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June 18, 2021
sheep bag from Making A Lather

My finishes for this week, are my attempt to finish rug hooking ufos, which have accumulated just like quilt ufos. This is one of the first rug hooking projects I made in 2010. I didn't even know how to finish anything yet, so I didn't finish it. It has been sitting waiting patiently. I decided to make a zippered bag. When I sewed the bag pieces to the hooked piece, I could only get so close, so I needed to hook another row.

I made the bag at a retreat using the tutorial at noodlehead

I cut the ...

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June 11, 2021
zuckerwatte quilt finish from Making A Lather

I have a finish -bonnie Hunter quilt zuckerwatte from her book string fling. It is a smaller quilt than I thought when I started it. It is about 58 x 70. I started working on this ufo in January at a retreat, I had started at the beginning of January with only string blocks made. I made the string blocks in June 2017. I cut a gazillion  HSTS - (half square triangles)... sewed a bunch together, and made  rows. and blocks. It is really pretty in person.

I used a plain pink sheet for the backing that I had in my ...

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June 7, 2021
Best Friends QAL, the first one is complete from Jan's Quilts

Boy, photographing a queen-size quilt is a challenge.  I finally hung it from the rain gutter, above the garage door.  I really love how this turned out.  It's a housewarming gift for a great couple.

I had 6 quilts to put the binding on and this is #5, only one more to go, and it's another Best Friends quilt.


May your bobbins always be full,

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June 6, 2021
Giving Love Quilt or #7, is complete! from Jan's Quilts

This is the 3rd Giving Love Quilt I've made, you can read about why I made another here.  It's for my cousins' daughter, Ellen.

I love the sunlight streaming through the quilt back.  Below is a close-up of the Dragonfly panto that is my current favorite.

May your bobbins always be full,

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The Froggy-Girl Quilt is Complete! from Jan's Quilts

One of my cousins, actually one of my cousins' granddaughters, loves frogs. She's 40 years old and legally blind. She has very limited vision; she started losing her vision at 3 years old. She's a trained chef and loves photography. She works as a nanny. And she's one of my favorite people.  

When I cut out the frogs from the Tula Pink fabric, I didn't have enough, so I threw in some owls! The quilt top measures 48 inches square.  

A close-up of the Dragonflies panto.


May your bobbins always be full,

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June 4, 2021
The Sparkling Patchwork Quilt is complete from Jan's Quilts

I really love how this Sparkling Patchwork Quilt turned out.  It's hot and the sun is very bright today, so the colors look a bit faded.  That blue is Kona Windsor Blue, one of my favorites.

You can read how I made this quilt from this post.  For the quilt back, I used the leftover striped fabric, since I hadn't used any on the front of the quilt.

This shows my new favorite panto, Dragonflies!  And below was my attempt at an "arty" photo! 

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June 2, 2021
The Lattice Quilt is finished! from Jan's Quilts

The Lattice Quilt is complete and I'm a dork. This one is going to my daughter Carrie in N.C., and I was getting it ready to mail; the box was taped shut, then I realized I hadn't taken any photos!  Must take photos! 

For the quilt back I used the left-overs from the layer-cake.  The quilt measures 48" x 57".

May your bobbins always be full,

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May 28, 2021
little houses from Making A Lather

 I don't have a finish of my own, but, I have a customer quilt finish. This is a quilt with swap blocks that 5 of us participated in a few years ago. As far as I know, Linda is the first to complete hers. It was such a fun swap. I like how she put it together. One of our swappers had a made a church that was twice the size of our 4 1/2 inch block. She put that in the center.

She put any leftover on the back I quilted an simple stipple so that the ...

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May 21, 2021
flower rug finish from Making A Lather

I finished a class project for rug hooking. We started it last Spring after my hubby had back surgery. I didn't start it again until this year. It is a small rug that I will use as a wall hanging - Probably  only 16 x 16 inches. Part of the class was the pattern, wool, and, then, instruction from the teacher on shading. I think we had 9 different wools for shading. Lori Cravens was the teacher. I don't like the binding part of finishing, so, at least it was small, and, I could do it at the guild ...

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May 14, 2021
snoopy finish from Making A Lather

I have  a finish....finally. Based on cynthia Brunz's wiggle time pattern. I have made it before in rainbow colors. I really like it. Anytime I have a fun children's print, I can cut this pattern, and, have pieces ready for a donation quilt or a quick ( relatively) gift. It's nice to have green for a backdrop again.

60 X 68

blue for the backing

I'm linking to:

TGIFF different     here  and here

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April 23, 2021
floating stars finish from Making A Lather

We had a Spring surprise this week...snow and 3-4 inches. It was so pretty. There were big fluffy flakes falling against a blue sky. And it accumulated through the night. Snow in April is much more fun than snow in January. We know it just won't last, and, we can just enjoy it.

