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November 25, 2014
Purple Flower from Quilts By Liz

Continuing my exploration of dementionality (is that a real word?) on the quilt.

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Everything Stops For Tea from madebychrissied

Oh, the factories may be roaring with a boom-a-lacka, zoom-a-lacka, wee,
But there isn't any roar when the clock strikes four, everything stops for tea
Jack Buchanan, 1935

Time to share a few more project photos from last year that I've found still on the camera.  This time it's kitchen accessories - oven gloves, tea cosies and trimmed towels - last Christmas was definitely the year of the tea cosy for my kids and Mum - we all loooove our tea.

Earlier that year I made these aprons for everyone and blogged about them here

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November Farbkleckse - Adventsmystery from I like to Quiltblog

Free-style Tannenbäume in Glas.
Selbst gemacht in einem Glas-Workshop, 
und das wird unter Horizonterweiterung verbucht ☺
Beim Kursanfang hatte ich so ein Flop-Gefühl,
hatte eigentlich keine richtige Lust dazu,
doch im Nachhinein finde ich meine Bäume TOP.... 
Ebenfalls in der Rubrik Horizonterweiterung
 werden meine Erfahrungen 
aus dem Weideflechten Workshop, 
wo ich diese Vogelfutter Haus machte, verbucht.
Roswitha von Country Rose Quilts
bietet einen Adventmystery an,
und wenn es aus Roswithas Hand stammt,
wird es mit Sicherheit gut!
Infos zum Winterquilt hier

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Une chouette virée entre filles from Patchworkrama

Pour changer un peu de nos réunions mensuelles, c'est vers la Suisse que nous nous sommes échappées le temps d'une petite journée. L'occasion pour la majorité du groupe de découvrir une vraie "caverne d'Ali Baba" à une grosse heure de chez nous. Des tissus à profusion, tous plus beaux les uns que les autres, et un accueil des plus sympathiques. Bref on s'est régalé et on s'est promis de renouveler ce genre de "voyage d'étude" vraiment essentiel à notre bien être !

riehen novembre 2014 004 (800x600)

Et puis parce qu'il fallait bien aussi se restaurer c'est ...

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Thanksgiving and Star-Spangled Mary from The Unfinished Quilter

PictureThe real Star-Spangled Banner

For many of us this Thanksgiving, our top thankfuls include family, friends, health, home and country. I’m going to suggest that as we contemplate being thankful for country, we not neglect an important needlewoman. Francis Scott Key will deservedly go down in history as the man who wrote The Star-Spangled Banner, yet not nearly as much notice has been taken of the lady who created the very flag that inspired him -- a handy and dedicated needlewoman by the name of Mary Pickersgill.

PictureMary Pickersgill sewed the flag that inspired our National Anthem.
Mary Pickersgill (b ...

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Picking up La Passacaglia from Lilabelle Lane

Playing again .....

a couple of filler blocks to help square off the bottom right

She now looks like this

If your on Instagram I can be found under "lilabellelane"

and I started another last night.

It's good to get back into this one. I have actually missed it!

Until next time,
hugs Sharon

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Do you know about Paper Piecing? from Southern Fabric

Did you know there is another way to quilt that is different from your typical cutting and sewing?  We wanted to share a two step video with you where you can learn the basic ins and outs of paper piecing. Step 1, Step 2. I have only done paper piecing a few times and the few times that I did I found that it was a pretty cool technique.  Jamie from Hundred Quilts was kind enough to share with us step by step on how to make a paper piecing block pillow that she had made.  This will only be ...

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Giant HST Quilt Tutorial - (AKA My Turn To Be Queen Bee) from madebychrissied

Hard to believe it's almost December again and that means it's my turn to be Queen Bee in our NYC Metro Mod Quilt Guild Bee.

When my daughter Flicky went off to uni she took her quilt with her (My Very First Ever Quilt) so I want to replace it for her trips home and I'm asking my Bee friends to help me.

My inspiration is this 3.5'  x 3.5'  box framed copy of Warhol's Marilyn Monroe hanging in our apartment over Flicky's bed.

I want a quilt that’s abstract, bold and ...

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December 2014 Giant HST Blocks For Chris (That's Me!) from NYC Metro MOD Quilters

December is my turn to be Queen Bee and I'm asking everyone in the Bee to make me two giant HSTs (16.5" square).  I need 36 blocks in total so I've made the first 14 myself (pic below)

There's a full tutorial for my Giant HST Quilt on my blog made by ChrissieD and I'll be handing out printed instructions and fabric at Saturday's meeting.  Anyone not there I'll post your packages on to you next week - Chris :)

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Chic Stars ~ Our free Holiday Gift Pattern! from Sew Kind of Wonderful

~Chic Stars~

We are excited today to share with you our Chic Stars pattern, a free Holiday Gift Pattern!  Free PDF download is available here.

The free pattern shows you how to make one Chic Star.  You will need the Quick Curve Ruler to make this fun star.

Jenny had way to much fun with the quilting on her quilt.  She used our new QCR Sidekick rulers for everything "curved quilting" on her quilt....even the curved crosshatch!  The QCR Sidekick rulers will be available for purchase next week!

 Jenny's Chic Stars are on point, where Helen's Chic ...

