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July 30, 2014
A Couple Days With Kim Diehl from Hanging On by a Needle and Thread

What a week it's been and it's only Wednesday!  The week started off with a guild meeting with a trunk show presented by Kim Diehl!  She showed us lots and lots of quilts with her signature machine appliqued medallions and borders...all of them were just beautiful!  Yesterday Kim offered a workshop to teach her machine applique method.  Now I love the look of applique, but I really don't care to do applique (especially that needle turn nonsense), but I thought that if I learned how to do Kim's machine applique technique that I might be ...

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String Star Border Decisions from Butterfly Threads

Ever have one of those quilts that starts out really well and then takes a few detours? I loved string piecing these blocks and they sewed into a quilt top very nicely. I was happy with the red solid for the background and all was right in my world (with this quilt at least!)

Then I started the border. I had an idea (in my mind) that I wanted to make half block borders. So I sewed two borders and put them up on the wall with the star...

It's okaaaaay, but not as great as I had imagined ...

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Occasional Wednesday Salon from The Snarky Quilter

While much social media leaves me scratching my head, I’m a devotee of Pinterest.  It’s introduced me to fabric art I would never have found otherwise.  I discovered Merle Axelrad through this photo of detail from Yuba River 2. She … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday from Dordogne Quilter

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Pattern Jam - Free pattern/fabric audition software from Diary of a Quilter

I love when I find something new on the internet that is a helpful tool. Think of all those times when you wish you could audition your fabrics with a pattern before you start cutting. Or you have just the right pattern in mind, but aren't sure what colors or fabrics you want to use. Pattern Jam is for you! I first heard about Pattern Jam this spring and I'm so glad to have Emily Taylor here

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Stitching News from Angie Quilts

Lets start with a toot toot toot fanfare for Gail's fabulous finish.
To think that all those little Half Square Triangles (HST's) could have been thrown into the bin! Basically, this design is Railfence, the very same design we use for our beginner project, what an amazing quilt Gail...
I love pieced backings! Lots of ladies attending my classes love them too. Look at the fabulous back  Gail made... a lovely accompaniment for the front... and you can see the lovely quilting better this way too.
New Sue fiddled and diddled all day to make these ...

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Off to the SPA - ALYOF from A Stitch in Time

My ALYOF goal for July (goal post) was to get the border on my Celtic Solstice quilt and prepare the backing fabric.

I really appreciate all the suggestions on border.  I decided to go with a narrow white border and will either go with the green as binding or an aqua.  

The final decision maker was the amount of fabric I had on hand.  This quilt ended up bigger than I original intended when I ordered the backing fabric.  Wasn't room for another border.

Backing fabric all prepared and the quilt goes off to the spa (aka my long ...

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Paper-pieced Stars from Quilt Vine

This is Linda's quilt. She told me to quilt it however I wanted to. 

I had some fun in all of that negative space.

I quilted pebbles close to the stars. Then mixed pebbles with swirls, and furthest from the stars I quilted just swirls.

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Liberty Tana Lawn and Collage Newsprint ~ A Quilt in Progress from Red Pepper Quilts

I have a bucket list of quilts that I would like to make. The question "What's next?" however isn't as simple as going to my bucket list and ticking off the next project; usually because I don't feel like making that particular quilt right now, or making 100's of half square triangles/log cabins/flying geese units etc, or simply because I don't have the fabric requirements on hand. Usually the former - I don't fancy doing that right now - rather than the latter.
Liberty Tana Lawn and Collage - Newsprint by Carrie Bloomston

Sometimes the "what's next" question is answered right in front ...

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Aaaand We're Back! from Kat & Cat Quilts

Did you miss me?  I've basically been on vacation for the past 3 weeks, which meant not much quilting and not much blogging.  I've enjoyed myself immensely, but tomorrow I go back to work and things around here will be back to regularly scheduled programming.

Two of my quilt are going to their forever homes tomorrow. Is there anything better than quilts ready for gifting?

The Sherwood Forest quilt is for a wedding, along with a couple of jars of pepper jelly.

The Sherbet Lane quilt is going for a new baby, along with a couple of bibs ...

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Fashionable Fabrics - A Giveaway! from Red Pepper Quilts

A sponsored giveaway.

Dennis and Tonia from Fashionable Fabrics
have kindly offered to sponsor a giveaway.

Fashionable Fabrics is your source for the latest in fashion fabric from your favorite  designers. They feature designer fabric for quilters and crafters looking for prints and patterns that are often unavailable in traditional outlets. You'll also find a really large novelty section, an always growing remnant section, as well as a neat Fabric by Theme section  that makes it easy to find the fabric you might be looking for.

Fashionable Fabrics ~ Novelty prints 

Dennis and Tonia are kindly giving away ...

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Blog Hop and a Giveaway Too! from Jackie's Art Quilts

Do you know how much fun it is to meet a fellow blogger that you have been 'online friends' with? I had this opportunity at our local quilt show when this young woman came up to me and introduced herself.  Well, it was so exciting to meet Sarah Vee and she is so talented and sweet that I am just thrilled to be hosting part of her blog hop!

Sarah has this fun site called Sew Joy Creations. Here you can see all her cute patterns.
Right now she is having a sale of a special compilation of all of ...

