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May 14, 2021
More Scrappy Love from Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework

 I decided to donate one more quilt from the stack of finished quilts to Covered in Love.

Remember this RSC quilt I finished last year?  Well it has been kicking around the house just waiting for a new home.  As I was sending off a box to Covered In Love for the Hands2Help quilt challenge, I decided to stuff this one in as well.

The blocks for this quilt were super simple and all of the fabric for the quilt top came out of the scrap bins.  Turning my scraps into donation quilts just seems to make sense to me ...

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Progress on UFO's - AGAIN! from Grandma's Red Needle

UFO's! UFO's! UFO's! That's what has been going on since my previous post! I have not started anything new, even if that has been very tempting a few times. I'm determined to finish as many UFO's as possible this year and so far so good! The PSQ #1 and the Scrappy Christmas Quilt - here - are both FINISHED! No photos yet. 

The last couple of weeks, I've been working on PSQ #2 and the Pineapple Quilt. For the PSQ #2, the blocks were done last year, but not pieced together. As you can see ...

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May 12, 2021
The Positivity QAL with Sew Preeti from Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework

Are you looking for a fun new project and at the same time donate to a great organization? 

You want to check out the QAL announcement at Sew Preeti Quilts!

The QAL runs from may until the beginning of September so there is plenty of time to complete a quilt. I will definitely be participating.  I have donated quilts to Mercyful Quilts in the past and the quilt Preeti designed looks like a great opportunity to use up some scraps!

Plus, she will be offering the pattern for free and she has organized some giveaways for participating!  (If you aren ...

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May 11, 2021
Throw Yourself a Cutting Party! from Quiltnotes All Blogs

 If you have been quilting for more than a few years, you probably have fabric scraps busting out at the seams. I know I do! Scrap quilts to the rescue. I have made about 6 scrap quilts this year and still have more fabric.

This is a scrap quilt made with 4" finished half square triangles.

 A cutting party is where you make a list of quilts to make, sort your scraps then cut the pieces you need. Here is what I do.

Plan Your Quilts and Cutting Requirements

Here are the quilts I have planned and the size strips ...

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May 10, 2021
Weekly update: workshop WIP, a goal met, a surprise project, and books from With Strings Attached


I hope everyone had a pleasant Mother's Day! 

When we began exploring the forest preserves the walks seemed longer because I wasn't familiar with the trails.  The path around Lake Carina, a reclaimed gravel pit, is just a mile.  

Upper right: strawberries. Middle right: black mustard (an nasty invader). Lower left: puccoon. I haven't identified the other two. 

# # # # # # #

Eleanor (Ellie) Levie was the quilt guild speaker Wednesday evening by Zoom (she lives in Philadelphia).  Her lively presentation  "American Quiltmaking 1970-2000" is a version of the book she wrote (see photo).  I have owned Great Little Quilts, her ...

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May 4, 2021
Tangled String of Beads 35, 36 from Virtual Quilter

I love the first design.

Enough beads to be interesting, but with some open spaces for some equally interesting quilting.

I love the second one too … find a heap of colorful but close matching fabrics, and start cutting, and place on a neutral background!

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May 1, 2021
The May 2021 Short List from Quilt Paint Create

I finished stitching Christmas Eve in April, but didn’t frame it. In spite of all the time spent on the Crazy Quilt Course, hours of work remain. That project feels like it will never end. Very little sewing happened in April.

The Short List categories are UFO, garment, original design, hand work, finishing, classes and other. I’ve used this system for 6+ years to keep me focused. The categories change as my goals and interests change. Categories with nothing in process will not be listed, only active categories.

Original Design – Open Dialogue is still waiting to be quilted ...

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April 26, 2021
Progress on UFO's during the Lockdown from Grandma's Red Needle

It's Monday again! How did that happen?! Hope you all had a great week. Lockdown continues (to be eased, phase #2, as from May 1, 2021) and the week has been wet, wet, wet! Lots of rain which caused flooding in the South-eastern part of the island. It has been raining in our area too, but that's nothing compared to the South-East. No venture out except twice a week (lockdown restrictions) and the rain! Thank goodness for fabric and notions, stay inside and stay dry! 

I've taken a break from the pineapple blocks. I am going to ...

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April 25, 2021
Best Scrap Quilt Ideas & Tips from A Quilting Life

Scrap Quilt Ideas & Tips featured by top US quilting blog, A Quilting Life: image of Scrappy string blocks

Hello, friends!  This post was originally published in July of 2018. But it has so many fun ideas that I’ve updated it and am re-publishing. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the post for the recent updates. Enjoy! Today I’m sharing my Best Scrap Quilt Ideas & Tips. Actually, I’ve also been wanting […]

The post Best Scrap Quilt Ideas & Tips appeared first on A Quilting Life.

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April 24, 2021
Friday finishes! from With Strings Attached


We revisited Greenbelt and Ray Lake Forest Preserves on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. It was sunny but cool with very little wind.  The tree swallows are establishing their nests in the nesting boxes.  The flowers are trout lilies and [a yellow flower I have to i.d.]

# # # # # # # # # 

In the studio:  two finished projects!

