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June 28, 2016
It started with a cold shower from Feather on a Wire

But first my very slow progress with the applique work. I knew I wouldn't get nearly as much done, but not quite how much a puppy restricts your sewing time. It is flat, but it was too hard to leave Rupert and take a photo on the design wall. There are periods whilst he sleeps but rather like a mother with a new baby, that is the precious time you get things done.

Darling Rupert likes to eat everything, all the time, everything..... and when he isn't trying to eat it, he he trying to make love to ...

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Back once more!!! from Monkey Business Quilts

As most of you will realize I have been absent for a while, but during that time I have not been idling, though sometimes I think there must be a leak of time in my life as I suddenly find its Friday (again!) and once more I have not managed to get here to talk to all you lovely people. Let me give you a quick round up of events (hopefully without boring you!!)

Well there's the usual round of taking care of my dear Mum whom I can't believe will reach the grand age of 90 ...

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Building Blocks Tuesday - guest blogger from Espritpatch

Today, I have the honor to be guest blogger for Jen at Quilter in the Closet for her Building Blocks Tuesday. 

Welcome if you are new here and coming from Jen's blog. Jen started the linky party while I was in a swap with her, a while ago and I have been trying to link up with her as often as possible.

 I love the idea of a block linky party because I am not industrious and able to produce a quilt every other week! And also this year I have been particularly busy making blocks with the quilt ...

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Wildflower Meadow pattern and tutorial from Quilt Addicts Anonymous

I originally designed this quilt pattern to make a gift for my aunt. I loved it so much I decided I had to write it up and share it with you all.

This is an awesome stash buster quilt. I used up a bunch of fat quarters I bought when I first started quilting (they’re at least six years old) so I’m feeling pretty good about reducing the yardage I have on hand. Using a solid for the background helps give the eye a place to rest so you can fit in just about any fabric.


And don ...

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Starting to Quilt - Starting a New Life from Little Bits and Pieces

I don't think you will believe me.
However, I'm going to quilt on Angela's quilt.

Am I right?  You don't believe me?

Yesterday spent forever setting things up for it.  I spent so long that I didn't even quilt!
I had to find everything!  The thread, my walking foot, boards to make my chair higher, etc, etc.
Then I couldn't for the life of me get that walking foot on. 
I must have tried 8 different times.  So I went to find the Babylock walking foot (thinking perhaps I had switched them up) just ...

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Christmas Placemats from Shadows of the Blue Ridge

Working with Christmas fabrics in the summer is such fun - and usually comes without the "must get this finished" stress of holiday sewing. A sweet young couple from my church is getting married this summer and of course that called for making some special placemats for the bridal shower :o)

In From the Cold Placemats & Coasters
Placemat and coaster gift set

This young couple are both avid coffee and tea drinkers so of course the In From the Cold steaming mugs patterns came right to my mind when I was thinking of what to make for them. Although I knew I wanted to make the mugs ...

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Wordless Wednesday from My Inner Thread

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My OBW Stash from If These Threads Could Talk

I’ll show you mine if you show me yours…fabric stash that is!  There is a great group on Facebook called “One Block Wonder Quilt Forum” that has over 5000 worldwide members.  The group feeds the souls of us that are somewhat obsessed with One Block Wonders (OBW).  This process was created by Maxine Rosenthal.  She has produced 3 books: One Blocks Wonders, One Block Wonders Encore! & One Block Wonders Cubed.  All 3 are essential! (Rumor has it there is a 4th in the works!)

I was on Facebook a little while ago and we were talking about our ...

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The International Appeal of Elizabeth’s Dowry from Marcus Fabrics


Don’t you love a great fabric sneak-peek?  We’re pleased to share this special preview of our upcoming ELIZABETH’S DOWRY collection!  It’s the first project of a new joint venture with The Quilters’ Guild of the British Isles.  The line is inspired by the historic Mariner’s Compass Coverlet (1820-1829) from The Quilters’ Guild Collection.  This coverlet is exquisitely constructed, and was made by Mary Dennis as part of her dowry:

QrigQUILTIt’s always exciting to see a fabric line come together, especially when it combines traditional inspiration with the latest digital printing technologies.  Below, these gorgeous ...

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A Beautiful Day Baby Quilt from Quilting & Learning

I started last week, finished it last night, washed it, sewed on the label, took a few pictures and it was given this morning. That was the creation and life of my latest baby quilt. It has now moved on to another mother who will cherish it with her child.

I know that it sounds sappy, but my quilts, like my children, are a part of me. As joyful and sometimes cranky as a child. They are my creations. Some will grow old with me while others will leave the nest too early. The one thing that is consistent is ...

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Another Baby Quilt from Quilting & Learning

Fox in a Box by Row House Creations
Last week I made a baby quilt. It was easy since I designed it to include the things I love; some colour, very few blocks made from foundation paper piecing and a lot of FMQ.

