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May 24, 2015
Quilting with the Possum Town Quilters from Life as a Quilter -- Julia Graber

I prepared a red and green string quilt as a project for our Possum Town Quilters.
Using an old algebra book for foundations we placed a yellow strip diagonally in each block with
red on one side and green on the other side.

Carla, Lawana, and Carol sewed strings while …
… Brenda, Ebba, Karen, (Judy and CC not pictured) and I hand quilted.
Karen is a new member and brought along some of her fiber art for show and tell. I love her use of bright colors
and improvisational designing.
~~~~~ Parting Shot ~~~~~~
Paul’s mom had a birthday this week. We ...

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Scrappy Bear Paw Quilt from Wendy's Quilts and More

I've really got to think of a better name for this quilt.  At the moment I'm just calling it what it is, a scrappy bear paw quilt.  I really didn't want to be tempted by new patterns this year, but this quilt has special significance.

I belong to Capital Quilters in Wellington, New Zealand, and the bear paw block is part of our logo.  Our guild will be 30 years old this year, and the committee came up with the idea of making bear paw quilts as a way of celebrating the anniversary.  Of course, members are ...

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These Guys & Another Thing Too from All Pressing Matters

I’ve been busy with good things this week, so sewing some today was a treat. I started out doing more of these guys….

They’re trimmed and ready for the paper to come off. It’s nice to just have these handy dandy all the time.

This is what I’ve got sewn together so far. Once I have a decent pile, I’ll add to it. But not today because…

I remembered the MSQC tutorial from yesterday and decided to give it a try. The hard part was choosing which charm pack to use. 

So I chose the ...

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A Whole Lotta Delta Junction Show & Share! from Quiltville's Quips & Snips!

It is so fun to come back to a place after 4 years and see what these gals have been up to since our last visit!

One of the workshops we gave was Bricks in the Barnyard from Scraps & Shirttais II  and some nice quilts came back in completed status to say hello!

This is one of those favorite workshops that just goes so slick. 

Students come with all of the rectangles and squares cut, as well as bringing strips along for making the half square triangles after an Easy Angle Ruler demo.

The braid broder is made from leftover ...

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May 23, 2015
Denim Hourglass Finish from Blended Fabric Quilts | Good Earth Quilting | Organic Quilting Cotton

It was a hard choice to make, deciding to go with Hourglass Baby Quilt pattern done with Sujata Shah's versions of craziness in piecing. I've used her book, Cultural Fusion Quilts- A Melting Pot of Traditions. I totally recommend it if you are looking for a way to make your own original looking quilt.

This book is to provide quilters with reasonable guidelines for those wanting to explore playing with fabric.

This baby quilt is by far the most interesting version of a baby quilt in my opinion. I'm always seeking something inspiring in a pattern. I ...

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My First Fiber Festival - and my Haul from Gene Black an Alabama Artist

Friday was the day,  May 22, 2015.  A friend invited me to ride up to a fiber festival in Dickson, Tennessee with her.  She mentioned that another friend might come along - and she did indeed go with us. This was the Middle Tennessee Fiber Festival.   There were lots of vendors there selling fiber to spin or felt.  A number of them were also selling yarn.  Since I have my spinning wheel and a fiber blending board, my focus was on the fiber.
OH MY GOODNESS - there were so many choices.  I saw living sheep and angora rabbits, fleece that had ...

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A Garden?? from Jo's Country Junction


We’ve been talking ever since the snow melted about a garden.  Have we done anything??  NO.  Time and circumstances just hasn’t allowed it.  Starting a new garden spot is a little more hectic than normal too…so we drag our feet waiting for the weather and Hubby’s work schedule to align so he can get a spot plotted, grass killed and then call the guy to till it.

Finally last week I told Hubby I was over it.  No garden this year.

UGH.  That made me sad.  I like a garden.  I’ve over having a huge ...

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It's been gifted... Pats Quilt from Quilternity's Place

I finally made it to the Camarillo farmer's market this morning. I've been wanting to go for the longest time. I used to go every week when I lived down that way and it was always a fun way to start the weekend. It certainly didn't disappoint!

But the big news is... I can finally reveal the quilt I made for my friend Pat! She should have it by now and even if she doesn't I doubt she has time to read my blog. Her daughter just gave birth to twins... a girl named Claire and ...

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Quilting Happiness from Mountain Quiltworks

Last week I had just a really fun time quilting! Most of the quilts I quilt are fun, but this one was just a joy! I had this Metro Rings Quilt on hand for several weeks before I started on it because I had signed up to take a quilting class from Helen Robinson and Jenny Pedigo of Sew Kind of Wonderful at the Home Machine Quilting Show in Salt Lake City.  It was a good move to wait, on my part

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It's Here! : You Can Quilt! Building Skills For Beginners from Sewn

 Almost a year to the day from when we mailed in the quilts and manuscript, I had our book in my hands: You Can Quilt! Building Skills For Beginners.  I just received my order of books and will start shipping them out on Tuesday.  If you didn't already pre-order, you can order a signed copy in my signed copy in my Etsy shop or an unsigned copy from  Amazon or the AQS website.  It is also available as an e-book if you prefer.

