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November 27, 2023
Appliqued Needlebook, Music, What Could Have Been? from Canadian Needle Nana

 I'm not the only one who likes whimsy...We found this little item at the base of a very large tree on one of the public trails back in October. I thought -wish I knew who put this here...perhaps I'm missing out on a friend.

Still enjoying playing around with what I would like to stitch for the Bramble Blooms QAL. I got out several of my books to look through for inspiration and to settle myself down to a colour theme as well. For instance, I love Tilda's Fan Flowers and wonder if I could ...

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November 20, 2023
Three Meals-One Ham, Granny Stripe Afghan and Applique Needlebook from Canadian Needle Nana

 Hello again, we are finishing off another busy week. I like to take care of maintenance things- for the car, the house and us, before winter sets in and weather and driving becomes an issue. We both were out of the house every day which seems to make the time fly by extra fast. It always feels good to have checkups behind us.

As a result of all that I didn't get in any daytime stitching, but my nights are still my stitching in front of the tv time.

A few more rows have been crocheted onto my Granny ...

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November 14, 2023
Redwork, Christmas Coins Quilting, Videos from Canadian Needle Nana

 For my American friends who are thinking about their Great American Thanksgiving...having a very long neck is very useful.

Speaking of which, I enjoy watching Becky at her Acre Homestead YouTube site. She cooks amazing and easy meals and her Thanksgiving videos, in particular, are wonderful. Here she is with her Mom preparing an incredible Thanksgiving feast. 
Though a project kind of on the side, I've stitched another of Mom's Redwork blocks. This is the provincial flower of Newfoundland and Labrador, the Pitcher Plant. It grows in bogs or fens and the most interesting thing about it ...

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October 29, 2023
Pattern Links, Autumn Table Mat, Pink Leaves from Canadian Needle Nana

 I was aiming at the beautiful pinkish autumn leaves of this tree...the capture was unintended. Can you spy it? He was standing oh so still.

Taken on the wonderful Mississippi River Trail that runs through the entire town of neighbouring Carleton Place. I had only my phone with me which is a very inexpensive one that I use only for emergencies; it surprises me by being able to take photos. I guess they can all do that these days.

I've stitched another of Mom's Redwork blocks...This is Cabot Tower atop the National Historic site, Signal Hill ...

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September 26, 2023
Starbucks Treat, Teresa's Video, QAYG Autumn Tablerunner from Canadian Needle Nana

 No sign of a groundhog in about a month now. Also my hummingbirds have disappeared. Yesterday, the geese flew overhead with their familiar wild honking. I never tire of watching their beautiful v's cross the sky. 

LeAnna at Not Afraid of Color's new prompt has to do with our favourite spices. Recently I was here, a rare spot for me to be.

I ordered something completely new to me (well, everything in there is new to me really)...the Apple Crisp Oat Macchiato with cinnamon, a spice I like but just a little of. Anyway, it was delicious ...

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August 9, 2023
Thrifting, Painted Lady Quilt, Nature's Medicinal Plant, Free Pattern from Canadian Needle Nana

 Today is the first day in over a week with nothing on the agenda. There have been lots of appointments lately and visiting too. So this rare day stretches before me- I can decide myself when to exercise, read, stitch, roam about with my camera, etc. and up first is getting this blog post finished.

Below, the Day Lilies and my four pots at the further end of the veranda...I'm awed by the wonderful growth. I've let the wild Mullein grow...that's the two tall plants on the right. The leaves, seeds and yellow flowers have ...

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July 1, 2023
Flaming June, Tidy Up, Quilt Backing from Canadian Needle Nana

 Something in the news made me think of this painting below. 

This is Leighton's Flaming June. I used to have a magazine picture of this in an old journal back in my early days. Do you like the colour of the dress, the way the folds are painted, the shiny sun/sea (?) behind her head? I know artists would practice a lot to paint fabric folds correctly. I used to think her knee and upturned arm were not quite right length wise. Now with Wikipedia I can read that the artist struggled to get the positioning correct. I love ...

