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February 6, 2020
Work in progress from Luna Lovequilts

I was sick for a few days last week and stayed warm, under a quilt. I was able to hand stitch meanwhile anyway ...

J'ai été malade quelques jours la semaine dernière et je suis restée au chaud, sous un quilt. J'ai quand même été capable de coudre à la main pendant ce temps ...

Luna Lovequilts - Hand applique circles

A lot of circles were appliqued those few days and I could join the units together over weekend. I have now finished two out of the four parts of this top. You can read more about the techniques used and the source of inspiration in ...

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February 3, 2020
Twenty Five Blocks Later from Wedding Dress Blue

The Star Kissed Quiltalong has not vanished.  Life has been unusually busy and I haven’t had the brain space for multi-size block design.  But, I could keep sewing.


The 25 blocks (based on 1-1/4″ squares) are now complete.  I am still contemplating sashing and borders but hope to have answers and models (and measurements) soon.


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January 22, 2020
Nuts and Bolts ~ from Marty's Fiber Musings

improv patchwork  quilt in the making with silk and other remnants - marty mason

It's still on the improv design wall, but already this little gem is dubbed "Nuts and Bolts".  The nuts and bolts of it is because while happily practicing my curved piecing,  I'm loving the improvisational-ness of this piece with no rhyme nor reason to its progression.  Accepting each add-on that's fitting together like a nut to the bolt. 

improv patchwork  quilt in the making with silk and other remnants - marty mason

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January 21, 2020
New project - Inspired by a mural from Luna Lovequilts

When I posted my list of projects last week, I put first a new project inspired by a mural I saw in Nashville. I made a lot of progress over the weekend and here is what it looks like now !

Quand j'ai publié ma liste de projets la semaine dernière, j'ai mis en priorité un nouveau projet inspiré par une murale que j'ai vue à Nashville. J'ai beaucoup avancé pendant le week-end et voilà à quoi il ressemble maintenant !

Luna Lovequilts - A new quilting project - Inspired by a mural in Nashville

For the first time I decided to draw the whole design to its actual size on paper ...

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January 17, 2020
2020 Finish-A-Long Q1 from Luna Lovequilts

The Finish-A-Long continues this year though a few changes has been made. The main difference is that Instagram will be the only way to post lists and report finishes. I decided to continue to write a blog post for each quarter anyway. If you would like to join in, you can find all details here on Sarah's website.

Le Finish-A-Long continue cette année mais cependant quelques modifications ont été apportées. La différence principale étant que Instagram sera le seul moyen de publier les listes et annoncer les projets terminés. J'ai décidé de quand même continuer à écrire un ...

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January 8, 2020
Happy 2020. from Sunburnt Quilts

Time to get back into sewing and blogging for 2020. Decorations are packed away for another year. And I have scared the daylights out of myself by collecting together all the projects needing a finish.

I have returned to working on Dancing Chickens and Flying Pigs. I looked back at my posts and realised I have not touched it since March last year. That was around the time the building started here. Lots was put aside around then. So here are blocks 3 and 4.

Glad to be back to it and seeing progress.

This is the centre of a ...

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January 7, 2020
Happy New Decade! from Mama Love Quilts

Hello dear reader,

How is the new decade treating you?!? Well, I hope.

I am so thankful to have made it through 2019. As you may have noticed, I haven’t blogged in quite a while. Well, I have a very good reason for that: Life!

It all began near the end of 2018 when I resigned from my job. I spent the latter part of 2018 sending out job applications. That carried me in to early 2019, which I spent traveling for job interviews. To make a long story very short, I got a job offer in Michigan that ...

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January 6, 2020
A New Idea: Star Kissed from Wedding Dress Blue

Years ago Sparkle Jane took a notion and decided to cut 1-1/4″ squares.  1-1/4″?!?  That is REALLY small.  But, they sat in this box and after a while started to hum at me.  Do projects ever do that to you?  Just sort of seem to hum in the back of your mind, “I could be beautiful.  Give me a chance.”

So, I started to piece, a little aimlessly at first.  Just as a leader-ender project.  Before I knew it, I was making 25-patches.  Then, there were 25 of them.

By then there was too much invested to stop ...

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November 24, 2019
Home with one ~ from Marty's Fiber Musings

Arrived home exhausted from a fabulous 3-day quilting retreat with one finished quilt top and two more quilt tops in progress. 

A "Love" panel was purchased for no particular reason while last at Mama's Quilt Shop in Independence.  The shop had a quilt hanging on the wall so I asked if I could take a picture for reference to cut my panel, add logs around each block  and complete a likeness for myself.  Likeness now completed and ready for quilting and donating to community service.   Borders were not added simply because I couldn't find just the right fabric ...

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November 20, 2019
New Project from Wedding Dress Blue

Those damaged Pendleton shirts are finally turning into something.


Sparkle Jane wanted to make him a quilt.  We designed.  I cut.  She stitched.  Top finished last night.  Whew!

More details and pictures coming.


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November 12, 2019
Quilting Retreat with Jenny Haynes from Luna Lovequilts

This year again I had the chance to join the quilting retreat organized by Lisa for the Modern PatCHquilt group.

Cette année encore, j'ai eu la chance de me joindre au week-end de patchwork organisé par Lisa pour le groupe Modern PatCHquilt.