I have a finish. The floating stars quilt is finished. It seemed to take forever to just add border and quilt and bind. Now that it is done, I think it will be a gift for a new Grandson coming in May.

finish the top ...

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March 25, 2021
Red, White, and Blue Quilts Delivered from Kat & Cat Quilts

Linda and I (but let's be honest, mostly Linda) are still chugging away on last year's RWB blocks.  We've just got a few quilts left to go from these, which as many of you know are perennial favorites at the hospital. 

These went up with a delivery last Friday while I there with my first level students.  In order to make the drop off work Chaplain Perry actually had to take my keys and go load the quilts from my car into his since I'm not allowed to leave the building while my students are there ...

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March 4, 2021
First Strings of the Year from Kat & Cat Quilts

I decided to go ahead and get working on the string blocks during our snow storm.  These are the string blocks foundation pieced onto batting that CiL did for our Jan/Feb drive.   You can see my tutorial on how I am assembling and "quilting" them here

I'm having a lot of fun picking our color groups and playing with  patterns. The top quilt is pink, purple, and yellow moving in a diagonal across the quilt.  

Next is blue, aqua, and green color blocks.  I've decided it looks best when I have all the stripes slanting the same ...

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February 26, 2021
boxy star finish from Making A Lather

 I am happy to report I have the quilt  done for boxy stars in yellow and black. I started this in 2016 to use a jelly roll.  I have worked on it as part of the rainbow scrap challenge this year. February's color is yellow. This is an older UFO that would not make it into the top 10 quilts I want to finish, but, still needs some attention. It is good to clean out some of these types of UFOs. I started the month with the blocks already made, and I needed to assemble the top and quilt ...

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January 29, 2021
challenge and a finish from Making A Lather

I decided to participate in 2021 table scraps trt challenge.  I have a few table runner/ toppers that I have bought over the years, that I would like to make, but, they aren't part of any goal setting that I have been doing. It isn't part of any finishing goals ( they aren't started) or before I die goals ( I have time). They are just hanging around saying pick me, pick me. The challenge will give me a chance to think about, and, hopefully, finish a few projects.

This month, I picked an easy project that was already ...

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January 22, 2021
baby quilt finish from Making A Lather

 I have emptied a project box with this finish. I finished flannel #2 his week. It feels so good to move another UFo to done. I finished flannel #1 last week as part rainbow scrap challenge at so scrappy.

46x58- 7 yards of fabric

I found an old blog post about the pattern including a share it  of my copy of the pattern. It's a great pattern to use for a baby quilt and/or a donation quilt.

My rainbow projects for 2021 with links:

tiny houses

postage stamp psp20

ice cream

waffle stamp blocks

love pillowcases

2 pink ...

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January 15, 2021
flannel quilts and a finish from Making A Lather

My ufo # 2 and #3 for the rainbow scrap challenge at so scrappy was 2 pink flannel baby quilts. I didn't know, when I opened the box, if I had just collected the fabric, or, had it cut for what I needed. I saw labels on the fabric, so I was excited to learn it was already cut and ready to sew.

there are 2 quilts cut out in the box

I had all the letters I needed for the pattern -quilt #1

I arranged them on tray with all the letters showing

I have looked all over the ...

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January 9, 2021
jelly roll finish from Making A Lather

I have a finish for my January one monthly goal at elm street quilts. This is an older ufo ( 2013) made from a jelly roll and free pattern by cindy carter.

76 x 76

12 yards of fabric

I really liked the border with the rest of the quilt. I quilted simple circle loops in a light gray thread. I machine sewed the binding. I needed to open a new roll of hobbs 80/20 batting. I noticed it was not the same as other bolts. I wonder if there was a change in the manufacture. It seemed thinner and ...

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January 2, 2021
Safari Tango from Seaside Stitches

 My last finished quilt of 2020 is called Safari Tango. It might be the first true double-sided quilt I've ever made. The front was started in an online (Zoom) workshop with Diane Harris, The Stash Bandit, hosted by Ninigret Quilters. She calls her pattern Twofer Tango because you could get two quilts from your effort. The half square triangle units are bonus blocks from the creation of the main X-blocks. I chose to add mine around the border instead of harboring yet another UFO!


The back of the quilt was one of those long-simmering UFOs. Started in a class ...

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1st rsc 2021 and a finish from Making A Lather

Happy New Year! 

I hesitate to say it, since I said it last year, and look what happened.

Pink is the first color of the year for the rainbow scrap challenge. I hope to follow a plan for working on this challenge this year.

1. grab color wire basket and sort

 I keep my fabric chunks in wire baskets by color. Some baskets are in tidy shape, others, not so much. Pink is very tidy and full.

2. decide ufo by color -prioritize as #1

pink -2 love pillowcases, 2 baby flannel quilts, zuckerwaite ( any progress is progress)

3. make ...

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