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May 9, 2021
Mystery Solved, Tiny Stitching, Sawtooth Stars, Christmas Gift in May from Canadian Needle Nana

 Can you spy her?

She froze and I moved close enough to get this photo; I really didn't want to disturb her foraging.
That's a little snow on the ground on Monday early morning. I took this photo of the marsh frozen over.
The Canada Geese have moved in and several always settle in on the little pond for a short while. 
I got my Christmas gift from Hubby recently. This book, The Bedside Book of Birds by Graeme Gibson. that I wanted had been out of print and it took this long to get a reprint copy ...

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Calving Season continues... from May Your Bobbin Always Be Full

We have been at it since February.....


The Cowboy walks through the cow herd

each morning checking for new calves...

Tomato 8 and her new calf

The White Heifer and her new calf...

Yup, this just might be the super cutest calf

of the year !

Last week we rounded up the yearling calves...

We vaccinated, wormed, fly tagged

and moved them across the river 

to summer pasture:

This is Buffalo Bill
He was born last year and is now a year old.

It was in the 30's this morning
when we checked on the cow herd...

The Turkey ...

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May 3, 2021
Beauty Product, Apple Crumble, Basket Applique, Amazing Bird Sighting from Canadian Needle Nana

All this week down at the pond I've been serenaded by several cardinals singing their beautiful songs. I had to think how blessed I am to not only live where this is a morning greeting but also to have my hearing to hear them. With hubby being hard of hearing, I'm conscious of that too. 

I had a marvelous treat last week when the barred owl suddenly alighted on a tree in the marshy area as I was sitting on the skating shack steps. I was using binoculars and caught the movement of something quite chunky looking. Because ...

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April 30, 2021
Bee Food, Mini Quilt Finish and Cross Stitch Start, Take Out Treat from Canadian Needle Nana

Sure sign of spring. Happy to spy this lone dandelion down by the pond...first food for the bees.

Snow yesterday and very cold today but spring is trying its best to take over. Robins are all over the place.

This nuthatch made many trips to the ground which was unusual as they normally stay on tree trunks. I think it may have been gathering material for a nest.  Our nuthatch numbers keep rising so I'm thinking they are nesting nearby.
I have a plan to sew table toppers for the smaller pieces of furniture I have around the ...

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April 24, 2021
Critters from Jean's Quilting Page


I am a fan of Sew Fresh Quilts (Dog Gone Cute) and her cute animals, so when I saw she had this elephant pattern, I had to get it. I have a loose plan for how I want to put them in a quilt, so I made a few last week. Since I'm going to do my own layout with them, I decided I needed a few birds too. 
Are they adorable or what? 

Some are facing right, some left. The birds are sitting on a branch with leaves as shown below. I haven't sewn the block together ...

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April 22, 2021
Loons from Made By Marney

I’m having fun designing new bird patterns…


Finding the right fabrics is always the key. The water fabric is perfect, don’t you agree? And the wonky black and white hashtag makes a super cute loon fabric! LOON ON THE LAKE #2 and LOON ON THE LAKE #3 are both brand new designs.


Here’s a loon I already had in my collection of FOWL FRIENDS. I’m planning to put all 3 of these loons together for a table runner for my cabin. We have a pair of ...

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April 11, 2021
Stash, Finishes, Bird Fair in Town from Canadian Needle Nana

I've been walking a lot to try to cure this sad head of mine. Fresh air and time passing is working its magic I would have to say. Witnessing the change in nature from winter to spring is also wonderful. 

And sitting out on rocks and logs trying to let the fresh air and woody vistas sink into me. I had this little thing float down on my head during one of those times. I thought it was a leaf. Realizing it was a moth put a smile on my face. Where did it come from with the air ...

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April 2, 2021
April @ the Kessi Ranch..... from May Your Bobbin Always Be Full

Kessi Ranch.....April 2021


We are half way through calving season

with 50 calves on the ground so far...

We call this baby steer.....The Road Runner

He likes to race us 

when we drive through the pasture !

The Turkey Vultures have migrated back

to Western Oregon

They greet us each morning on our way to

the calving barns...

They enjoy a solar bath when the sun rises

each morning...

Their feathers looks so beautiful

back lit by the morning sun.

Yes, it is that time of the year...

Fertilizing the Hay Fields...

The Fertilizer Spreader is loaded up...

No ...

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March 28, 2021
Excitement, Can This Spring Be Real? and Stitching Of Course from Canadian Needle Nana

 I've spent a good amount of time outside lately. The temperatures were so warm and especially welcomed because it is still March. Feels like a bonus to have lovely weather during this month usually known for late snowstorms and the dreaded freezing rain. Bits of green are poking through the dried grass and we wondered was it survival growth under the snow or brand new. It doesn't matter...these tiny spring signs are welcome to my eyes.

The hint of red on the head there identifies this wee one as a redpoll, I think. He was sure enjoying ...

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March 19, 2021
69th Spring Still Holds Surprises from Canadian Needle Nana

 You'd think my 69th March would hold no surprises for me. But the suddenly melting snow, emerging sidewalks, sun feeling so hot on my back I had to unzip my coat and remove my woolen toque, all took me by surprise. This happened in just the last three days but so wonderful. Temperatures above zero and even into double digits one day like what spring is meant to be. Now if only the snow can stay away and a hex on freezing rain too. 

And the birds started chirping just like that. I've heard the male cardinals now ...

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February 25, 2021
I Like Thursday ~ Week #86 ~ Hope Sings from Life in the Scrapatch

This is "All a Twitter" fabric from Hoffman International.

