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August 3, 2022
This and That on a Wednesday.. from Humble Quilts

Happy Day quilt friends!

I've got a few shares today.
Philine from Germany joined in our antique quilt block challenge and hers is complete!

I love everything about it!

Here's the block I sent her. 

Janny shared with me a Kawandi quilt she has started. 
She also shared a Youtube video with joe Cunningham and Margaret Fabrizio. It was great and if you have a little extra time you can see it HERE

We always have room to learn more about quilting! 

I rec'd an email the other day about a non profit in Orange County. Please ...

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March 4, 2022
My Fiberchats interview from Wendy's Quilts and More

Irina Shaar from Fiberchats asked me if she could interview me for her Fiberchats channel on YouTube.  I said "Yes", and here's the result.  

Irina mainly interviews knitting designers and people who hand dye knitting wool, but she's branching out and interviewing other fiber artists too now. 

I hope you enjoy my interview!

Here's the link incase the embedded link above doesn't work for you:

Now it's time for the Peacock Party.  Feel free to link up a recent blog post below.  

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

Click ...

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February 27, 2022
Storm Eunice hits Wembury Bay from Daisychain Quilter


Several storms had hit Wembury over the last few weeks. I recorded this video on Saturday 19th February in the afternoon.  There was a short lull in the weather, so I took walked down the hill to the beach. 

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January 24, 2022
Humble Quilts Class or Workshop? from Humble Quilts

Since I'm training for a half marathon I've had lots of time to let my mind wonder about Humble Quilts and what I want 2022 to look like. 
I want to ask you all what you think about a short class once a month. We could do a small quilt project, learn about antique quilts or reproduction fabric. I think the possibilities are endless.  Please watch the short video and let me know what you think!

Leave me a comment or send me an email at for any ideas!

Thank you so much!


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December 14, 2021
Going Down the Organizing Rabbit Hole from Where Art & Life Meet

There are diversions and then there are DIVERSIONS!  Organizing can be one of those.  I finished the BIG piece I’ve been working on and instead of leaping into something new, I got sidetracked with organizing.  Organizing my work space, it’s pretty small so it takes some doing to spend more than a few hours on […]

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December 9, 2021
Showing up For Work from Where Art & Life Meet

I’m not feeling great.  I should probably just end this post right here.  But, no, I’ll soldier on. Not because this post is important, it’s not, but because it represents all the things on my to do list and so much that is just life. No one needs to hear my laundry list of “woes”, […]

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November 6, 2021 from Living Water Quilter

Make a Chenille QuiltHere is another fast quilt project for gift making. This chenille quilt is easy...

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October 20, 2021 from Living Water Quilter

Family TraditionsDoes your family have holiday traditions? If so, does it include candy or sweet...

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October 19, 2021
Pain, Grief and Showing up Anyway from Where Art & Life Meet

So here’s the thing…  I feel a whole lot better when I show up even when I feel awful, even when I feel things are rough and I’m tired, even when I don’t want to.  I’ve also learned that showing up anyway is the single best remedy for not continuing to feel that way. Except […]

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October 14, 2021 from Living Water Quilter

How to Pick Thread Color for Machine QuiltingHow do you pick thread colors if the quilt top has...

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October 5, 2021
Remembering My Mother and Stitching Anyway from Where Art & Life Meet

This blog is a reminder of my mother.  She was my biggest supporter and commented over the years more than anyone else. It was through this blog that I often kept in touch with her and towards the end it was the one full proof way I knew I could reach her, especially when my […]

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September 29, 2021 from Living Water Quilter

Free Motion Quilting Designs for EveryoneDo you find yourself wanting to finish a project but also...

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September 28, 2021
Controlling What You Can from Where Art & Life Meet

Today’s morning reading excerpt: “While you don’t control external events, you retain the ability to decide how you respond to those events. You control what every external event means to you personally.” The Daily Stoic When we returned from Africa, I had a livestream scheduled for the next day and a Zoom meeting that couldn’t […]

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September 14, 2021
Getting Back to Work from Where Art & Life Meet

I just finished editing the final video of our Africa trip. If you’re interested in following along I created a playlist: African Adventures and you can subscribe to get email notifications whenever a new video is posted. The last video of that trip will post on Saturday. A couple of fun things are in the […]

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September 12, 2021 from Living Water Quilter

Quilt Stories If your quilt could talk, what would it say? Every quilt has a story. The story may...

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September 9, 2021
The Day to Day Trajectory of a Tourist on Safari from Where Art & Life Meet

First day seeing an animal (any animal): Me: What is that?  It looks like a boar.  Runs to find someone who can accurately identify said boar.  Told it’s a warthog.   Second time seeing boar-like creature: Me: Oh look! It’s a warthog. Confidently lists several features of the warthog; it’s preferred vegetation, which animals prey upon it, etc. First day […]

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5 Easy Free Motion Quilting Designs for BeginnersLearn 5 easy free motion quilting designs. Loops...

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September 7, 2021
This is Grief, I’m Told from Where Art & Life Meet

There are moments that feel impossible and others that fly by unnoticed. Mostly I’m exhausted almost constantly, as though a perpetual scrim has enveloped me, making everything feel heavier, cloudier, more difficult to sort through. It’s not terrible, just different. This is grief, I’m told. This morning is one of those heavier moments. Maybe it’s […]

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September 4, 2021 from Living Water Quilter

Amanda’s Comfort Quilt, A Fidget Quilt for DementiaMaking a child-like activity quilt for my...

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August 31, 2021 from Living Water Quilter

Free Motion Quilting, A Love Hate Relationship Do you love machine quilting but have challenges with...

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