Let me give you a tour of the book.  The publishing group at AQS sent ...

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Sewing notions in Home Decor and Accessories: 5 Designs not to miss from Italy and Europe from Ella and Nesta's Little Room

This is becoming a monthly appointment: here are our latest finds in home decor and accessories, where sewing meets and inspires design. This proves how "fashionable" anything sewing related is! I have to start with this ceramic vase: it's made by the Italian Designer Vito Nesta. Nesta is a surname in Italy so you can imagine I often have problems explaining that it's my name and not my surname... Anyway, Vito Nesta has come up with this precious gold vase that resembles a thimble, inspired by childhood memories of his Grandmother's love for sewing:

For his Sartoria ...

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Lost Quilt from The Quilting Queen Blog

William and I were brainstorming the other day about quilt patterns that I need to write.  I have a few quilts in my collection that are my original patterns but had never that about publishing a pattern for them.  One of them was a quilt he had made himself in his early teens.  I commented that I also needed to write the directions for the other quilt he made.... and the argument began.  He was convinced we have all the quilts he had ever made right here in front of us.  I was convinced there was one more; I even ...

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Heritage Park Festival of Quilts 2015 from Calgary Quilting Momma

Happy Quilting from Margo and The Youngest!

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Rain from Mel's quilting blog

I worked on this a little this morning.
I decided to cut the compasses two at a time.
I don't like fussy cutting things, so the pain is less and I can see some progress.
When I get two more done, I can trim the top and bottom borders to match.
That will fix my cutting problem with the center.

It is raining and raining and raining. 
DD is playing in the rain.
Our side yard has a gutter DH put a hole in to drain the water.
Guess we need one of those concrete things there or gravel ...

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Tips for Beginners: 4 Things to Fix for Better Free Motion Quilting from Free Motion Quilting Adventures

Here are 4 things that keep you from better free motion quilting and some tips for fixing them.

Amy's Free Motion Quilting Adventures 4 Fixes

Not drawing designs: Seriously, don't say you're not a good drawer or that you just want to get to stitching. Drawing really helps! I hadn't stitched out any free motion quilting designs when I was first learning to machine quilt, despite reading that all the teachers recommended it. Then hubby got cancer and I started doodling the designs in a notebook I carried to all of his appointments and the improvement in my stitching ability was amazing. So doodle ...

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Green Country Quilters Guild, Tulsa, Oklahoma from Melody Crust - Fiber Artist

Their beautiful 2015 raffle quilt
GCQG, founded in 1979 by nineteen women who wanted to share their common interest - quilting. The group is now 250 members strong. Check them out! Very active guild with something for everyone!
community service quilt for Habitat for Humanity

Show and tell

Show and tell

Show and tell

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Bookshelf from Lizzie Lenard Vintage Sewing

Tucked in the corner of the sewing room is the bookshelf, with all the knitting and sewing books that I have accumulated over the years.  All the old books I have from the 1940s and 50s have such similar titles that I have lost track of which is which.  I can be riffling through a second hand book shop and come across a book and not be sure whether I have it already.

Hardly surprising then that I have ended up with two different editions of Complete Needlecraft by Agnes M. Miall.  She's everywhere, either on her own...

... or ...

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WIP-IT Wednesday: Country Village QAL Blocks & Giveaway Reminder! from Quilt, Sew Happy

Hi peeps!

This was the second quilt I made and my first try at hand-quilting. You'll notice that there is no close-up photo as I don't want you to see the "toe-catcher" hand-quilting stitches…they are truly awful!!! This one lives on one of my quilt racks, so no one can see it.

The quilt started with a remnant of the cute pigs in pyjamas print, which is to the left and right of the center square, as well as the outer border.

How is everyone doing with their Country Village blocks for the quilt-a-long? 

I have ten ...

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I’m Teaching at Sparrow Studioz!! from Kathleen Quilts

I’m so excited to be teaching at Sparrow Studioz this fall! Follow the links to register– I hope to see you there soon!! Visit for more information. It’s going to be awesome!!
Draw Like Kathleen Class 

Sept 25 (9am-12pm) $55 

Learn how Kathleen approaches choosing quilting designs, then practice drawing out designs to try out at home. Drawing class, half day.
A Cheater’s Guide to Quilting 

Sept 25 (1pm-4pm) $55 

Also, Quilting For the Lazy. If there is an easier way to do it, then ...

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I'm still here! from The Painted Quilt

Confession time.

I haven't sewn a stitch since I was asked to design a line of fabric.  Virtually all of my waking hours have been devoted to first coming up with a theme and then developing and working through the designs.

Book and pattern publishing aren't new to me.  I published three books and over 200 pattern designs before retiring from the decorative painting industry in 2006. Fabric "publishing" or production on the other hand, is entirely new to me. Thank goodness the Creative Director at Blank Quilting was able to understand and embrace my vision and now ...

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