However, I have a quilt that I've promised to make for my friend Sonya. Since I made her two other babies a quilt, I had to make one for the third child. I had seen a beautiful quilt at the show-and-tell part of our Guild meeting. I googled for a baby quilt with foxes and sure ...

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Applique Tuesday from The Quilting Reader's Garden

This will be short. Laser eye surgery tomorrow.  Here's my Splendid Sampler block #36.  I paper pieced it with invisible thread, and machine appliqued with invisible thread. Giveaway still on - see the 6/25 post for a chance for hexagon papers.

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Applique Tuesday from Quilting Reader's Garden

This will be short. Laser eye surgery tomorrow.  Here's my Splendid Sampler block #36.  I paper pieced it with invisible thread, and machine appliqued with invisible thread. Giveaway still on - see the 6/25 post for a chance for hexagon papers.

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WOW: What a Week! from Esther's Blog

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays
I'm still all in a swoon about Narelle's Love Entwined looking so magnificent at the Sydney Quilt Show this year. I love all my quilts but it's a extra special feeling when they start showing up at Quilt Shows around the world and looking beautiful. I know there'll be a Love Entwined hanging at Houston this year too and I can tell you, I'm over the moon about it.

A few people have asked me if I'll release another free BOM after Hazel (which is nearly finished) and I'm ...

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Farewell Father Henry from Random Thoughts... do or "di"

Do you ever have regrets after you buy fabric online and ask yourself, "what was I thinking?" That was me several months ago when I bought a half yard bundle of Denyse Schmidt's Ansonia line. Now don't get me wrong, I love Denyse's fabric, but this line just wasn't my cup of tea. It sat on a shelf waiting for me to get a destash post on Instagram together.
A few weeks ago I saw a quilt on Instagram that Nancy Purvis was working on and I immediately thought of my bundle of Ansonia. My fabric ...

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Four Patch Mini Mini Quilts from France Nadeau

Those are four mini mini quilts I have made for the Make Modern Magazine mini mini quilt challenge (#miniminiquilt on Instragram). I was looking into my box of unused little pieces when my eyes fell on the four-patch blocks I … Continue reading

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Inchy Hexagon Club Block from The Splendid Sampler from Prairie Sewn Studios

Written by Linda Chaney, mother

Inchy Hexagon Club Prairie Sewn Studios

Our book all started with piecing the simple hexagon using English paper piecing techniques. Little did I know that I would return to this simple structure again when Block 36 by Jane Davidson, The Inchy Hexagon Club, was posted in The Splendid Sampler.

Keep in mind that our initial instruction was on a much larger hexagon. In this pattern, the side of the hexagon is 3/8". I did take advantage of using two Sizzix Thinlit dies to cut my paper hexagon templates and fabric, saving much time in tracing and cutting.

Inchy Hexagon Club Prairie Sewn Studios

Two flowers are ...

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A little behind..... from Aunt Reen's Place



I've fallen a little behind on blogging the past couple of weeks.
Family life has just been filled with lots of big activities...
The most precious event was my little grandson's graduation from Nursery School.

On our final day in Colorado our group went to the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum. We shared the day with our hostess Dawn Ronningen, Shona Halberstadt and Terry Pryke (who traveled all the way from South Africa)

The exhibit was:

I don't want to spoil the exhibit for those planning to attend, so for now I will just share ...

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Happy Hour Fun from Pmegios

Just wanted to share my Happy Hour Apron and Table Runner.  They feature Northcott’s Happy Hour Stripe fabric.



Peggy Anne sells the pattern I used for the apron on her website and the runner was designed by me and uses scraps of fabric that pick up the colors in the Happy Hour stripe.

A perfect gift for your friend who is throwing a summer barbecue.  The guys may enjoy their craft brews but I prefer a fruity rum cocktail with a that cute little umbrella and swizzle stick.

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Thoughts from the Alaska Highway...(long post) from Thoughts From Taylorsoutback

Hello to everyone from Kluane Lake in the is after 10:00 p.m. as I write this...the sun is still over the mountains and it will never grow dark during the night. We are set up on the shores of one of my very favorite camping areas. Except for the sound of the gentle wind coming in off the lake, it is so quiet. (Well - I say Mr. Outback & I both definitely heard grizzly bear sounds as we walked our 2 shelties - we immediatelt turned around and headed back to the more populated area) Everyone here has travelled far to reach this point...some returning from their Alaska adventure, others, like us, heading that way. Our conversations with each other always begin with "are you going or are you coming from?" The Alaska Highway in either direction requires a driver's focused attention so most all our camping neighbors are settled in for the night like us. Tomorrow we head to the border and Tok, Alaska. The next part of the drive is traditionally the slowest and most difficult as you encounter many frost heaves and sections of nothing but gravel. Towing a 34 foot 5th wheel calls for extra caution.

We have had a tough start to this long anticipated journey - by the time we reached North Dakota on the 17th, it was obvious little Molly - our ...

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