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January 18, 2022
Happy January 2022. from Sunburnt Quilts

January is such a great time to be outdoors, but it does mean I forget to blog. Our weather has been mild so far with only a few really hot days, so the garden often calls. But, I have been caught up at times watching the cricket, and now the Australia Open, so some stitching has been happening.

Not a lot of work was needed so I was able to finish this one – a little Wendy Williams Travel Threads.

These are such sweet designs. I always enjoy making them.

I have also been crocheting some mandalas with 8 ply cotton ...

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January 10, 2022
Leftovers: First Quilt Top of the New Year from Wedding Dress Blue

When THIS QUILT was sized down I was left with 32 extra 16-patch blocks. What to do with them?

There are plenty of 2″ squares at my place, so I made an additional eight blocks. Then, 40 4-patches with 2″ background all around.

Well, that was a quick top. Only 48″x60″, but a nice lap quilt size. And, no leftovers.

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January 7, 2022
Corn And Beans Quilt in Progress from Quilts + Color

 I currently have quite a few quilts in progress that I am sharing my time working on.

I started it with left over patchwork pieces from a quilt I created about 22 years ago.
I have no idea where I am heading or how big it will get. 
I did find it was more interesting diagonally.
It is one of 8 quilts I am actively working on so it only gets added to when it tells me "Work on me, see what I want you to do next?"

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November 20, 2021
Nearly Missed November! from Sunburnt Quilts

November has been a very busy time here. The weather has made sure we are very busy in the garden. The plants are enjoying the Spring rain and sunshine, and the weeds are flourishing!!! Lots of strawberries have been picked and turned into jam. And I think the grass grows behind us as soon as we mow.

The other part of being busy is that our state has opened up after lock down and we are able to catch up with family and friends. Masks are off outside and most venues are now open. So we started with family visits ...

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November 4, 2021
Let’s Call It A Discovery Instead from Wedding Dress Blue

The top is finished.

And the name Discovery seems perfect. Thank you.

ps–Tutorial coming next week. Probably. But soon.

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November 2, 2021
More Blocks from Wedding Dress Blue

The inspiration started with disappointment, but I am not disappointed now.

I have 16 blocks finished and that makes a baby quilt. Just sashing and borders are needed.

And a new name…I really can’t keep calling it Disappointment.

ps–I plan to write it up as a tutorial. Maybe some time next week?

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October 29, 2021
Disappointment Becomes A New Idea from Wedding Dress Blue

While the book wasn’t what I wanted, I couldn’t get the quilt on the cover out of my mind.

But, it turns out that disappointment can be a good starting point for a new idea.

And there were scraps.

So, I started cutting 2″ squares.

And now there are blocks. YAY! I love new ideas.

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October 1, 2021
Tiny Baby Quick Quilt from Wedding Dress Blue

A tiny baby will likely join the family in the next two weeks. Our former foster daughter has had a difficult pregnancy. The baby isn’t getting enough nutrition through the umbilical cord and is growing very slowly. Both baby and mother are showing signs of distress. So the doctors have given steroid shots and set a goal delivery date.

The baby will probably weigh around 4 pounds.

So tiny.

I had these mini-charm squares, and a few friends, laying around and whipped up a quick top. It is 22″ square, but will cover the little one for quite a ...

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A Bit Of A Yarn. from Sunburnt Quilts

Plenty of yarn being used in these projects. It’s a bit of a mixed bag. I have been making a few bits and pieces for gifts and have accumulated a little collection. Most will be baby gifts.

I am sure most of you have seen the octopus toy with the curly tentacles that bubs love hanging on to. I decided it was time to make a few.

These are great for using up yarn scraps and make up quickly.

It is a pattern from

Then I had a go at making this fairy doll.

The original ...

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September 30, 2021
North Star State Top COMPLETE from Wedding Dress Blue

There were days I thought it would never end. When I saw Pat Speth’s North Star State Quiltalong I immediately knew I wanted to stitch along. But I also knew that the small scraps of 1930s repro (and some original) fabric that I had on hand would mean making the pieces smaller…much smaller. Yep, that star is 3″.

But, off I went, sure it was all going to be ok.

As I stitched, my ambitions had to be adjusted. NO, I wasn’t going to make a queen size quilt. Not even with borders. I finally decided that ...

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September 28, 2021
Two And Four Quiltalong: Top Assembly from Wedding Dress Blue

Time to stitch all those strips into a top. So exciting!