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June 11, 2023
Rainbow Neighbourhood QAL, Feelings, Monarch Applique from Canadian Needle Nana

Mr. and Mrs. American Goldfinch...I hope they are discussing housing options here at the wooden house. I love to watch them.

Here is a red house for the Rainbow Neighbourhood QAL with my paper pieced star block.
They are being stitched faster but I'm not sure any better. I am planning a lighter colour for the next one perhaps in peaches or summery kinds of shades. 

With my Rainbow Neighbourhood project nearing an end, I'm thinking about an applique project next. Maybe this one, Monarch, from Laundry Basket Quilts. I've had this pattern for years and ...

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April 23, 2023
Free Patterns, Lucky Thrift Finds, Slow Stitching from Canadian Needle Nana

 It's an interesting time of year here in the north as we can watch the season change.  Each day brings new growth pushing up through even ice it appears. It is always fascinating how quickly the earth turns green once started. 

I got to go thrift shopping, one of my favourite kind of outings. I'll share two of my thrift finds with you in this post. One is in the middle of the table there and is that bird. I paid $3.99 for it and I think it was a good deal. 

In the photos are Tony ...

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April 16, 2023
Three Somethings to Enjoy And One Not So Nice from Canadian Needle Nana

 Are you a jump out of bed, feet on the floor the minute your eyes open in the morning, person?  I'm not and never have been though I don't linger long. I wait a bit and these days I do a little stretching. In particular I've been stretching  my plantar fascia before putting my feet to the floor. A month ago I didn't know this existed! I almost feel like my left foot has let me down because I now have some tightening of the p f there. Not painful but an uncomfortable awareness of it ...

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Free Patterns, Lone Star Medallion, Stitching Stars from Canadian Needle Nana

 I spied this mug among the mark downs at Winners the last time I was there. Still a bit expensive but I recognized the design. Sure enough when I turned it over to look at the maker, it said Rifle Paper Co, a fabric designer I enjoy. I used their Holiday Classics line for a quilting project two years ago. I think that is the same design there in the upper left. Beautiful fabric but costly. The mug is also beautifully made with gold trim.

 I didn't know they produced so many items featuring their marvelous designs- planners, vases ...

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April 3, 2023
Free Patterns, Seed Packet Quilt Talk, Slow Stitching Updates from Canadian Needle Nana

Do you shop at the Bulk Barn or similar such store? 

 I went in there recently and was overwhelmed by the array of products. I had no idea they offered so many surprising items like teas, dog biscuits, vitamins, plus a full gluten free product section. I usually buy sunflower seeds for the birds there because there are no broken/empty shells in what they offer and when I saw some unique dog treats, bought those too. I find dog bones have become very expensive here.

Here is my capture of a White Breasted Nuthatch, one of the many that ...

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March 27, 2023
EPP Plus Quilt, Embroidery, Pizza, New Quilter Video, Barred Owl is Back from Canadian Needle Nana

This is what is left of my geranium plant that was so beautiful last fall when I brought it inside. It is alive but spring can't come fast enough to revitalize this one. Truthfully, being on the floor, I kind of neglected it a little and am lucky that geraniums are a hardy plant. 

It seems like I've watched Jacques Pepin, the French chef, all my life. Decades ago while living in Labrador, I would catch his show on PBS on Saturday afternoons, and loved it. I follow his ChefJacquesPepin Facebook page and recently Jacques shared how to ...

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March 21, 2023
Three Free Patterns, More EPP Pluses, Embroidered Snowy Scene, Muffins, A Show to Watch from Canadian Needle Nana

 My Jasmine Magnolia is bravely blooming a little. Photographed against a screen and that backyard bank of snow.

