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November 28, 2015
The best kind of "black Friday"!! from Quilting through Rose-colored Trifocals!

What you ask is the best kind of "black Friday"? 
I think most of you can guess.
It's a wide open, nothing else going on, stitching day!!
And that's how I spent Friday, November 27, 2015 -- stitching.
I finished up three small projects and worked on a fourth I'll be sharing next week!
This cloth version of the perennial 1950's favorite, The Poky Little Puppy, has been cut out and hidden in my studio for longer than I can remember.  Earlier this month, I laid it on the cutting table in hopes that looking at it ...

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More Sunshine from Fiber and Pulp


I woke up this morning to a phone call (FaceTime) from my daughter, visiting with my grandson for he is, maybe singing a song? :) Cute, no matter how you look at it.

I managed to go out to do a little bit of Black Friday shopping this afternoon. I only went to one store, my local quilt shop (Springwater Designs) ... and mostly bought fabric (which I am not sharing here as I am using it to make holiday gifts with:) ... but I did pick up a GO die for a petal shape in addition. I have 'orange peel ...

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More Sunshine from Fiber and Pulp


I woke up this morning to a phone call (FaceTime) from my daughter, visiting with my grandson for he is, maybe singing a song? :) Cute, no matter how you look at it.

I managed to go out to do a little bit of Black Friday shopping this afternoon. I only went to one store, my local quilt shop (Springwater Designs) ... and mostly bought fabric (which I am not sharing here as I am using it to make holiday gifts with:) ... but I did pick up a GO die for a petal shape in addition. I have 'orange peel ...

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New Instant Pot Owners – Please Read from Patchwork Times by Judy Laquidara

Quite a few of you have let me know that you ordered the Instant Pots today. I believe Amazon has now sold out but they are offering a “Smart” model. It’s about $130, which is close to half off the regular price. It’s probably smarter than I am but had it been that price this […]

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#BlackFriday Sales - Black Friday/Cyber Monday from Fingertip Shopping

For several years, I've been amazed with the steals and deals for quilting, sewing, and embroidery enthusiasts, as well as other hobbies, during Black Friday/Cyber Monday.  This post shares some that I have learned about this year, but I will be updating this post throughout the weekend, as I promised to not release some insights too early.  So, I hope you'll come back.

I also hope you'll find some good deals that interest you.  I have definitely spotted some great steals that I can't pass up for myself, as well as for gifts.

Current List ...

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Baltimore Garden Quilt, block A5... bloc A5 from Accroquilt

The first column is sewn.  Here is the fifth block for the Baltimore Garden quilt.  An easy one if I compare with the others.

Ma première colonne de blocs pour la Baltimore Garden Quilt est terminée.  Je vous présente le bloc A5 que je viens de terminer... il est encore tout chaud!

Baltimore Garden Quilt, A5

À la prochaine!


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Celtic Solstice top - DONE! from Paint Creek Quilt

After months of no sewing
I have been really productive on my UFO's:
I just finished adding 
the final border on Celtic Solstice!
Yeah, the 2nd top completed this week.
Both old Bonnie Hunter mysteries
that got stalled in the border stage,
my usual dilemma...

Wow, I really love this quilt top!
The colors, the design,
just everything!
Glad I got it moved 
to the 'to be quilted pile'
and can now concentrate on starting
Sure hope this time I will get over 
my border phobia... ha ha.

Linking up to Jo's pre-mystery ...

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Funny Weather from Patchwork Times by Judy Laquidara

I just logged into Accuweather and the last three places I checked weather were Quapaw, OK; Monett, MO and Brownwood, TX. Three different states and it’s 36º in all three places and the feels like temps are 23, 24 and 25. And, look where it feels the coldest of the three!  Brrrr!! That’s pretty funny […]

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What day is it? from Field Trips in Fiber

I’m so confused. All day it has felt like Sunday. It’s bad enough that I work from home so I seem to get confused all the time but it’s worse when there’s a holiday involved. I just realized that it’s really Friday and I had not posted today so I thought I’d check in.

Like at most all US homes there’s a lot of eating going on around here. Also lots of football watching even though 2 of the 3 games yesterday were boring. We had Thanksgiving dinner with just the 2 of ...

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On my Needles from Eagle's Wings Quilts

I’m working on a blanket for our grand daughter who is due to arrive in January. It’s a new technique to me, double knitting, which ends up with a reversible finished product. It’s really quite amazing how it works. It’s from a pattern called Baby Love
The biggest challenge in it, besides learning how to do it, has been figuring out the most efficient way to hold the yarn so that I’m not constantly having to drop one colour from my hand and then have to pick up the next. I’ve finally gotten the ...

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Rail Fence Layout Options from High Road Quilter

Here is the layout that is similar to the cover of Cultural Fusion. All of these are trying to figure out the orientation of the blocks.  Once I decide on the orientation, I will work on block placement - I will decide which blocks go where later.

