dear friends, the last two months i knitted socks,right now i am knitting pair 51,but there must be many more for the basar att the end of the year. i must appologize the rare blogging here,but i had many problems around here like sudden deaths ,car accidents and sickness, but thats life...
have a nice week,susi

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Viola...Cousin of Faith, Joy and Encouragement from CollectInTexas Gal

Do you know anyone named Violet or Viola?  During the late 1800's through 1910,  Flower Names including Violet, Viola, and Violeta, were popular first names.  Violet was the 88th most frequent girls' given name in 1900, and oddly enough, Violet has made a comeback in the 21st Century.  In 2013 it was the 69th most popular girls' name.

In my Family Tree on Ancestry, out of over 1500 names, I found one Viola.  She was my 2nd cousin 3x removed, was born on September 1, 1873, and was born in Texas.  She fit the time period for girls given ...

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Glitch Quilt from Modern Handcraft

Hi friends, Sharing some projects this week that I am making for an upcoming handcraft show in Japan sponsored by Lecien fabrics. It is an extreme honor to be invited and I had so much fun creating some mini quilts […]

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February goals from Espritpatch

I know February will be busy with lots of cakes and parties for the kids birthday but let's be optimistic and think I will be able to sew as well...

Hoping for finish:
1. work bag which is a very old UFO...

Bee Blocks 
1.Flower hexies for the Inchy Hexie Swap (January, February) 
2. Flying geese Bee 
3. Fat Stash Bee (January, February)  
4. Bee Hive (February)
5. Bubble Bee (January, February
6. Bee Europa (January) 
7. I love Lucy International (January, February)
8. Scandi Bee (February)
9. Block Lotto

1.  Quilt for M  
2 ...

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Thread Journey: My Quilting Heart and Soul & Behind the Scenes! from IVORY SPRING

You might empathize with this sentiment…. sometimes you just sink your entire heart and soul into a project, not necessarily quilting.  My Thread Journey is my most recent heart-and-soul (quilty) project!  It was made as a companion piece for my Subtle Strings Thread collectionYou may remember it hanging at Aurifil‘s booth at Fall Houston Market last year.  You have seen pictures of the quilt quite often on this blog post-Market…


Thread Journey is my heart-and-soul project because I sought to encompass all that I have learned about quilting (particularly domestic machine quilting) since I took up quilting in 2005 ...

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Craftsy Sweetens Up My Quilting Life! Blog Hop from Pink Doxies

QBL--Quilter Blog Land

You know what they say about great minds--synchronicity... the stars aligning... All this and more came together a few weeks ago resulting in a quilting blogger's blog hop with Craftsy co-hosted by Sandra from mmm! quilts (Musings of a Menopausal Melon), and I, Julie from Pink Doxies.

Aurifil Rays of Red 4 Pack -

Common Threads

Sandra: Julie and I met online. Our first bonding moment was when we discovered we were both vacationing in Southwest Florida, and were remarkably close to each other.  We discovered shared passions for fabric, for colour, for dogs, as well as a passion for lifelong learning.  When ...

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A Doll, Owl and Bunny from stitchnquilt

These little prizes keep coming.  I give them away, so I need to make more.  It is fun always looking for new ones to make.
This doll became Charlotte's prize for her birthday.  

See her farmer boots.  She is my little country doll.
Ravelry link.  She was a free book with lots of clothing choices.

 Owls are always popular.

And this cute little bunny with his carrot.

He even has a tail.  

These patterns are all free and fun to crochet.

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Good news! from Katy Did Art

I am finally getting the Amish quilt finished!!!! If all goes well, I should have it off the frame today!!!! I cannot wait to get this one crossed off the WIP list.

On a side note, I’ve been meaning to share this for some time. DH and I went shopping a few weeks back at a new (to us) store. As we were browsing the aisles, I saw this:


100% cotton men’s shirts. What was my first thought? “Wouldn’t these add some nice color to my quilts!?!” Ha!!!

Okay, back to quilting – I’m really motivated to ...