I'm a bit proud to have kept this one alive and kicking. And thanks Mary Anne, Magpie's Mumblings, for that tip about banana skin water being excellent for houseplants too. We eat a lot of bananas so I will definitely be adding it to the mixtures rather than straight to composting.

LeeAnna at Not Afraid of Color's prompt this week was about favourite spring flowers. Think it will be a while before I'm seeing any flowers here. This ...

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March 13, 2023
Free Patterns, Lone Star Medallion Progress, Cutest Thief from Canadian Needle Nana

Doesn't he look so innocent! 
Meanwhile, he is a thief, albeit a cute one. He is quite adept at robbing bird seed from whatever style feeder I use, even those labelled "squirrel proof". Luckily, I don't mind. All creatures deserve a little something to get them through our cold winters. This time of year, the furthest from anything growing, there's not much left of nature's food. 
This below made me smile; "my" squirrels still run away when I appear but the moment my back is turned, they are instantly like magic at the feeders again. 
I ...

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March 12, 2023
Snowmen, Panama Pyramids, EPP Plus Quilt Pattern Link, Indoor Gardening from Canadian Needle Nana

We did get lots of snow on Saturday.  

Hubby always gets busy plowing as soon as the wind and snow stops.
And Sunday, just like that, the sun shone and things began to melt. It shows that we really are moving towards spring. The snow was just right for snowman making, an elderly one that needed a stick to help him apparently. Robbie is 9 now; time is definitely moving faster for me. Just look how the snow is reflecting that gorgeous shade of blue.
My indoor garden is doing well considering how little sunlight we get in the house ...

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March 6, 2023
Free Patterns, Ned's Birthday, Thrifted Fabric, YouTube Channel to Watch And Learn From from Canadian Needle Nana

This fellow, Our Ned, is two years old! 

He is a quiet dog, rarely barks or makes a sound. His favourite thing in the world is playing ball with Petey and Abby; a close second is taking up most of the bed at night for his long winter naps

LeeAnna at Not Afraid of Color's prompt this week is to talk about our dedicated sewing spaces if we have one. I have a bedroom converted to a sewing room and love the way I can close the door on the mess as it were. It is small and oddly ...

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March 4, 2023
Carrot Cake Cheesecake, Projects Updates, A Show to Watch from Canadian Needle Nana

 Picture me that cloudy end of February morning gathering sticks on land that most of the year is a foot under water. A cardinal was singing its song in the background. This is usually the only time of year I can walk through there and the pickings are good. I  could see where some animal had clawed bark off quite a few of the trees. Porcupine perhaps. Ned trotted from tree to tree with me then patiently sat and waited while I filled the bag. So full I had a hard slog getting him and it back to the house ...

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February 13, 2023
Free Patterns, Not Sewing This (For Now!), Monty Don, More Panama Pyramids from Canadian Needle Nana

Older grandson, Jack, walking Neddy
This morning's walk with Neddy was accompanied by the sound of dozens of ravens cawing wildly. They very oddly seemed to move with us as we proceeded around the perimeter of the property. We were thankful all the while for the snowmobile run around Hubby did recently that flattened the trail making it far more walkable than it had been.  I kept a sharp eye on the ravens looking to see if they were chasing off a Barred Owl. But no owl was seen. One of my birder friends said this is mating time ...

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January 24, 2023
Canadian Winter Fun, Panama Pyramids On The Wall from Canadian Needle Nana

We did get snow on Thursday into Friday, about 7 inches or so. Here is a glimpse of Tony and Ned nearing the end of their snowy walk at the back of the house. Taken from our bedroom.

Tony is convinced his daily walks are benefitting his very good health.
Very post card beautiful with the sun on Saturday. Robbie was here skidooing which was fun. 

That fits in nicely with our present jigsaw puzzle. One of the Canadian Collection from Ravensburger featuring Canadian winter scenes.
I've begun joining all my scrappy EPP Panama Pyramids together. This arrangement below ...

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