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February 6, 2020
Witches Gathering from Bizarre Quilter

Every now and then it's great to insert a fast finish.. like one of my altar cloths. These are about 40cm square and help to create a sacred space for contemplation, reflection or ritual in the home.

 This one is the Witches Gathering. I do love freemotion quilting. It's great to get my own time to do create in the cool. 

It's been a huge start to the year with our young man at kindergarden. So many changes.

I have cut 6.5 inch squares to make four patches with the kiwi fabrics to make the next ...

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January 1, 2020
Blue haired witch from Bizarre Quilter

It's been a busy few days with another of these gorgeous pieces under the needle. This is another witch and her cat altar cloth.

I really think I need one of these myself also.

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Ruby slippers from Bizarre Quilter

The journey of Dorothy in the Wizard of OZ has struck a chord with me for quite a long time. 

It is only through a journey of life changing experiences that Dorothy discovers that she had the power all along.

In this case, all she had to do was use the magick in the ruby slippers.

I have used this utterly amazeballs purple swirl with metallic gold print fabric as the background for an altar cloth, then added sparkly socks, and painted the ruby slippers with layers and layers of sparkly fabric paint to make them shine and shine.

And ...

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December 29, 2019
Oh Isis! from Bizarre Quilter

But first a tantalising peek at the finished piece....

Oh Isis! Your diving feminine energy glows here baby!

 And here you can really see the extent of the stitching details....

I really feel connected to the ancient Egyptian pantheon. I've always been drawn to the pyramids, the mysticism, the symbolism, the constellations that line up over the great pyramid, the vibration within the great pyramid, the magick, the energy, the power, the alien connection.

I guess that's why the ankh is tattooed on my back on the throat chakra.

Blessings x

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December 28, 2019
I loved myself from Bizarre Quilter

I created this altar cloth and freehand machine stitched the words

"I thought I knew myself, And then I loved myself"

I am reminded of the two faces of the Gemini twins.

My meaning for this cloth, is to know oneself is not to love oneself. Only when we really love ourself, deeply, through all faults and successes, ups and downs, do we really know ourselves.

There are so many layers like an onion. More than this I cannot explain, but I love the deep feel of this altar cloth. I do hope the user understands.

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December 23, 2019
Kali from Bizarre Quilter

I have started an appliqued Kali altar cloth as a commission piece.

There is so much work, that I have been putting it off. Here is the first part assembled on the baking paper.

There will be a necklace of skulls.

I am also going to make one for myself at the same time.

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Carnivorous Flower Fairy from Bizarre Quilter

I can't help but giggle at the funny side of this...

I love flower fairies as a child and young adult. I still have an address book. I loved a frieze on my wall, and I gazed at the images for long periods of time.

And so if I was to end up as a flower fairy, it is surely to be much like this lady, fairy of a carnivorous pitcher plant! hahahahah, talk about protected!!

I enjoyed outlining the pitchers in reds, and adding sparkle on sparkle to the wings to that they appear like gossamer.

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December 22, 2019
Foxy dreaming from Bizarre Quilter

Another altar cloth ready to go. It was snapped up immediately!!!

Quilted with the words "These dreams that come when I close my eyes"

"Dream Weaver"

"Sweet Dreams are made of these"

"Dream a little dream of me"

So super sparkly, and I just love the spirit appearing in the stars.

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The Witch Is In rainbow from Bizarre Quilter

Trying out this felt applique against the background, and it looks pretty good!

So I quilted it up, added glitter and sparkle, and stitched down the felt after that.

Would be a great sign for the door, table centre or wallhanging.

I love that it's a rainbow theme, as witches aren't always green or purple or scary.

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December 21, 2019
I believe in Magic from Bizarre Quilter

This one hasn't photographed the details so well, but I adore this altar cloth.

Quilted details and hand painted sparkly fabric paints.

Looks 100 x better in person.

I am enjoying the process of free motion quilting on small pieces. It's so easy to slide them around.

I tried some bamboo batting, but it wasn't lofty enough,and it bearded.

In Townsville, the locals don't use poly/wool wadding, so I bought some queen size pieces direct from the suppliers and refreshed my thread stash.

Aah. Nothing can stop me now. I have a stack of ...

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Flow from Bizarre Quilter

And then the sewing juices flow out after all that recharging.... and this is the result...

Some people can't see beyond ordinary.

I myself am strange and unusual.

The hidden stitching on the reverse, as I then bagged out the altar cloth.

And it went immediately out to its new home.

The wolf and moon 

Healing happens in my spirit.

I am exactly where I need to be.

Peace. Love. Freedom.

I am a blessing manifest.

I say yes to authentic, yes to the truth.
  And the reverse once again.

And then I made this one, and I know ...

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I foresee a rerun from Bizarre Quilter

Now this one turned out to be superb... the print was on a synthetic sateen, and after I had quilted the details I just ADORED it. 

It was so swiftly picked up by its new owner that I think I really must make it again.

This quilting was hidden with a bagged backing.

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