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I like my curves... from Sew Preeti Quilts

Meet Kennedy. She is my second finish of 2016 and it is one WIP less.


Kennedy has been a long time in the making. Let's start from the beginning. Shall we?

I like my Curves. I really do. If I didn't, I would be pretty depressed because I have so many curves. In fact, I am composed entirely of curves - some small curves and some not so small curves!!!
And therefore it was only a matter of time before I embraced (or succumbed to) the magic of curves in quilting.

One day, sometime in 2014, someone at ...

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Fear not! Primitive is not a color from Primitive Quilts and Projects

Good morning friends!

Have you ever looked up the definition of Primitive Art, or Folk Art? If you have, you will find out that color has nothing to do with it! That being said.....most quilters who like the primitive style, usually go with darker or more subdued colors, but I think that is because it reminds them of an old antique quilt! If you look at an old quilt where it isn't a seam possibly, or an old hooked rug on the backside, where it didn't get much light.....often times you will find bright ...

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Some of the Things I Didn't Know from Canadian Needle Nana

Thing 1

Just when I think I have heard of long like I have and all, along comes an idea completely new to me.  Have you heard of  Bottle Cap Pin Cushions?  Perhaps you have and I am the last to know of this tiny but large phenomena.

They are absolutely adorable, require very little in terms of supplies and what a great recycling project.  Each is individual and offers the freedom to get creative with the decorating.

love these tiny pincushions. @Lula Ruiz Fonseca I think I've made these before. They have a bottle cap for a base.:

Jen Segrest offers an excellent tutorial on Flikr  and the link is here.  I love the clever use of rick ...

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Time Out from Gen X Quilters

Things have been awfully busy around here lately.  Unfortunately, there is not much to show you.  After the flurry of activity during the Sister Sampler Quilts blog hop, sewing deadlines, a book signing/trunk show at a quilt shop and a guild speaking event this week, I am ready to slow down the pace a bit.  It has been fast and furious since the book came out at the end of December. 
So sometimes, when I get stressed, I self-impose a time out. 
Forgetting about deadlines and everything I need to take care of, I go in time out and ...

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AHIQ - a little bit of scrappy inspiration from Sew Slowly

I thought this week I'd pull together some inspiration for anyone thinking about working with their scraps.  Here are quilts made with quilting scraps, with recycled clothing, with limited palettes and with a vast range of different colours and textures.  As is always the way with scrappy quilts, the longer you look, the more there is to find. I hope everyone will find something to excite/inspire.

If you click on an image it should take you to the original post, and details of the makers and their websites/blogs are given under each image. 

As always, huge thanks ...

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Making a Doll Quilt from Melody Crust - Fiber Artist

A few appliqued hearts given to me by a friend.
I love to make small projects. I found out a special person needs a new doll quilt.

And some 9 patches

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Video Tutorial: Rooster Plume from Quilted Joy

For the latest APQS video tutorial I demonstrate how to quilt the Rooster Plume border. This design will look great on a masculine quilt, or even the elusive teenage boy’s quilt! This design will work in a border or sashing space and I even show you how to turn the corner.

The post Video Tutorial: Rooster Plume appeared first on Quilted Joy.

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UFO Challenge: February 2016 from Urban Quilter

The number for February's UFO in the APQ UFO challenge is which means I am working on pillow covers for my back porch chairs this month. Last Thanksgiving I was visiting North Carolina and found this fun fabric which I thought would make good covers for the pillows on our porch chairs. At the beginning of the month it is a piece of fabric and a plan. 

Chili Pepper Fabric for pillow covers

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Sun, Sand and the San Clemente Pier! from Quiltville's Quips & Snips!

This was the extremely clear view of Downtown Los Angeles, California as my plane landed at LAX!

WOW! What a beautiful day!

And here I was landing about 9:30am with the whole day stretched out before me.

I was telling my body clock to shut up as it was reminding me that I had been up and going since 12:30am California time.  There was NO WAY I wanted to nap away this gifted day.  Not a chance.

Picking up my 100 lbs of quilt duffles and suitcase, throwing everything onto a rented rolling cart, I made my way ...

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