Luna Lovequilts - Quilting retreat with Jenny Haynes and the Modern PatCHquilt group
Blocks made by all participants on Saturday morning

Our teacher this time was Jenny Haynes of Papper Sax Sten. If you have the opportunity to take one of her classes I highly recommend it ! She is a great teacher and lovely and funny person.

Notre enseignante cette fois était Jenny Haynes de Papper Sax Sten. Si vous ...

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November 4, 2019
Little Bits. from Sunburnt Quilts

It is always good to see progress on projects. This quilt is from Jen Kingwell of Amitie and is named Meadow.

This is the centre panel. I now have to make the border which consists of 24 applique blocks. Lots of tracing and cutting before any stitching begins.

A friend was working with some small pouches and offered to show a few of us how to make them.

They are made with plastic coated fabrics. The interesting part about making them is that only one side of the zipper is used. The bag is made in one piece then folded ...

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October 29, 2019
On my design wall from Luna Lovequilts

I kept exploring further free form curves lately.
Dernièrement, j'ai continué d'explorer les courbes coupées à main levée.

Luna Lovequilts - Free form curve blocks - Work in progress

Some of these blocks will probably remain exercises ...
Certains de ces blocs vont probablement rester au stade d'exercice ...

Luna Lovequilts - Free form curve blocks - Work in progress

While others will be developped and included in a larger project,
Alors que d'autres seront développés et inclus dans un plus grand projet,

Luna Lovequilts - Free form curve blocks - Work in progress

And a couple of them will be finished at the actual size. The two small tops below are about 16" x 16" and I will turn them into cushions.

Et quelques uns seront terminés à leur taille ...

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October 28, 2019
Butterfly Binding from Wedding Dress Blue

The only sewing work I have done this week is binding…

and I haven’t even started stitching it down yet!

When the quilt is already large and there are scallops, it will take approximately 500 inches of binding.  And it must be attached very slowly.  Hoping to finish that step in the next two days.  Then trimming and blind stitching the back.  It. Will. Be. Worth. It.

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October 16, 2019
2019 Finish-Along Q4 from Luna Lovequilts

A new quarter and then a new list ! But first here are the two projects that I completed in quarter #3.
Un nouveau trimestre et donc une nouvelle liste ! Mais d'abord, voici les deux projets que j'ai terminés pendant le troisième trimestre.

Luna Lovequilts - 2019 Finish-Along - Finished project of the previous quarter
LOVE quilt - Free Form Curves quilt

1 - I thought I could finish this project by October but I had to stop because of a pain in my left shoulder. Unfortunately not due to sport ... :-) but to a wrong position while quilting ! So the osteopath recommended stop working for at least two weeks ... sigh ...

1 - Je pensais ...

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October 14, 2019
Going In and Out of Circles ~ from Marty's Fiber Musings

Being in a funk for the past several weeks has been no fun at all!  Reality check time!
Are you alive?  Yes
Do you hurt?  No
Are you sad?  Yes.....Well, now, missy, miss....if that's all that is wrong with you, we can take care of  that! You know the remedy without being preached to.  Just get sewing to get out of that funk mood.  Sew, she did and conquered the blues  while sewing in and out of circles. 

The first circles quilt picture taken a couple of years ago....for the Improv to the Nine ...

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October 9, 2019
Sample blocks and more from Luna Lovequilts

November is just around the corner and this week I had in my calendar to prepare my upcoming Improv class.
Novembre approche à grands pas et, cette semaine, j'avais mis au planning de préparer mon cours Improvisation.

Luna Lovequilts - Sample blocks

My intention was to make sample blocks that I thought would be useful for understanding the assembly process.

Mon intention était de réaliser des blocs de démonstration, que je pensais être utiles pour comprendre l'étape d'assemblage. 

Luna Lovequilts - Sample blocks

Still on track ...
Encore sur les rails ...

Luna Lovequilts - Sample blocks

I tried a colour combination I had in mind for a while and started to deviate from ...

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January 1, 2018
» Stitch Quilt Knit

2017 Work in progress list

Pattern:The New Hexagon
52 Blocks EPP by Katja Marek

The blocks are all in one piece, in process to take the papers out.

Plus and cross blocks, my leaders and enders project.

Pattern: Metro Medallion by Sew Kind of Wonderful
All the blocks are done, just have to sew them into rows.

Using scraps to make various blocks, inspired by Jen Kingwell's Long Time Gone.

Linking up with Love Laugh Quilt

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January 17, 2016
Finish Along 2016 {Q 1} from Jenniffier's Sometimes Creative Life

For the last couple years I really haven't made much progress on completing any quilting projects. I have really wanted to make some progress on my long standing WIPs. And for once I think I am going to be able to get my post up on time for this years Finish Along. 

1. Aqua and Teal Bento Box Quilt  - This one is a is from a flickr bee that I was in a way to many years ago. 

First time using my new design wall and I already see one block that needs to be moved... For some reason pictures always help me with that.

2. Periwinkle Mini Quilt - made from left overs from an other mini quilt. 

Was able to get the tiniest bit of mini quilt sewing in today... Using up leftover can be quite fun! #miniquilt

3. Patchwork Prism Quilt - Again a long standing ...

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