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January 25, 2021
My Thursday…. from Jo's Country Junction

I had the day off on Thursday of last week.  I say “day off” but it really wasn’t.  Sure I had time off of childcare but, I had doctor appointments and to me, that doesn’t classify as a day off.

First up mammogram.  Mine got shoved back but not too far.  I was supposed to have it over Christmas break but the day it was scheduled was a day we were supposed to have bad weather so I canceled it.  But I scheduled it as quickly as I could fit it into my schedule.  Mammograms are important.

I ...

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Best Friends Quilt Along from Jan's Quilts

 I'm still plugging away at the Best Friends Quilt Along.  Here are the 16 Economy Blocks.  Now, I'm going to make my first ever Pineapple Blocks.  Wish me luck!

May your bobbins always be full,

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WALK 2.0 Preview 2 from Tallgrass Prairie Studio

WALK 2.0 begins with a chapter entitled "Walking Foot Refresh". Even I need a little brush up on skills and techniques every once and awhile and I'm always learning so there are a few new and improved ideas for you in this chapter along with a nice overview of what every walking foot quilter should know.  If you are a beginner or haven't quilted for awhile I recommend that you start with the "Walking Foot 101" chapter in the first WALK book.

The "Big Six"

I've created a set of skills that are the fundamentals for ...

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Happy International Women's Day from Tallgrass Prairie Studio

I've been thinking about this event all day and wondering about myself and the power I hold as a woman to affect the lives and careers of other women.  I have worked in women-dominated professions my entire life and sometimes I wonder if we, as women, understand the power we wield and the ramifications of supporting and encouraging other women. And on the flip side are we aware of the destructive, soul killing consequences of undermining another woman? 

A wickedly smart friend of mine created a little signal that we could give each other when we were subconsciously or ...

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Design Input Needed from Swooze's Quilts and Tall Tales

My friend Glen made this amazing animal quilt!  

It’s all Drunkards Path blocks.  I asked another friend if she had the Accuquilt die for that shape and she did and lent it to me.  I went and bought a variety of grunge fabrics to try and recreate some of these blocks.  

I cut out a bunch of blocks from the different colors and started with the lobster.  In my world I’m calling it a crawdad.  Then I made the turtle.  Somewhere in the process of being inspired I decided to also make a fish.  I was going to ...

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New Blog Hop Coming ~ Sign Up Now! from Life in the Scrapatch

I so love the beach.

These are my toes in the Pacif Ocean, Posted Here in 2017 

when I visited there two years ago. 

So as soon as I saw this new blog hop announcement 

Salt and Sand Blog Hop 2019

I signed right up!

This blog hop is being organized right now by the lovely

Carol @ Just Let Me Quilt

So hop right over to sign right up if you wish to join in the fun!


I have a lot of ideas for this theme.

Hmmmm ...what to choose?


Right now where I am the beach would look more ...

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Since this Pandemic started I've had difficulty focusing, sticking to one thing.  Does anyone else have this problem?  At least I could focus long enough to work on three different blocks.  I just wish I could finish a quilt or table topper or something.  I recently saw a You Tube video "How To Sew A Scrappy Stained Glass Block" by Krebsbachhubercrafts and decided what a great way to use my scraps.  I love the blocks this person made, but I'm not sure about making more.  It took a lot of thinking and sewing, etc.  And mine didn't ...

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Running Free Quilt from Tamarack Shack

Fabric panels sure have come along way now that there is digital printing.  This is Julie's Running Free quilt and the pattern is on Hoffman's website for free.  The panel is called Wide Open Spaces and is a Hoffman product.

I quilted Julie's quilt with the Ebb and Flow panto to give the illusion of motion.  Thread is a beige So Fine and the batting is Quilters Dream Blend. 

I was hoping the neighbours horses would make an appearance as I was taking pictures in the freezing cold and they did!

They were very curious so I ...

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It’s coming together from Beryl the Pearl

 I just realized I didn’t make enough sashing units, but at least I can start sewing this beauty together!

My next project is Gudrun’s design, Wanda...

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Tutorial for using Scraps to make a simple Quilt from Quilter Chic

Scraps. Leftovers. Unused. Such sad words. One challenge of quilting is what to do with all of these!

I posted not too long ago about several Charities where you could donate quilts. Today I’d like to share one simple way I make those quilts, and use up extra fabric from completed projects at the same time!

Whenever I’m finished with a project, I cut the scraps into strips, starting with 1 1/2″ and up to 4″ widths in 1/2″ increments. It doesn’t matter what the length of the scraps are. I separate the scraps into ...

