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January 18, 2017
Golden Coins Baby Lock Love of Sewing Challenge Construction tips! from Pat Sloan's Blog

Today are my thoughts on putting the coins together. This really is a quick quilt, I saw several in progress at my Facebook group plus one that as done!

Pat sloan golden coins solo high res

Here is the full quilt hanging outside on a chilly day when we in Virginia had a dusting of snow.

Pat sloan golden coins piecing tips 1

The pattern is below if you have not yet downloaded it.

I am using a jelly roll because

  1. The strips are already cut into 2.5" wide
  2. And I wanted to variety of the full line of fabric .. because I love working that way!
  3. you can use your scraps or other ...

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Quilters Dream 80/20 Batting from Quilters Dream Batting


Quilters Dream 80/20 is our newest Dream Batting, which debuted at Spring Quilt Market 2016.  It is made with 80% high grade long staple USA cotton fiber blended with 20% fine denier poly microfiber for a soft, silky batting that drapes beautifully and breathes well.  The long staple cotton fiber reduces shrinkage and adds stability so that the stitches can be up to 8” apart.  The poly microfibers add a loft and resistance to creases/wrinkles.  

There are no scrims, glues, or other binders to resist the needle, so this fine batting can be ...

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Latifah Saafir Lecture and Trunk Show, part two from Jan's Quilts

I decided to break up this post into two parts.

Convergence from the No Attitude pattern.  This s her first Bias Tape Quilt!

This is her Grafic fabric line being shown in a Clam Shell BOM pattern.

This is the first Clam Shell quilt Latifah made, the clam shells are 8 inches.

These next two photos show her 2nd Clam Shell quilt, much bolder using 12 inch clam shells.

More evolution, with this Hexi-Clam-Shell.

This quilt is "Up in the Air", it was her first exploration of Improv. 

Front and Back of a Modern Log Cabin.

These two quilts are ...

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Quilt Challenge: “I’m a Sewciopath” & pattern from Flying Parrot Quilts

My local traditional quilt guild put out a “Say it with Flowers” challenge: we had to make a quilt that incorporated text and at least three floral fabrics.

My husband and I recently read a whole lot about sociopathy and narcissistic personality disorder to better understand some people we know. As I digested the reading at my sewing machine, a little pun popped into my head.

I'm A Sewciopath | Flying Parrot Quilts

My definition of a sociopath is one who prefers sewing machines to people, and who is incapable of feeling guilt about purchasing more fabric!

I'm A Sewciopath | Flying Parrot Quilts

The design is 36″ x 16″ and the text is ...

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Sock Yarn from Patchwork Times by Judy Laquidara

It may seem that knitting socks is difficult and when you first start, they probably are. Heck, there’s no “probably” to it . . I thought I would never get it but that’s just because the concept is so different from knitting a scarf or a sweater. Once you’ve done a few pairs, it’s pretty...

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Latifah Saafir Lecture and Trunk Show, part one from Jan's Quilts

I was invited to attend this event at the Ontario Museum of History and Art, how could I pass that up!  I went up really early because this is SoCal and our traffic is notorious; I found a diner to have dinner and had plenty of time.  I had to arrange for my dogs to be walked and fed but it all worked out great.

I must warn you this is photo overload.

Latifah is very animated and I had a hard time getting a clear photo of her.  I think this one works.  Below is the photo I asked ...

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Sunflower wreath! from Carm's Creative Vision

I had planned on making this one for myself, but somewhere in between me buying the supplies and Christmas, my sister found out and persuaded me to make it for her instead!

Because I made this while my partner and I watched tv and then finished the wreath as I watched Frozen on my first day of Christmas vacation..., I did not do a good job of taking pictures :( however, the steps are easy (also I followed a youtube video similar to this one)! I cut 10-12 inch sections of the yellow deco mesh (with my old rotary cutter and ...

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Quilt sizes graphic! from Art Gallery Fabrics-The Creative Blog

Hello my dearest makers!

I'm back with another useful info graphic as I promised! I'm glad some of you found the Yardage fabric graphic very helpful! Today, I will show you the most popular quilt sizes. Sometimes there's moments we can't visualize how some quilt sizes look compared to others, so this chart will help you decide how big you want to sew your quilt. This chart is perfect to have it in your sewing room for your upcoming projects! If you guys have any other ideas for more informational charts you would like to collect ...

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Scroll Stitch Tutorial + Quilting Update from Wollie Mammoth

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Technology: Friend or Foe? from Lisa H Calle's Blog

images-58With the advances many gifted humans have made throughout time it is not surprising to witness applied science making its way into the quilting world.  Beginning with the birth of the first patented sewing machine in 1791 to the now visible computerized quilting machines; mechanics has evolved quilting into an amazing hobby and business.

Somehow in this ever-changing quilting world I still embrace the tried and true, (a.k.a the old-fashioned way) pencil and paper.  Bells and whistles are in abundance; enhancing the efficiency and uniqueness to what can be created with a small needle and thread.  Yet, I ...