When I went to test the layout of my rail fence quilt, I realized that I did not have enough blocks.  I had read a couple of blogs where people said they did not have enough contrast in their quilt because it was missing a contrasting color - a blue or a green in my ...

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Fig Jam 9 and 10 from Virtual Quilter

Fig Jam 10

In my virtual world there is enough fig jam to share with a Gnome or two …

Fig Jam 9


… but in my real world my baby fig trees are not yet big enough to supply even a taste of a fresh fig. I need the patience of a quilter to wait for that pleasure!

I love some of the shapes which are appearing  using my figgy blocks when used in quilt designs … like that last border!

Filed under: Fig Jam Tagged: Applique, Applique Border, Patchwork, Quilt

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November 27, 2015
Handmade for the Holidays: Flower Pin from News From By Annie

Handmade for the Holidays: Flower Pin

It's our final Freebie Friday and this flower is a quick make to customize any previous project.

Make an easy raw-edge flower to embellish a favorite purse or bag or to wear on your jacket. 
Pattern includes templates to trace and complete instructions for this easy project.
A layer of Soft and Stable sandwiched between the fabric layers gives great body and stability to your Flower Pin.

Just make one of each size flower.  Then position the small flower on top of the large flower and stitch a couple of buttons through all the layers.  Stitch a lockable pin ...

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Share Jane. from M. Brito de Campos

Mijn blokje van de Share Jane bestaat uit veel onderdeeltjes.
Maar het blokje is goed gelukt.

Hier liggen de onderdeeltjes voor de 2 andere blokjes 
op een kussentje op hun beurt bij de naaimachine te wachten.
Heerlijk om na veel applicatie werk 
weer even lekker achter de naaimachine 
bezig te kunnen zijn!

Het blokje heeft een heel klein vierkantje in de hoek.
En 2 nog kleinere driehoekjes er vlak bij. 
Het lukte mij absoluut niet om 
die friemel driehoekjes te tekenen 
en er ook nog eens naadtoeslag aan te maken en 
er dan een vierkantje van te naaien. 
Het was ...

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Cutting, Cutting, Cutting…. from Jo's Country Junction


Last week I told you that I had pulled my English Paper Piecing project.  Well I stitched all I could and then was out of hexies.  All week long I’ve been cutting and cutting and cutting.  I have plenty to work on for a very-very long time.  I have them all sorted into bags with numbers on them in regards to the cut sets.  In the 4′s bag there are all sets of matching cut fabrics of groups of four.


I figured it would be a great time to stop and see where I was at too.

After ...

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Dog Gone CUTE from Quilting Momma & The Youngest

I was browsing through some quilt blogs when I came across a Blog Hop by Sew Fresh Quilts. I was instantly enamoured with the Dog Gone Cute quilt. Without a second thought I knew I had to try my hand at this quilt.

Now a blog hop is a big commitment and I did not want to be tied down to any time lines. So instead of signing up for the HOP I purchased the pattern from Sew Fresh and decided to work at my own pace.

I found some fat quarters from an online Canadian fabric store Fridays Off ...

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Part 2 of 2nd Westalee Circle Ruler Work Experiment from Patsy Thompson Designs, Ltd.

When I left off on the last post about this design, we’d competed the quilting on the center portions of all the circle areas and were ready to move ahead.  This is where we finished up last time:



Using the faint soap lines in the photo above, as well as new soap lines marking the center between each existing pair of soap lines, it’s pretty easy to start creating new designs that spring from the outside of the current design.  Even though it isn’t a circle anymore, if you keep working with it as if it’s ...

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What I've Been Up To from Lovin' Life At The End Of The Dirt Road

My sewing time is about to come to a halt for a while, but its for a good reason. Our girl and her pup arrived yesterday and have settled in for a week:


Good thing he likes a bath. He's discovering all sorts of treasures around here:


 She even brought a delicious apple pie she had baked the day before. Her Daddy loves apple pie and he loves it twice as much for breakfast!


We've been spending lots of time putting out mineral:

Searching for cattle:


And filling up the hay shed:

Hubby brought home a deer on ...

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Quick and Easy Candy Cane Quilt from Quilter's Thread

Now that Thanksgiving is over its time to start planning for Christmas this year. Christmas themed quilts are the perfect gift to give a family member or friend. By making that special person a quilt is great because it is unique and handmade with care and thought. Although it might seem easier and quicker to just head to the first shop and buy them a gift, you can sew them a quilt in quick fashion without it looking incomplete or messy.

Smooth side

Try making this candy cane quilt version that only takes about an hour and thirty minutes to complete. Now ...

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Thanksgiving 2015–Part 2 from Quilts + Color

If you have read my blog for a few years you know my usual hostess gift is some big heavy practical hot pads meant to be used and washed.
I always select a fabric that reflects the interests of the recipients.
Why did I choose sock moneys and bananas?
These were their Halloween costumes this year!
After dinner everyone headed out to the pool house to relax.
People are visiting and relaxing after the delicious meal.
I loved this selfie photo Ali took so I borrowed it to share with you. Some of the younger family members.
Here is Pam ...

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