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A Journey vs. A Race from Patchwork Times by Judy Laquidara

Thanks to those of you who commented about cross stitching being a journey, a relaxing endeavor, and not a race. That made me think about how I work and how I think. Believe me when I say there’s probably not much normal about the way I do anything. First, I don’t get my feelings hurt...

The post A Journey vs. A Race appeared first on Patchwork Times by Judy Laquidara.

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Porch Party! from Gray Barn Designs

It’s Cindy reporting in from Ohio.

This morning, I had a porch party with a dear friend. She cleaned out her stash and said she had a bag full of fabric with my name on it. I couldn’t get to her house fast enough!

We chatted on the porch for just a bit (due to inclement weather) AND it felt like a party because we haven’t seen each other in person since I can’t remember when!

Check out all these fabrics! There’s a little of something or a lot of something from every spoke on ...

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Scrappy Heart Quiltalong + Block Tutorial from Sew Inspired


I'm planning a long term quilt project for 2021, a scrappy heart quilt. I've been wanting to make a heart quilt for a while, and I like the idea of making a chunk of blocks each month. Here's what I have in mind (colors are not decided for sure yet):

The blocks are 5" square before sewn together into the quilt, including the sashing strips on the bottom two edges of the heart. The quilt made up as shown above will be twin size, 70"x95", and includes 305 heart blocks. If you want to make ...

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2020 REVIEW - A Basket Making Adventure2020 was a year for new... from Living Water Quilter

2020 REVIEW - A Basket Making Adventure

2020 was a year for new online ventures and experiences. I joined many who transitioned more personal and work activities to online platforms.

It was exciting to start a new venture with an Amazon Handmade shop!  Living Water Quilter, is not just quilts!   lol  There are baskets made with cotton and nylon rope accented with Kraft-tex, batik fabric and/or beads.


Kraft-tex is one of my favorite accents. I like to use the pre-washed designer colors.  The best value are the rolls available by CT Publishing.


Baskets are functional, fun and add color and ...

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Oh Happy Hay Fabric by Sandy Gervais from Brown Bird Designs Quilts

I am sew excited to be working with a new line from Riley Blake Designs. Sandy Gervais is the creator of this whimsical line of Oh Happy Day fabric. I love how colorful it is. It features reds, yellows, blues, and greens. The way that those colors pop with the dark black background is perfect! An example of this is the main print. The line is bright and cheerful with inspirational quotes and is full of texture.

Oh Happy Day fabric from Riley Blake Designs

I recorded a video on New Year’s (when I unboxed the fabric); in it, I share the fabrics and how I plan ...

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Karin Cardigan from Monas Creativity

On new years eve I purchased an overlock machine from Kakle. My first project was this cardigan. Not 100% yet, but fully usable! Fabric from Strikk & Tøy, and pattern "Karin Hverdagskardigan" from Ida Victoria.

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SAHRR from Quilting Reader's Garden

What is a SAHRR?  Turns out it's a Stay at Home Round Robin.  And I've decided to play along.  You can find out about it here .It's just started really. The first week we had to pick our center block. This week we added the first border.  You can catch up easily.  Here's part of my first border. I'm adding to it.It really is square - 12 1/2".  And mine is not a pieced square - more like a panel.

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SAHRR from The Quilting Reader's Garden

What is a SAHRR?  Turns out it's a Stay at Home Round Robin.  And I've decided to play along.  You can find out about it here .It's just started really. The first week we had to pick our center block. This week we added the first border.  You can catch up easily.  Here's part of my first border. I'm adding to it.It really is square - 12 1/2".  And mine is not a pieced square - more like a panel.

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Pinky the Giraffe from Melva Loves Scraps

I introduce to you Pinky The Giraffe.  Our little gal Hanna will be arriving in May and her Momma wants to decorate the nursery with giraffes.  Based on a crib set that was included in her registry, I decided to do a patchwork single giraffe... in pink and grey.

I was doubtful about how it would look, but I am totally in love with her!

On my Tuesday To Do list I stated that I needed to purchase fabric for the quilt... turns out I didn't need to purchase any at all!  

This is all from my stash and ...

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Confetti from M. Brito de Campos

Het MQG organiseert elk jaar een quilt ruil. Ik heb dit jaar voor de 3e keer meegedaan. Ik ben gekoppeld aan een liefhebber van uitgesproken kleuren en geometrische vormen.  Vandaar de keuze voor dit quiltje. 

Ik heb al eerder een soortgelijk quiltje gemaakt. Ik wist dus wat ik nodig had. In deze tijd is het heel handig om een voorraadje te hebben. En al zoekend naar een leuke achtergrond stof vond ik een jelly rol met geschikte kleuren. Ik heb 3 verschillende achtergrond stofjes gevonden. Ik kon de blokjes meteen op maat snijden. Voor de hoekjes kon ik terecht in ...

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