I bought two yards of the large bird print a couple of years ago at a quilt show.
The text print is actually part of a panel that has seven other prints,
some of which are visible in the folds at the top of the photo.
This is one of my fabric treasures. 

I have a book of Emily Dickenson poems somewhere  with this quote.
 I got the book at the
when I was a teenager and thought myself a poet.

I pulled this fabric out because I ...

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February 21, 2021
Sunday Chat from From My Carolina Home

Seems this has been another week of not getting a lot accomplished, but still busy all week. Last weekend and into Monday was the Backyard Bird Count. I did have some fun taking some photos and reporting my counts every day for the four day time frame. My Sweet Babboo kept the feeder full so we could see the most species. If you are interested in participating in the next bird count, there is another one coming on May 8th with counts on eBird again. There is also a Backyard Feeder count that goes until April, and you can get ...

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February 13, 2021
Ski Do Fun, Chocolate Rum Mousse Cake, Sawtooth Stars, Icy Cardinal, Warming Winter Drink from Canadian Needle Nana

It has snowed; I've been shoveling. There has been sun and brilliant blue skies. There have also been frigid temperatures with wind chills in the minus twenties celsius.  Yes all since I last wrote to you. 

All in all, a normal February for us...actually perhaps warmer than usual because we haven't dipped to the minus thirties which is normal too for here. On the warmer days, daughter and Robbie have been here riding the little ski doos around the property. 

Besides the wintertime fun in the fresh air, it's a help to us because they nicely ...

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January 31, 2021
Covid Thoughts, Stitching Stars and Crosses, Bouncy Bird from Canadian Needle Nana

I said yesterday can we really keep doing this. This being just the two of us here day in, day out with only a far wave or a shouted hello very occasionally to other people. Of course, we can and I know we can; after all we have no alternative even though it is feeling like this pandemic is dragging on far too long. Almost a year now we remind each other and we've made it this far, still safe and healthy which is the main thing. So good then. Then we go about our activities, watch our shows ...

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January 21, 2021
Flosstube, Shopping Sales, Wintertime Slow Stitching from Canadian Needle Nana

 After a night of steady snowfall, we woke to a true winter wonderland yesterday. The views out each window were spectacular and the snow continued to fall all day. 

The feeders got refilled the evening before and many birds availed of an extra bit of nourishment including several blue jays that stopped by.

The back yard...

The golden maple...
 The day before we'd been able to follow a deer track all the way up through our land, see where it had pawed the old leaves to find something to eat and then move on. I was pleased to note ...

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January 14, 2021
Wooden House Winter Times from Canadian Needle Nana

 I've been striving to spend an hour a day outside in the fresh air. I feel it is beneficial in many ways and it is true that I always come inside feeling upbeat and feeling more refreshed somehow. And also grateful for the warmth of indoors and perhaps a cup of tea waiting for me. 

How do I spend an hour outside?  Usually our couple of walks take 20 -30 minutes each. By myself I collect twigs and tree bits for the fire and I also ramble about with my camera. Late afternoon yesterday I sat on a log ...

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December 21, 2020
2020......Highlights from May Your Bobbin Always Be Full

 A look back at 2020...

January 2020

I needed a fresh start for 2020.

My sewing area went from this:

to this:

February 2020

Calving Season begins @ the Kessi Ranch

Playing with Rayon Threads

March 2020

The Turkey Vultures are BACK

Calving Season....continues:

Fertilizing the Hay Fields

Playing with Improv

April 2020

Improv Technique 2

Improv Technique 3

Improv Technique 4

Improv Technique 5

Improv Technique 6

Improv Technique 7

Improv Technique 8

Sunflower Quilt Finished

May 2020

Zipper Pulls

June 2020

Improv Quilt Top

Messy Painted Canvas

July 2020

Tassel Necklaces

Haying Season ...

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December 20, 2020
December In the Garden from From My Carolina Home

Even in December, there is something going on in the garden. The plants in the sunroom continue to do well, and I am hopeful that they survive the winter. Recently, I uncovered my amaryllis and brought it into the kitchen. I gave it some water, and hope it will wake up soon and produce another gorgeous flower. If it does, it will be the eighth year it has bloomed. It is green on the bulb, surely a good sign.

Dawn on a cold day in December, low clouds reflect the golden, early morning light. I love this time of day ...

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December 13, 2020
Links, Christmasy Fingernails, Nature Scene and A Favourite Bird from Canadian Needle Nana

We've had a good week here at the wooden house or as SIL says "in the pines". Got in enough exercise to feel vindicated in treating ourselves to dessert and got our Christmas gift list in order to name a couple of things. The cut off for delivery to Canada was midweek so that stopped the dithering and we got our decisions made and everything ordered. Not that there is that much because our family circle is tiny. 

So here is a little round up of the minute joys and tiny things that I am happy/thankful/grateful for ...

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December 6, 2020
Christmas Sheep and Santas, A Bird and a Book, Italian Panettone from Canadian Needle Nana

 The days of rain ended with a light dusting of snow. Everything looking so white and clean.  The feeders were very busy even during the rain. I took this shot of  a nuthatch coming in for a landing. They, like the chickadees, seem to work so hard for their seeds.

And a better portrait.
Inside now some Christmas things appearing little by little. I remembered my scrappy wonky tree table runner and got it out. 
It's going to hold the Santas this year as it fits perfectly on the sofa table.
And here is our merry Santa gang.
Florence ...

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