I like to lay things out and consider my options.

This quilt has many prints and colors and it is probable that it will never be perfect, but I try to avoid color blobs.

When stitching long, pieced strips I don’t find it necessary to pin. Just stitch seam to seam, taking a moment to match them up.

The results will be beautiful in the end.

I love it when it all comes together.

Make sure to visit Katy and see how her version using larger pieces turned ...

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September 21, 2021
Two And Four Quiltalong: Blocks To Strips from Wedding Dress Blue

There are many different ways you could assemble your piles of blocks into a quilt, but for this quilt we’re going to assemble all those blocks into strips.

First, sort them out. Make 7 piles of 20 blocks each of the 4-patch blocks. Make 8 piles of 20 blocks each of the fence rail blocks.

And sew them together.

NOTE: FOUR of your strips of four-squares should have light squares in the upper left; THREE should have dark squares in the upper left. And, don’t worry too much if you make a mistake. It will be easy to ...

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September 18, 2021
FNSI Report from Wedding Dress Blue

My Friday Night Sew In (FNSI),(Wendy of Sugarlane Designs) began with an hour of sewing Friday morning, and continued with more time Friday night. And, continued into Saturday. Between other necessary things, I was determined to get the last 13 setting blocks for the North Star State quilt finished.

YAY! All that are left are the friendship star cornerstone blocks. It is so good to see it finally coming together. It seemed like such a good idea to do the quilt in miniature…or at least much smaller scale. I am glad to have found a use for my ...

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September 17, 2021
FNSI Tonight from Wedding Dress Blue

Tonight (or tomorrow) is the Friday Night Sew In (FNSI), organized and hosted by Wendy of Sugarlane Designs.

Get your projects together, put on the comfy clothes, and get sewing.

I plan for a big push on my North Star State Quilt

And more progress on the Two and Four Quiltalong.

See you soon with an update.

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August 20, 2021
Just Keep Going. from Sunburnt Quilts

We are in lock down still. Apparently we hit 200 days of cumulative lock down since the start of the pandemic last year. So it really is a case of just keep going. So I did.

I finished putting together a quilt top that I had started last year. I had done two of the four panels, so completed to second set.

The fabrics are by Me and My Sister. I had several charm packs from different ranges, but because they always use similar colours, they all worked together. I think I only had to hunt for three pieces to ...

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August 14, 2021
Couch Quilt Top Finished from Wedding Dress Blue

Our front room needs updating generally, and a quilt seemed a great way to get started.

Inspired by THIS TUTORIAL, I used a different layout.

In some ways it is different for me with a neutral palate and relatively large pieces.

But still scrappy all the way with nearly 100 different fabrics represented.

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August 12, 2021
Visible Progress from Wedding Dress Blue

With four quilts active and all more or less in the same piece-till-doomsday phase, it was encouraging to push one forward a complete step.

With only 8 blocks to do, it became my main project for the weekend, and I informed Husband there would be extra sewing time (He is such a good sport).

The blocks were not only finished, but started layout.

And decided on one I am happy with. A few more adjustments and I hope to have a finished top to share by the end of the week.

PS–Here is the link to the tutorial: https ...

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August 2, 2021
Moving Along To August. from Sunburnt Quilts

It has been cold, wet and miserable here – but it is Winter! But out of the blue we have had two lovely, sunny days. Not warm, but appreciated. And I think it turns back to Winter normal tomorrow. So obviously lots of inside time. Sewing has been done but with the Olympics in the background. We are in a very similar time zone to Tokyo which means we get to see a lot of the events live. Much better that having to get up in the middle of the night.

I have been going back to some of my Marg ...

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July 28, 2021
Pinwheel Top Finished from Wedding Dress Blue

A bag of half square triangles came in a hand-me-down package.

They turned in to this.


Just a lap size quilt, 42″ x 56″, but it will be a nice donation quilt.

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July 23, 2021
North Star State Update from Wedding Dress Blue

It has been a while since I shared progress on my version (miniaturized) of the North Star State Quilt. But, I have been slogging along in the background, trying to complete (more or less) a block a day. Persistence has paid off and I have 56 of 56 basic blocks completed. YAY!

Next focus is the setting blocks. I have 31 of them so far, but it will take over 90. More slogging. But, I really do want to see how it will look finished, so I must carry on.

I hope to have the quilt finished sometime this fall.

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