Last in, first out -- I pieced Jumbo Waffles last week. I quilted it in a simple grid using the walking foot. I pieced the four left over blocks into the back before they could be consigned to the orphan box.

(Click on the "waffle stamps" label to ...

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April 23, 2021
PSP20 and Hands2Help from Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework

 I can't remember who started the Postage Stamp Pandemic (PSP20) but I was quick to hop on board.   Having finished a postage stamp quilt not too long ago, I decided to bump up the size of my cut squares to 2".  The memory of sewing up all those smaller sizes was still very fresh in my mind!

All of the fabric for the top of this quilt all came out of scrap bins.  Every time I would come across a chunk of solid fabric in a shade I had not used before, I would make a block

For the ...

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Endless Scraps from The Snarky Quilter

Each week I toss out a few fabric scraps to reduce my collection. Most of my recent pieces are made almost entirely of scraps. Over the past two weeks I’ve put together three tops made of scraps and slapped fabric … Continue reading

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April 21, 2021
» Selvage Blog

This two-color scrap quilt is fast and fun to make, see pattern here: Far Horizon.

Cut a bunch of scraps by eye, using scissors. 
Trim with a rotary cutter after sewing the strips. 
This is the fast way to do it. No hassle.

Even though the scraps are different heights, it's easy to get a nice straight horizon. 
And I love that contrast line. I want to try purple and yellow next time.
This is a twin size. But a wall size for my quilt room would be nice.

And here's a tip for new quilters: When pinning ...

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April 19, 2021
Scrappy Pineapple Blocks and Lockdown from Grandma's Red Needle

Good Monday morning!

I hope your week has been a good one and that you have been busy in your sewing room. We are on partly lockdown until April 30, 2021. I'm not going to say much about it except that we are allowed shopping etc twice a week only, on alphabetical orders. It works fine with us, one just have to adapt. Of course I miss my daily (almost daily) walk. Yep, we are not even allowed to go for a walk or take our dog for a walk! It has been raining almost daily for the last ...

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April 18, 2021
Sunday Stash April 18, 2021 from Quilt Paint Create

No change in the numbers this week.

I put together a small quilt with the bunny fabric scraps, and it’s ready for quilting. There was no pattern for this. I took the scraps I had and sewed them together, making it up as I went along.

I thought I might to get to that yesterday, but not so much. Too many other things happened and the day got away from me. That’s been the rule and not the exception lately. Maybe I’ll find the time later today.

Fabric In: 2 yards

Fabric Out: 1.25 yards

Net ...

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April 10, 2021
Scrap-Happy Pineapples; continue, or not? from Grandma's Red Needle

 Good Saturday morning! 

I hope it's a good morning for you? Not so good for me; I had one of those rare nights when I woke up just after 02:00 a.m. and no chance getting back to sleep again. After about one hour twisting and turning, listening to the rain and thunder rolling in the distance (I think it was the distant thunder that woke me up) and looking at the clock umpteen times, I gave up and got up! Even the cat was surprised to see me that early! Usually it's him who wakes me ...

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April 6, 2021
Circle in a square baby quilt from Granny Maud's Girl

My lovely neighbours have another grandson (their fifth!), and I again offered to make a quilt.

As before, I invited the baby’s grandmother into my sewing room to choose some starter fabrics and pattern ideas. We agreed to use a lot of the same fabrics that I included in the earlier baby quilt for the same family, but this time she spotted and fell in love with a monkey print, so I added green to the blues.

Hand-made baby quilt in blues and greens

The baby’s grandmother was keen to include the monkey print.

The idea for this quilt came from the centre of an ...

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March 22, 2021
What is your Scrap Quilt IQ? from Pat Sloan's Blog

Such a loaded question, but I'm going to make this easy on you!

Pat sloan scrap quilt iq

A lot of people keep their quilt scraps and I want to talk about your 'Scrap Quilt IQ' so you can decide the best way for you to store  (or maybe not store) those scraps

Read on!

*** Take the Scrap Quilt IQ test ***

Watch my video then read on!

Do you currently Make Scrap Quilts? 

  • Yes - be honest here, do you really make them or is it just sometimes? this will help you know how much to keep
  • Sometimes - when you make them do you like ...

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March 19, 2021
The CIL Finishes Keep Coming from Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework

 I have been continuing to work on completing the Covered In Love quilts that so many of you donated blocks for.

This is the second set of blocks in this design.  For more information on this block drive, you can go here.

I really enjoy seeing all the fun fabrics in everyone's blocks.

I was initially going to alternate the direction of the blocks but I just really like this all vertical layout.  It works so well with the horizontal quilting.

Kat sent a starry sky fabric which I used for the backing.  I was a bit surprised to ...

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March 12, 2021
Covered in Love Second Finish from Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework

 I know I thought I was going to be sharing the second FiddleSticks quilt this week, but I didn't get all of the binding completed.  But I will share the first of the red, white and blue quilts I am working on for Covered in Love.

This quilt is made with 12.5" star blocks of all different designs.  For this first quilt, I used all the star blocks that had a white background to them.

There wasn't quite enough white blocks for the entire quilt so I added in some more colorful blocks in the center of ...

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