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Ready, Set, SEW!! from Heartspun Quilts ~ Pam Buda

Are you ready for the 
big day on Friday??

That's when all the fun begins, right here on Friday morning.  Now, you don't want to miss out on the fun, and it sure wouldn't be the same without you!  So, get your machine all ready, put in a new needle, and we'll get going on our first block.  

Here's the line-up, so be sure to visit all 12 blogs to learn lots more about a few of the talented Marcus designers and NY staff.  

8/1                        Pam Buda ~ Heartspun Quilts                        
8 ...

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Just the facts...for my own record keeping...but you can read them...... from Exuberant Color

I bought my longarm machine (Babylock Jewel 18") in November 2008.  (I don't quilt for others.)  I have quilted 88 quilts on it since then, 41 which were given away or sold, 9 QOV quilts, and 38 that I still own. 5.75 years I have averaged quilting a little over 15 quilts a I guess I can stop beating myself up for not getting more done.
I also quilt some of my smaller pieces on my regular machines.  This one is the Pfaff 7570, 14 years old, in my Koala cabinet in the main ...

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3-D Flying Geese Quilt Block from Patchwork Posse

I love this block.  It looks harder than it is….which makes you look like a professional quilter :)

The seam in the center is hidden behind the flying geese part, making it an illusion.

3-d Flying Geese Quilt Block Tutorial | patchworkposse | easy sewing projects and free quilt patterns

Materials Needed:

2- background 3″ X 3″

1- flying geese 3″ X 5 1/2″


3-D Flying Geese Quilt Block Tutorial~

1)  Fold the rectangle in half and finger press

2)  Place this folded rectangle in between the two background squares- lining up the raw edge.  The fold will be just beyond 1/4″ from one edge of the background squares


3)  Sew along the side ...

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T'is the Season for "Busy" from Ouvrages d'une Acadienne

.............even with the guild meeting closed for the summer months there are lots of activities going on. I can't believe it has been so long since I posted on my blog... 

Before we did close up at the guild we were honored to be filmed for a documentary on Acadian culture by the  
                                        Histoires francophones Inc.

Sound and camera couple were happy to be photographed.

Our Juniors were the highlights 
of the filming as they showed their talents at hand quilting .

After a lovely "last supper" together for the season  
(which I forgot to take pictures ) 
we ventured off ...

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Stolen Quilt Alert! Nancy Rink from Terificreations's Weblog

Nancy Rink’s fb status from Monday July 28, 2014.
I am MAD as Hell! Thieves broke into my studio over the weekend and stole virtually every quilt (see the album What the Thieves Stole). This is an oh so wonderful follow-up to the break in a week and a half ago in which one quilt was stolen. We had beefed up security but the thieves paid no attention. They just ripped the alarm from the door and busted the security lights. Am I paranoid or am I just being targeted?! I have posted images of the main quilts ...

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The Flowering Snowball that almost never was... from Maryse Makes Things

After hand stitching quite intensively, my thumbs were very much in need of a break, I am making good progress on my AMH Honeycomb of the quilt to go. :)

Back to the sewing machine...Quilt for a little girl.

It all started with the Flowering Snowball-Along...Despite being one of the first to raised my hand high when Mary at {Molly Flander Makerie} announced the sew-along...Somewhere along the way, I changed my mind...Until a couple days ago...I was looking at all the beautiful Flowering Snowball that has been made so far on Flickr and decided ...

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Opiston syksy - Maalaismysteeri from Tikkutaiwas

Oppilaat toivoivat keväällä, että syksyn kurssi voisi olla jotain samanlaista kuin kaksi vuotta sitten ompelemamme sampler.

Kun sitten talvella satuin netissä näkemään yhden naisporukan ompelevan yhdessä Maalaismysteeri -nimistä työtä, opetussuunnitelma syntyi kuin itsestään.

Nurmijärven opiston opinto-oppaassa kerrotaan, että syksyn kurssin mallityö on nähtävissä täällä blogissani. Päätin kuitenkin, että mallityöni tulee edistymään samaa vauhtia oppilaiden ompeluiden kanssa, joten omaa valmista työtä ei siis ole vielä näytettäväksi. Hätä ei kuitenkaan ole tämännäköinen, sillä maalaismysteeriä on ommeltu jo ennen meitäkin ja töitä on nähtävissä ainakin seuraavissa blogeissa.

Tilkkululla Tämä on Marittan blogi, hän on mysteerin kimppaompeluidean äiti. Hänen bloginsa oikean reunan tunnisteista löytyy ...

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"Van Berenpraatjes & Stonefieldsblokjes" from Supergoof Quilts


Geen Goof aanwezig, 

Even om het hoekje van haar handwerkplekje gluren,
 ben zo benieuwd wat ze aan het doen is,...

Geen werk in uitvoering te zien,
wel een flink stapeltje met van die leuke blokjes,...

Waar 2 berenlijfwachten op passen,...
Mogen de lezers van het Supergoof-blog even zien hoe ver Goof is met de Stonefields quilt?
We zijn namelijk zo BENIEUWD.

Gelukkig doen de Beren-Dametjes niet vervelend en al rap liggen alle blokjes op de grote tafel.

Ze zijn alleen een beetje moeilijk op de foto te zetten.
het zijn er zo veel,...


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