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#IGminiswap Extra... from Flying Blind On A Rocket Cycle

I have bought a couple of extras for my #IGminiswap partner, but won't show you until they have received the parcel on the off chance that they are looking in.  However I have just stitched up the last bit of the bundle…

I used my boxy pouch pattern from Love P&Q, and am rather taken with the grey home dec bottom and patchwork top.

As mailing has now begun, I will be off to the post office at the weekend, and then my side of the deal will be done.

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Printable Thanksgiving Tag "Turkey Gobbler Mix" from Parties and Patterns

printable Thanksgiving Tag, Thanksgiving Tag, Thanksgiving ideas, Thanksgiving gift idea
Growing up, my mother would make Chex Mix every Fall and it has become one of my favorite traditions!  This recipe is the best Chex Mix recipe out there--it's so tasty, you'll gobble it up in no time, and our Printable Thanksgiving Tag "Turkey Gobbler Mix" makes it the perfect gift to give to friends and neighbors!
To download Printable Thanksgiving Tag "Turkey Gobbler Mix" just CLICK HERE
Make your Thanksgiving table really shine

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Re-Entry! from Art and Quilting in Camden

As usual, re-entry to home life after Houston is a whirlwind, as you might gather by the absence of posts here!  Joshua’s birthday is always just a few days after my return, so usually the suitcases aren’t emptied and put away before I’m shopping for birthday dinner and so on.  Life was complicated by the snowstorm which cancelled my flight from Boston, causing me to drive home in the snow in the dark in a rental car.   At least they cancelled flights early, so I got home not much later than I would have had I waited ...

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Sew A Santa Sack from Sew Karen-ly Created...

Have you looked at your calendar?  A month from today will be Christmas!!  I love doing fun, silly things to celebrate the holidays.
You may recall that last year I made 5 Christmas stockings for my university son and his room mates and had a great time stuffing them with goodies for them to enjoy during exam time.
The boys absolutely loved the stockings, and having their name free motion embroidered was a special treat.
This year that son is in a smaller apartment, with fewer roommates. I didn't want to repeat the stocking idea so decided instead to ...

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The Final Feline from ... Cat Patches

It seems like a night to pop open a bottle of champagne because the cat blocks are FINISHED!!

This morning I went down and did all the top-stitching on the final feline.

Only, the second I snapped that image, I remembered that I still hadn't stitched the whiskers on. Doh! So I took care of that before continuing.

At this point I stopped because I had to make a quick trip to the grocery store. There were only 18 items on my list for Thanksgiving, and so it wasn't too bad. The store wasn't even very crowded ...

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Something Is Missing... from Chezzetcook Modern Quilts

Anyone else miss the Linky Party for the Library Project for November? I did!

Dear lord I seriously just forgot, and I NEVER forget (or I try not to). Not even my super-duper organizational skills seemed to help me this month. I am a Project Manager by day people, this is just downright embarrassing.

So, without ongoing groveling, I am just going to say that I am so sorry to the regular participants of The Library Project for missing this month.

On to the positive! This means that our December wrap up of TLP will be extra special. And by ...

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Thanksgiving Company from Alamosa Quilter

My parents are here this week for Thanksgiving so this might be my only post for this week. Mom and I are doing some sewing projects.

She wanted to learn how to make a Sew Together Bag. It's coming along but she is now at the hardest part - attaching the binding.

One side is done. The other is only half on, but she'll get it done this afternoon.

I'm working on the next Christmas Quilt block. This one is a decapitated snowman!

This has certainly been an interesting project.

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6 Fabric Selection Tips from A Little Bit Biased

Today I'm guest posting over at Martingale's blog and sharing a little video about fabric selection.  (And if you decide to head over and check it out, I MUST warn you that I am the most awkward person EVER when I get in front of a lens.  I think I try not to be too hyper and then I come across on the other end of the spectrum.  Oh, so embarrassing!  I know I could never be an actress!)

So, fabric selection, do you love it or hate it?  

I love it!  But from my many years of ...

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Our Black Friday Sale from The Intrepid Thread

We just got a phone call asking if the sale was today... no it is Friday :)

We are having a Black Friday sale on the website.

30% (or more) off our already low prices on all in stock yardage, 1/2 yd bundles, and pre-cuts. This includes our selection of apparel fabrics. Prices will be marked down at Midnight Eastern US time on Thursday night 11/27 until Midnight Eastern US time Friday night 11/28. No Coupons are necessary the prices will be marked down already.  Gift Cards are available for Holiday Giving or for your own wishlist.

Locals ...

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Haunted Nachos from Devious Quiltmaking

66B cropped

Haunted Nachos
concept, name: Darwin Brown Waters
concept: Maggie Brown
concept, color scheme, pull, placement: Mary-Claire van Leunen
cutting, placement, piecing: Ali Hester
back: Scot Augustson
2014, machine pieced, 36″ x 46.5”
longarm quilting: Regina Johnson
photo: Meagan West

This is our most collaborative quilt ever.  Darwin developed the concept and the name using the Hue/Saturation sliders in Photoshop Elements on a drawing I did for Scot:

haunted nachos

(Scot has since made both the original gold and grey version and the one with Darwin’s altered colors.  Both will get posted some time.)  I loved the concept and the ...

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