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Free BOMS for 2017 Part 3 from The House on the Side of the Hill

Here are some more free BOM's very kindly shared this year by super generous fellow quilters.

Wish Upon an Apple Tree
Please follow this LINK to Thermoweb
Adventurously Epic Sampler 2017 Block of the Week
Please follow this LINK to  the Adventurous Quilter
In My Neighbourhood
A collaboration of 11 talented designers.
  • Cheryl Brown of QuilterChic
  • Paul Anderson of Uncle Paul’s Quilting Company
  • Becky Jorgensen of Patchwork Posse
  • Emily Bailey of Aunt Em’s Quilts
  • Jennifer Fulton of The Inquiring Quilter
  • Beth Kerr Helfter of Eva Paige Quilts
  • Sandra Healy of Sandra Healy Designs
  • Melissa LaGreca of Lovingly ...

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Seeing Red! Progress Report from Sewing and Scrapping with Susan

Hello Blog Followers!

Since my last post, I've been busy sewing red and white blocks.  I have all 20 required blocks finished, and all that is left now is to lay it out, and sew the blocks into rows and finish the top.  I'm reserving that until next week, however, as I'm going on a scrapping retreat to northern Wisconsin this weekend.  

Here is a shot of 10 of the finished blocks:

Here is my pile of scrapping stuff, packed and ready to go:

I'll be back early next week with a report on the weekend ...

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What's For Dinner: Reboot from Lovin' Life At The End Of The Dirt Road

Originally, I posted this 5 years ago, but after chatting with a blog reader a bit as well as with a couple of friends at work, this seemed to be timely once again. I was going to write a new post, but when I went back and re-read what I had written, I couldn't think of one thing I would write differently.

I still use my master list although I have added quite a few new recipes, but the post is the about same:

This morning I was working on a list for a menu and I thought, "What ...

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Little Surprises from Mountain Quiltworks

Here's a little table runner that I finished up prior to my knee replacement surgery way back in March. I didn't get around to posting it, so here it is today! As I was making this runner, I didn't really like the fabrics in the batik jelly roll pack. But now that it's together and quilted, I'm thoroughly enjoying it. Each time I walk by, I smile at the quilting, and the border, and the

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Raining Sideways from ... Cat Patches

Oregon is back. It's 46°F. and raining sideways. That's the reason we live sure as heck isn't for the snow. The icicles are history, which is a shame given all their hard work. The windows are coated with raindrops.

And the blanket of snow is receding. 

There's not much to tell you since I did almost nothing yesterday. The night before was another mostly sleepless night. We went to bed early, and then I woke up just past midnight. My brain, what a great night's sleep I've had! Only ...

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Raining Sideways from Cat Patches

Oregon is back. It's 46°F. and raining sideways. That's the reason we live sure as heck isn't for the snow. The icicles are history, which is a shame given all their hard work. The windows are coated with raindrops.

And the blanket of snow is receding. 

There's not much to tell you since I did almost nothing yesterday. The night before was another mostly sleepless night. We went to bed early, and then I woke up just past midnight. My brain, what a great night's sleep I've had! Only ...

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Quilting Basics 9: How to Tie off Loose Quilting Threads from The Free Motion Quilting Project

We're finally on the last part of our Quilting Basics Series! It's been really fun to share all the basics to quilting from preparing your fabric to piecing to machine quilting over the last two weeks. Click Here to find the complete playlist of all the Quilting Basics video tutorials.

For Part 9 in our Quilting Basics series, we're learning how to securely tie off your thread tails and then perfectly hide it in the fabric.

 Hide quilting thread
Click Here to find the Cheater Needles I use for this technique.

Now I know tying off and burying your thread ...

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thankful for polite folk from Not Afraid of Color

From the photo exhibit at Smithsonian Natural History Museum

I am thankful for polite folk. 
I'm not quite sure how so many people lost the desire to "be nice" but so many now grab what they want and believe the rest of the world should give it to them.

That's not how it works.

Research has shown people want respect. Sometimes in the workplace respect has more value than raises.

Polite behavior is like the oil in a sewing machine. The machine has these sturdy metal parts but won't run smoothly unless there is oil.

Recently I ...

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Tutorial punto de bordado: rueda festoneada from La Vida en Patchwork

Tutorial punto de bordado: rueda festoneada

Hoy de nuevo un video, estaba haciendo este precioso punto de bordado, y hay quien me pregunta que cómo lo hago, así que pensé, y por qué no hago un video por si a alguien más le interesa. Perdonadme por la calidad del video, o los fallos que pueda tener, pero no soy experta en este tema.

Pues la rueda festoneada es un punto festón pero en forma circular, es decir, pinchando siempre en el centro, y en el mismo sitio, por lo que queda en pequeño agujero en el centro, de donde parten ...

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Monkey Business from Bunbear Quilts

Mary cut the big blocks and pieced together the nine patch blocks for this quilt over the weekend.  The big blocks have monkeys on them and the nine patches coordinate with them.  She went home and put the top together!

I think we are both inspired to do more quilting right now.

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